Tier 2 Dragonite PLF, Garbodor DRX

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    This is the competitive deck thread for a Garbodor/Dragonite in the NXD-on format. The deck is also known by the common nicknames Garbonite or Dragodor or Trashy Dragons because i just made them up.
    The basic strategy of the deck is to achieve simultaneous Ability and Item lock and use either Silver Mirror or Silver Bangle to protect or boost damage as needed..
    I am creating this thread so as to not hijack the Zebstrika/Garbodor thread. The two decks function similarly, tho each with different drawbacks. This version of item/ability locking starts slower as a tradeoff for the higher HP attacker/item locker.
    Here is a sample decklist:

    [Spoiler=Click here to show list]
    Pokemon - 13
    3-2 Garbodor DRX
    4-1-3 Dragonite PLF

    Supporters 14
    4- N
    4- Juniper
    3- Skyla
    2- Bianca
    1- Ghetsis

    Items - 23
    4- rare candy
    3- level ball
    3- heavy ball
    3- catcher
    2 Float stone
    2 silver mirror
    2- silver bangle
    1 super rod
    1 comp. Search
    1 switch
    1 Tool Scrapper

    Energy -10

    4- DCE
    6- psychic
    Play this deck over the Zebstrika version because 1) No fighting weakness. 2) Higher HP attacker. 3)2-shotting EXs w/o Lasers.
    What we give up by not being the Zebstrika version 1) Speedier setup. 2) laz0rs.

    The one thing this deck lacks is a good stadium. im sure Beach would be ideal, since we are setting up a stage 2 attacker, but there is very little room. plus, I like this deck because it builds super cheap. Like, super. Cheap.
    Ability lock and Item lock can cripple many of the top tier decks in the current metagame. Each matchup will want to use either the silver bangle or the silver mirror attached to your attacking dragonite depending on the plasma presence in your opponents deck. Dragonites weakness to dragons is good in that the only real meta threat is Black Kyurem EX, who does not one shot Dragonite with his first attack (obviously Black Ballista does), but Dragonite CAN oneshot BKEX with his main attack (+bangle)

    Strategy by matchup:
    Blastoise/BKEX- ideally you are setting up both garbodor and D-nite in turn 2 before Blastoise sees play. you can thank this deck for Tropical Beach to help you out. Catcher stall as you need to, but attach the bangle to your D-nite and blow up his dragons in 1 hit, and his keldeo in 2. Catcher whoever is being manually attached before he can get there.

    Darkrai/whatever - Item lock hurts Darkrai decks no matter the variation. Ability lock frustrates him if he is partnered with hydreigon/verizion. He is still a fairly easy attach-to-attack kinda guy, but catcher thems that has the energy and smile as they cant switch out pokemon w/o energy discarding. again, Bangle all the way.

    Team Plasma- I list it this way because many Plasma decks are eschewing Thundurus. Unless this deck is using a non-plasma attacker, all that needs to be done is attack with D-nite w/Silver Mirror and you win. as soon as a non-plasma hits the table, catcher him and blow it up before manual attaches reach effectiveness. Because of this, this match is essentially a race to get a D-nite up, energized, and mirrored. Your opponent's only recourse is to kill you before you reach that point.

    Vir/Gen- Since we don't run lasers like zebstrika based decks would, this matchup is a little different. Deciding between mirror and bangle may be a match by match decision. Mirror if the Genesect gets powered up, Bangle if you think you have the time to 2 shot the EXs.

    Garbodor/Attackers- Bangle to set up 2 shots on their EXs, and hope the item lock slows them enough. Cobalion will make you sad by taking your DCEs away.
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  2. Profen

    Profen Member

    I actually thinking being able to make use of its second attack can come in handy. Especially against the other dragon decks, fluff chomp and haxorus variations. Being able to OHKO them is quite important since they will do the same to you.

    Either way i have a deck that works pretty decently right now. Though i do want to change a bit about it.

    [spoiler]Dragonite Deck
    Pokemon: 15
    4-1-3 Dragonite
    2-2 Garbodor
    2 Tropius

    Supporter: 12
    4 Juniper
    4 N
    3 Skyla
    1 Hugh

    Trainer: 22
    3 Rare Candy
    4 Laser
    3 Catcher
    2 Virbank
    2 Float Stone
    2 Exp Share
    2 Ultra Ball
    1 Level Ball
    1 Switch
    1 Tool Scrapper
    1 Super Rod
    1 Rock Guard

    Energy: 11
    6 Grass
    2 Electric
    3 Double Colorless[/spoiler]

    With both grass and electric you have access to its second attack that does 90 damage. Sure you want to be able to always use deafen, but there are times when you need that extra 30 damage for a knock out.

    Since you have grass energy, it opens up its pre-evolutions attacks. Most importantly Dratini's Hypnotic Gaze (Dragon Vault 2), for 1 (G) the opponent is put to sleep. No flip required. Dratini's Shed Skin (PLF 81) for 1 (G) heals 20 damage from Dratini and can help stall early on if its the starter.

