“Do Sweat the Small Stuff” – Understanding the Minutia of Gameplay

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    Excellent article! It really makes one think about how seemingly good decisions (killing Reshiram in the semi finals for example) or things that "don't really matter" can actually turn out to be huge misplays. I'll try to keep this article in mind when building decks or playing at tournaments in the future! :D
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    Nice article. I know there are thousands of examples overall, but I would have enjoyed a few more examples of subtle plays that show up in the current meta.
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    Enjoyed the article and thank you for the list. We built the Greninja deck a couple weeks ago. Questions: Why Sigilyph over Suicune? Also if you are going to expect a few Garbodor would you play this at all? And we did not know about the KSS Froakie and Frogadier, we will have to look for those.
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    As someone who is aware and uses little things like this, I'd have to say it's not important enough to have a UG underground article about. Frankly, it's a little disappointing for a debut article from a player as obviously skilled and renowned as you. \

    That being said, I appreciate the attention toward "the minutia". This is a bit contradictory to what I just said but I think an article like this would be more suited to a forum thread topic or maybe a non-ug article. I am interested in that Greninja list, I'm very surprised at how often it seems to win.

    Could you explain how the deck plays and elaborate on your matches a bit more? Like would you favor Dragon Vortex or Triple Bullet (or whatever it's called). How is Sigilyph utilized? Could it be replaced by Suicune for an alternate win condition? (ex. taking out all the non-EXs with Shuriken and Triple snipage then sweep)
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    Sigilyph is used for two reasons:

    1. Searchable by Level Ball
    2. One retreat cost

    Considering this it is highly more useful than Suicune.
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    Awesome article, but under the Raiden Knuckle section, "Plasma" is spelled "Plamsa".
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    Thanks; fixed!