"Dude, your cars are cursed" FUF prerelease.

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    Hello everybody! This post finds me writing from outside a Walmart in NH while I wait for my tires to get repaired from this weekends activities.

    Me and my group were going to Tewksbury Mass for this release, and my friend TJ was coming down from mid coast Maine to join us. Unfortunately, he exchanges the address to my house for the address of the tournament on his GPS and ends up on at the shop almost 4 full hours early.

    No problem, I'll meet them there. Just let me drop off my wife and I'll take the car. Except the tire blows and we only have a 50 mile spare. So scratch that idea.

    I'll get it home, no problem, I have an old Volvo 240 that I parked a while go cause it had no sticker, but these are desperate times and I can't let my buddies down. After jump starting it, I hop in and get ready to go! Finally! Only when I press the brakes to shift, now my foot hits the floor and angry red lights start blinking all over the dash. "Brake Failure!" No kidding?

    So long story short, two cars suffered from Spontaneous Massive Existence Failure and I ended up borrowing one to get there.

    Thankfully, my luck was much better for the rest of the day.

    We did three rounds with total attendance of 20 I believe.

    Deck building- I pull a fair amount of trainers and some solid supporters. I have battle reporter, Korrina, maintenance, focus sash. I also pull strong energy, landorus, tornadus, dedenne and minun. So some good draw, some good colorless attackers, and good support. M Lucario was my best pull, but of course I can't utilize it. Oh well.

    Round one -Nguyen ???

    I don't remember much from this round, but I remember starting with a minun and pancham. Plenty of energy in hand, so I use negative draw to get draw for a few turns. During this time I am able to get a landorus and tornadus benched and landorus energized. Minun goes down and landorus is able to sweep through a few prizes before getting knocked out and I believe hitmonchan took my last prize with.


    2- Eric ???

    Eric is playing fighting, with heavy makuhita and at least one Hariyama. I start with poliwhirl and attach three to start confusing his pancham active and chipping away at it. I'm able to get a hitmonchan swinging and pick away for another prize. Eric fails two jaw fossils for tyrunt, and runs out of steam with his attackers when landorus comes out and cleans up.


    Justin Desfosses.

    I've played justin quite a bit at league and our games turn into chess matches pretty often, and today was no exception. He has a rough start with a fairly weak starter, and I come out with dedenne and minun. My first turn I entrainment for a landorus and a hitmonchan I believe. I'm able to retreat into landorus and start putting up pressure early.

    Justin responds by getting out his Hawlucha EX and I start worrying for sure. My landorus gets hit and I swing into hawlucha to soften it up. Justin takes a prize off landorus and I respond by knocking out el wrestle bird with dedenne. After that he sputters and I am able to finish him off with another Hitter.


    So the prerelease is finished! We have enough interest to run a booster draft. Me and TJ enter, but my cousin Alex unfortunately could not enter because he had work in the morning and was unable to play in the main event.

    We have a seven person pod, so I get a first round bye. I draft four eevee and two leafeon, and I flesh my deck out with a thin victreebel line, a strong energy and some fighting weenies.


    I chill with Alex, and he builds a 40 card deck quickly and we play a game while we wait. He has darkrai/yveltal and cobalion EX in his, plus special metal from HGSS. Okay, so not quite the same format and I lose. Oh well, only practice right?

    Round 2 Nick?

    Sorry I don't remember your name. I start eevee and get leave on by turn two, swinging for 30 plus sleep. He can't keep up with the speed, though he is able to counter with a sparkling robe to shut my status effects down. I get a second ever down and energy evolve, and super scoop up turns up heads and I have a fresh leafeon and play eevee back down. After that prize is denied, I'm able to roll through magical leaf.


    Finals versus: (Drum roll please) TJ!

    So it's down to this. Game one, Tj starts heracross EX to my eevee and I start panicking. I keep my poker face and energy evolve going second and hit for 30 and sleep. He stays asleep! He draws, plays a drowzee and passes. I attach and bit again, still asleep. Draw pass and still asleep, so I get magical leaf going and am able to take him out without losing a leafeon. He gets some guys out and puts some pressure down, and I super scoop up again for a fresh leafeon. His leave on is able to keep taking prizes for the eventual win.

    Game two Tj never gets his heracross out and I'm able to get the early leafeons again for a quick win.


    Well that's that folks! Lots of fun, and my prize packs from the draft had a full art korrina, so good pulls and good times!
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    Sounds like fun!I would have attended, but I was away at maine! How many people attended in total?
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    I'm fairly certain it was twenty, 4 seniors and 16 masters. The standings I think on Pokemon.com for it are off because they had to run on paper when the computer wasn't working.