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    If you are unfamiliar with "Death Battle", it is a show on Screw Attack that does their best to logically conclude who would win a battle to the death between the two (or more) featured characters of the episode. The latest episode (at least when I made this thread) featured a three-way battle between Blastoise, Charizard, and Venusaur. I thought this thread would be a good place to share it... and to discuss the results.

    Please note that this show is NSFW due to many things. No nudity (well, technically the Pokémon are naked, but just in their official artwork sense), but too many/detailed of sex jokes, too much profanity, and some violence. The latter didn't seem too bad to me, but all of it felt excessive; possibly an attempt at "compensating" because Pokémon tend to be comparatively "cute" compared to less stylized monsters.

    Video may contain NSFW elements, watch at your own discretion ~Cabd


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    I've watched alot of their videos. This must be new. Can't wait to watch in a place that allows volume lol
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    Just to be safe, I'm allowing the video put putting it in spoiler tags. Please do not watch this video if you are easily offended.
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    Thanks; if I wasn't already "used" to Death Battle it would probably be the exact kind of thing I would skip myself. >.>
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    Well, looks like no one is really interested. Pity, the Pokémon I both wanted to win and thought deserved to win did indeed win, and I thought given the specifics of the match-up the reasoning was sound. XD
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    I was disappointed with the outcome. My prediction was correct though.
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    The funny thing is the one I expected to win didn't; I am too used to people "adjusting" facts to suit their preference. Screw Attack doesn't have an unblemished track record on the matter either, though perhaps ironically (as I still struggle to keep straight what "irony" actually entails ^^') I tend to agree with their more controversial decisions and reject what they might consider the more obvious. For example, there is a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles battle: I can follow the logic, but I believe there was some unsubstantiated extrapolation and that certain factors were over or under emphasized.

    Not here... it went almost exactly how I would expect given the factors considered and circumstances outlined.