Drifblim DRX Techs?

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  1. Zarco

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    Drifblim, I've noticed, is pretty decent-looking as a tech against TDK. They run tons of special energy and are purposefully discarding them. Lugia also drops special energy in the discard. With just 2 energy in the discard, you can catcher-KO a Deoxys EX for C, pretty good. 2 energy plus Laserbank or 3 energy means you can KO Kyurem, and 4 energy or 3 and Laserbank can KO any EX. That is VERY solid for C. I think fitting a 1-1 or 2-2 line in some decks wouldn't be too hard... but which decks exactly? I don't know. It does slightly increase donk potential and can be an easy KO for a powered-up TDK deck, but 90 HP is generally out of reach of an early-game Raiden Knuckle or Frost Spear, so it could maybe even take a hit.

    What do you think? And what decks do you think could play it well?
  2. stmlacek1

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    i might tech it since it is stage 1 and works off of C
    might use it for battle roads
  3. InfinityMinusOne

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    I never thought of the Deoxys Catcher-KO thing. Definitely food for thought. I'd imagine it being best-suited as a 1-1 or even 2-2 tech with a couple Ditto in Hammertime, purely because that deck generally has a higher chance of getting more energy into the discard than any other deck. All the same, a similar line to the one previously mentioned might be of use in TDK itself to hit the mirror for a surprise KO. All the same, TDK is tight enough as it is. finding 4-6 slots for Drifblim is a distant fantasy more than anything else.
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  4. Zarco

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    I was thinking it could work in some kind of Big Basics or Empoleon deck to shore up their bad TDK matchups, and is compatible with low energy costs. Darkrai could make it work if needed.
  5. Darkrai has Absol as well, which does a nice enough job. Although if you can fit in both Absol and Drifblim, you could combat both Deoxys and the slower decks