    Since electric is also in the mix. Dragonair's Wrap (PLF 82) for 1 (E) 20 damage and flip for paralysis. With only 2 electric energy in the deck its not as helpful, but its better than the other options.

    Tropius: Early on its a great pokemon to help you set up. As stated in the first post. Tropical beach would be a nice addition to this deck, but its super expensive. Tropius acts as a weaker version of tropical beach and does 10 damage. Granted 10 damage isn't much, but it only costs 1 (G) for such an amazing attack. You never know when 10 damage will make or break a match. Its second attack (G)(C) for 20 + 20 for each energy on the opponent's active pokemon. This can help greatly in certain match ups. Blastoise is an obvious one, if they set up to try and 1HKO Dragonite. Keldeo Ex needs 5 energy, making it a prime target for tropius. If it is going for tropius it only needs 3 thus only being able to hit for 160 so it still survives. Thats when the early returns help out, or hypnotoxic lasers. Haxorus is another match it helps with. Dragonite cant really do anything against haxorus unless you use Healwing. But the you break your lock anyway. Tropius can both set up with a couple of returns or energy press while haxorus has no energy to allow dragonite the KO with deafen.

    Rock Guard: Ace Spec of choice. Helps with dragonites damage out put to anything attacking it. With no items, tool scrapper isn't an option. It can turn 2HKOs into 1HKOs. It doesn't give you the consistency boost that computer search does. But with Tropius giving you access to more cards early on. It might not be too big of a deal.

    Hugh: I've thought about Huge Vs. Ghetsis a lot. While Ghetsis capitalizes on not being able to play items. The opponent usually ends up with a supporter, and either Junipers, colress, or Ns away their items. Expecting the Ghetsis. Giving you less cards when you do eventually play Ghetsis, netting you maybe 2 or 3 cards. It doesn't really hurt the opponent since they cant use the items anyway and it goes back into their deck. Hugh on the other hand doesn't really need them to be items. They just have to discard until they have 5, while you can draw up to 5 if played right. This way the items or w/e they choose goes to the discard and not their deck. They could choose to keep the items as dead cards in hand if they really need them and sacrifice other cards like pokemon or energy in hopes they can remove the item lock. Also unlike ghetsis. This supporter can be used at anytime you are under 5 cards or they are over 5 cards and not have to assume they have items in hand.

    Ultra Ball: Chosen over level and ultra ball to search out Tropius. Which is really the pokemon you need out early on.

    Laserbank: Chosen over silver tools to both have a counter stadium to frozen city or sky arrow. This allows for consistent damage on any pokemon not just Exs. Since dragonites weakness is dragon, and the dragon decks will give it the most trouble. Garchomp and Haxorus with 140 hp are just 20 hp from being a 1HKO from dragonite with deafen, but can in turn 1HKO it. The Laserbank gives dragonite a chance and can also stall for turns with some luck.

    Exp Share: Dragonite is going down, its going to happen. Why not capitalize on it and set up another dragonite in the future? No catchers or tool scrappers means the tools are safe. These help recycle the electric energy and allow dragonite to be set up next turn with either a DCE or a previous energy drop.

    The only real issue is that this deck is a little tight on space and some adjusting might be needed.
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  3. yoyos

    yoyos delicious hot potatos

    I have to say, that's not really the case when playing aginst this deck, mirror to bangle will make very little difference. And the reason behind this is mainly based upon the used of attackers and techs, also if this deck runs for laser and turn 1 virizion, in the up chance it's possible for them to afford that all expensive and well worth it turn 1 will destroy this dragonite/garbo and possibly prolong the turn 2 setup (which in my opinion is also expensive for dragon/garbo to pull off), and even if virizion/genesect gets the turn 2, well the same thing can be said.
  4. blargh257

    blargh257 Is now Dedede.

    A very good player and friend of mine tried to convince me that this was the format's secret deck. I doubt this. His list used 3 Victini EX though, so I might recommend that.
  5. Profen

    Profen Member

    A nice form of energy acceleration with victini also a nice counter to VirGen Decks. This might actually be better than his suggestion with psychic energy and may or may not need DCE. Though its definitely important to have something to fall back onto if you dont get victini early on.
  6. Ketoblu

    Ketoblu Member

    I'm excited to try this deck out. I am receiving the remaining cards for the deck soon and this is the list I am going to use.

    Pokemon- 14

    4-1-3 Dragonite
    2-2 Garbodor
    2 Mewtwo EX

    Supporter- 12

    4 Juniper
    4 N
    3 Skyla
    1 Colress

    Trainer- 22

    4 Rare Candy
    3 Pokemon Catcher
    2 Silver Bangle
    2 Silver Mirror
    2 Float Stone
    2 Level Ball
    2 Ultra Ball
    1 Heavy Ball
    1 Switch
    1 Super Rod
    1 Tool Scrapper
    1 Computer Search

    Energy- 12

    6 Grass
    2 Electric
    4 Double Colorless

    This is what the final form will look like. But to be honest, I like the Tropius idea and will test this until I manage to get the Mewtwo EX's. Any feedback will greatly help.
  7. Profen

