DonChamp Deck list+Video deck tech

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  1. Hey guys, just wanting to show off the donchamp deck me and my friends have been testing.
    3-2-3 Machamp prime
    3-3 Donphan
    2-2 Zoroark
    2 cleffa
    1 tyrough
    4 pokemon collector
    4 pokemon communication
    4 pokemon reversal
    3 professor juniper
    3 professor oak's new theory
    3 junk arm
    3 plus power
    2 rare candy
    1 switch
    9 fighting energy
    3 Double colorless energy

    Very consistent and effective in this format
    also made a video article about it
    YouTube - ‪DonChamp Deck Tech‬‏
  2. Nintendan

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    Very interesting list.
    How are the 2 Candies in this?
    I run a 3-2-3 line of Champ myself and run 3 Candy.
    I'd love to be able to make space for another card such as PPower, Junk Arm, Reversal or Bouffalant.
    Does 2 work out well?
    Also, what about the 3-3 Donphan? I run a 4-4 Donphan for drawing it early (which I believe is going to be absolutely CRUCIAL when Catcher is released for early disruption/KOs).
    Zoroark hasn't been helpful to me, so I'm considering dropping it. I also think that Bouffalant may be a better RDL revenger as the moment they see your Zorua, they aren't dropping the RDL. If they already have, they will try to Reversal it. Bouffalant can make for a surprise. Not completely sold on both of 'em though. Considering testing a Magnezone or Noctowl and see if it speeds up the deck.
    This deck seems to rely on topdecks to get through the mid game. I'm hoping Noctowl/Magnezone will speed it up a bit. I commonly tend to find myself with low hands after a Judge (I run 1) so Magnezone could work out nicely.