dialgachomp deck needed please help

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    i need a dialgachomp decklist for cities im not that pro with sp except i know alot about how they work cause i played them before but making my own decklist is hard i tried making a dialgacchomp but i dont know how so i was wondering if someone was genorous to put in a full 60 card decklist of dialgachomp in the comments with no uxie Lv.x cause i dont have one currently and dont got any money to spend
  2. Tamoo

    Tamoo Probably the best in UK tbh

    That was one VERY long sentence lol, punctuation is your friend.

    As for lists, there is bound to be one swimming in either the deck discussion or one of the six prizes articles, just put a bit of effort in to find them. It's never good to go to a cities with a decklist you're not familiar with btw, you should know exactly why everything is in your deck and why the quantities of each card.
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    Read my article right here:DialgaChomp - The Three Course Meal
    I give a skeleton and my own list (Not current now) at the end of the article. I skipped over one trainer; Premier Ball, that should be added to the list.
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    Tamoo: i really cant find them right now also i know sp very well also i have very good ability to know strategy by psysicly looking at the deck i borrowed countless decks and i do very well with them so i dont think i need to be familiar with it cause i dont usaully care i mean sometimes you gotta look at it as a game not as your life, srry

    Chemical: thank you i will look into that hopefuly it will help me since i love to shut off my league they all use non-sp pokebodys so this will work considering some of them use rayquaza deoxyes legend which is psychic with pokebody and has high energie count

    i went quickly and your list had uxie and staraptor which i dont have and im not to well with to make your own idea so it didnt work but thank you anyway
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    Well you can modify it if you want to, you don't have to go strictly with the list.
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    well thats what i was asking for lol if you have time to change it then thank you i would really appreciate it.