    Profen Member

    Mewtwo is always a solid choice in a deck that runs DCE. It has an immediate offensive effect, while tropius is more just to set up and do some decent damage from time to time. Though with this deck you always want to end up attacking with dragonite every turn if possible. Mewtwo doesn't really change too much of its match ups. Dragons are still trouble for this deck. Dragoncall decks will discard the DCE on mewtwo. Haxorus would be more weary to drop energy on itself, but all in all it would have trouble with haxorus as well. Mewtwo would do nearly the same damage as haxorus if not less. 2 energy on mewtwo and 2 on haxorus means 80 damage for both pokemon. 2 on mewtwo and 3 on haxorus means 120 for haxorus and 100 on mewtwo. It seems pretty fair, but haxorus is only a 1 prize card attacker while mewtwo is 2. While tropius would do a little less than mewtwo, for 2 energy. It has return to make up for its weaker attack and it only gives 1 prize.
  8. Ketoblu

    Ketoblu Member

    What would you recommend instead of the Mewtwo EX's?
  9. Profen

    Profen Member

    Honestly you want to always be attacking with dragonite. So one more dragonite for starters. Mine only had 3 because i want to run laserbank. But if you aren't you might as well put 4. My consistent deck runs 4-1-4 dragonite and 2-2 garbodor with 2 extra attackers. Being tropius.

    Other than that. All i can say is a good cheap attacker that doesn't give 2 prizes if possible. This is why i chose Tropius. It both attacks in a similar way to mewtwo/deoxys, and Return is such an asset to this deck, as it can be for most if not all grass decks. I try out tropius in all of my grass decks, and usually i like it.
  10. MetalArmedAngel

    MetalArmedAngel My lovely Luka ♥♥

    you don't really need laser bank (unless plasma heavy meta) as you will be attaching bangle in every other matchup instead of plasma
  11. Profen

    Profen Member

    Its needed against Haxorus and Fluffchomp. Which are pretty common in my area weirdly enough. Not being able to OHKO the dragons while they can OHKO me is quite bothersome. Plus virbank acts as a stadium counter that has no drawbacks to me as long as im using deafen.
  12. Fayt13

    Fayt13 New Member

    I tried using this deck with 3x Victini EX and am getting stomped by everything.
  13. Ketoblu

    Ketoblu Member

    Victini EX sounds good on paper, but it doesn't play out weel. In my experience in using this deck, I have to trouble getting a Dragonite turn 2 powered up with 3 energy.
  14. Fayt13

    Fayt13 New Member

    Also the Victini is at least playable against VirGen[DOUBLEPOST=1381479870][/DOUBLEPOST]Pokemon - 14

    Victini EX x2
    3-2 Garbador
    4-0-3 Dragonite

    Supporter -14

    Bianca x2
    N x4
    Professor Juniper x4
    Skyla x3

    Trainer - 21

    Computer Search
    Energy Search
    Heavy Ball x2
    Level Ball x2
    Pokemon Catcher x3
    Rare Candy x4
    Tool Scrapper
    Ultra Ball
    Float Stone x2
    Stone Bangle x2
    Silver Mirror x2

    Energy - 11

    Fire x7
    Double Colorless x4

    Not having any luck with this so far. Any suggestions? I feel I'm all too often left with under 2 cards in my hand with no redraw cards (Juniper, N, etc)
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  15. Profen

    Profen Member

    This can be easily changed with tropius as i stated earlier. Return early on helps set up. While return late game helps refill hands when you have nothing to work with. Granted you lose the item lock. But sometimes its better to lose item lock than it is to just sit around and do nothing.

    Also if you get set up. you dont really have to worry too much about VirGen. With a mirror, you cant take damage, with garbodor, they cant use red signal, and with dragonite they cant catcher. What can they really do, aside from changing to virizion and attacking for 50.
  16. Fayt13

    Fayt13 New Member

    You know what. I originally used Tropius and was doing a lot better. I'll revert back to using him
  17. Ketoblu

    Ketoblu Member

    Maybe try to take out 2 Victini EX and energy search and add in 3 bicycle. I haven't tested this as I don't have bicycle but it's worth a try. Also, I run 2 Tropius.
  18. Fayt13

    Fayt13 New Member

    Anytime someone plays a Mewtwo EX I feel like it's an auto win for them. I can't think of any answers for it
  19. yoyos

    yoyos delicious hot potatos

    Yoyos notes: When using tropius does have the risk of milling you're deck, stage 2 pokemon decks that deal low dmg really rely on a mid to late game strategy for the win, that being said the deck is fairly slow paced but uses up a lot of the deck engine to setup the pokemon necessary to attack, so it's better to choose bicycle or tropius, both will mill you're deck before you could win.

    If you're having problems with mewtwo, enhanced hammer or you're own mewtwo (just 1) and 2 HTL (or even one of, just running HTL is like playing a plus power, but sometimes better).
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  20. Ketoblu

    Ketoblu Member

    I have my deck list up top. The way I see it, I'll keep running the deck as I have it. Come November 8th with the rule change, I'll be taking out the 3 Pokémon Catcher for 3 bicycle. See how that plays out. Maybe it'll give momentum to the deck.