“Do You Even Lift?” – Making the Most of Muscle Band and Flexing Your Thinking in the NXD-XY...

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    3 Tropical Beach is unusual for a plasma deck! Interested on your thoughts behind it!
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    Interested to know how your version of Plasma/Lugia did faired against other decks and in the mirror. We have a bunch of Dark decks and a few Safeguard decks that we have play around!

    Nice thought adding Frost Spear!

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    The Sawk tech in EvilGarb is simply amazing, I never would have thought of that!
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    xKerst - The biggest motivator to play Tropical Beach in excess in the deck was to have a few extra options in the deck, but it did so many different things that I couldn't pass it up. It allowed you to do something in addition to your Supporter if you went first, it made an opening hand with only Skyla useful, and most notably, it kept Virbank City Gym out of play all day. It singlehandedly saved me when Virizion EX couldn't help me against Yveltal.

    Crusher - I played against a Darkrai/Absol/Dusknoir deck, a Virizion/Genesect, an Yveltal deck without Garbodor, and I played a 2/3 Mirror match against a list that ran Pokemon Catcher after the event which I won. The trick was actually not focus on Lugia until mid- to late-game. Early, I would get Kyurem to put 30 on every Lugia with Energy. Getting 3 Deoxys out, Thundurus could comfortably KO any Lugia that came up. Additionally, they really couldn't ignore the Kyurem because it can start Blizzard Burning as well, if I didn't just Scramble Switch into a huge lead. They can still win by hitting two Catchers, but between N and having to flip I felt the odds were in my favor based on basic Statistics. Also, if you're playing against straight safeguard decks, I'd recommend running a Coballion EX and 6-0'ing them.

    Milky - It really makes things interesting for people trying to play Plasma for sure. It's starting to pick up popularity already, shifting the format a little before the U.S. even sees State Championships.

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    Really enjoyed this article, best I've seen in a little while.

    About your plasma deck, how do you deal with a darkrai/garbodor/sableye/absol running a silver mirror and dowsing machine (whereby the place the mirror three times in a game) without any catcher? Even with a gust effect would the game plan just be hope to have the scrapper on the two turns you go for the gale?

    I have a mewtwo in my list for this reason but have considered swapping it to an yveltal simply because of both the math working out (60 base plus the 20/40 from an energized sableye/absol respectively ohkos) and the trevenant matchup. Obviously I don't like the two turn charge time, any thoughts on it? Was also wondering whether you would run 3 lugia plus kyurem if you were to also include yveltal as well?

    Is running no basic energy not much of a risk anymore in your opinion? I suppose with the added speed of muscleband there is less time for a hammer to hurt but is cutting the lightning from a list for a longer tournament like states a viable option?

    Finally, I have heard much debate between three and four colress machine. Was wondering if you had any opinion on this other than just the fact that four worked for you? Is it just the added speed to try and close out the game quicker or is there more too it?

    Once again, great article, look forward to reading more from you in future.
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    If I had to deal with Sableye/Silver Mirror, I would definitely run Yveltal in the list. The list I provided definitely suffers against Trevenant and Silver Mirror. If the opponent runs Enhanced Hammer in addition to Silver Mirror (however slow and inefficient that may be), you can use Scramble Switch to force Yveltal into an attacking position. That doesn't guarantee you any wins, however. You still need to be taking early prizes against that deck before the Mirrors come down if you plan to win.

    Basic Energy would be a one-of if needed, but only if decks run 2 or more Enhanced Hammer. Otherwise, a double Thundurus using Muscle Band usually gets the job done.

    As for the Colress Machine debate - I am definitely in support of 4, especially in my list. It is less about consistently adding speed and more about actually having the option to be fast. With Kyurem in the list, I want to be able to get attackers into play quickly and since Plasma Energies are purely there to be attached to attackers in this list, I would run 4. If you use Genesect, you may be OK with 3, but it makes the game plan against the stage 2 decks harder since you still need to outspeed them.

    Hope that helps. Glad you enjoyed the article!
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    I don't quite understand your energy choices in the Palkia/Wall deck list. Who is your main attacker? Palkia? After that with no Prism/Rainbow/Blend then your only other viable attackers are Snorlax and Genesect. And those are only 1 of each. Thanks.
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    Palkia Ex is the main attacker in the deck. Between Muscle Band and Deoxys EX, he puts out around 90 damage per turn, effectively getting KO's in 2 hits against any EX.

    The reason I chose grass over anything else was largely due to the fact that in testing, I would attach at least 1 Plasma Energy to Genesect during a game, leaving him just 2 attachments away from attacking. Additionally, this deck doesn't have nearly as strong as an ability to deal with Enhanced Hammer as other decks do. Grass was an effort to compensate for that.

    However, as people are starting to realize what a double-edged sword Enhanced Hammer can be, I would go out on a limb and say that you don't necessarily need to run grass. Prism or Blend GRPD are equally effective. However, I do not think you will find that you need to attack with anything other than Palkia or Genesect EX unless you are facing Safeguard decks, which are scarce to begin with.

    Let me know if your testing suggests otherwise, I am always open to new spins on concepts like Palkia.
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    Okay. I understand where you are coming from. Thanks for clarifying. I like this deck and you finally put something together that I couldn't, which was playing such a toolbox version yet most of those were for protection not attacking. The next league event I can attend I will give this one a shot to see how it plays. I have states tomorrow here in St Louis so I probably will play a different deck that I am more comfortable using.
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