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  1. baby_mario

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    This is the thread for all your Durant-related lists and questions. You can also use it to moan about how you lost to a bad player using it during States/Regionals.

    Again, this is an established deck so I'm going to refer anyone who isn't up to speed with what it does to airhawk's front page article on the deck

    I also think you should check out Jason Klaczynski's articles on advanced strategy on thetopcut. net You can find them here and here.

    Some things you might want to discuss

    • Is this deck dead because of Heatmor DEX or fear of Heatmor DEX?
    • Or will it be Darkrai and Zoroark DEX that kill it off?
    • Should they have printed such a hard counter as Heatmor in the first place? I don't remember the last time that happened. (Machamp SF existed before SP)
    • Is there anything Durant can do to counter these new threats?
    • Is it still worth testing against Durant? Will people still be playing it because the new stuff is all so expensive?
  2. cabd

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    Should they have printed such a hard counter as Heatmor in the first place? I don't remember the last time that happened. (Machamp SF existed before SP)

    It's only because of their relationship in the pokedex.

    Zangoose and Seviper have a similar relationship. Most Zangoose cards do more damage when targeting a seviper, such as http://pkmncards.com/card/zangoose-sandstorm-ss-14/
  3. beboppokedad

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    what is the best way to tech against heatmor? what pokemon? :confused:
  4. cabd

    cabd Taking over for Tamoo as the girly looking mod.

    I personally like Luvdisk with pluspower, but Cobalion can probably take him down just fine. Or a mewtwo EX. It's really up to you. Just use whichever non-durant pokemon you use for cleanup to kill it.
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  5. I was thinking about Tornadus (EX or EPO)/Durant. Kill off those Heatmors and such, and mill. Or the other way around.

    Untested, probably crap, just throwing ideas out there...
  6. darkwings

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    why do people worry about heatmor? NO ONE WILL RUN IT!!! most decks are too tight to run such a specific card. people won't run it anyways because durant is dead. i wouldn't suggest running it unless you want to have a little fun at BRs.
  7. beboppokedad

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    i still don't quite see why durant is dead. first, it's dirt cheap. second, it's nasty.

    luvdisc? i don't think that works, it only does 80 first attack.

    tornadus-ex i think makes sense, it has a one retreat... but eviolite on heatmor is an issue

    and, you're probably right no one will run heatmor... but then you know there will be someone with a lame-o deck (like myself), and he'll have a frickin' heatmor.
  8. Pikabruce

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    Darkrai Ex (which is certain to be played) is the reason Durant is much weaker. Anything catchered up can be retreated with 1 energy, and energy removed can be recovered with Dark Patch. Plus, unless the Durant player includes Pokemon Center, 3 attacks from Darkrai will knock out 4 pokemon.
  9. beboppokedad

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    dark.dec variants are a problem with all the free retreaters. i think zoroark dex decks in general maybe be more of a problem than darkrai ex, unless darkrai has special dark attached for the KO of an eviolited ant. free retreat sneasels/weaviles are nasty, but durant could mill some.
  10. Darkrai still one shots a Durant with Eviolite.

    Yes, Durant could mill some, but it's never going to win.
  11. baby_mario

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    So . . . Eli . . . whatcha playing for Nats?
  12. beboppokedad

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    ooops, my bad.... better start packing enhanced hammers then (-: yes, that match-up is really bad
  13. I'm going to find 3 Darkrai EX and 2 Tornadus EX in like the garbage at league or something... because that's my best bet.

    Or maybe a Zekeels without Raikou and Tornadus EX.

    Or CMT with a heavy Terrakion focus.

    Or Terrakion.dec.


  14. quack

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    I don't thinly that durant will be able to keep up with the format unless it can deal with darkrai tornadus decks.
    What do you guys think about adding a terrakion or two with an Exp. Share and maybe a switch. I know its not that good of an idea, but what else can durant do to stop darkrai?
  15. beboppokedad

    beboppokedad Well-Known Member

    "cmt with a heavy terrakion focus"

    can you explain that for my feeble, middle-aged brain please? o_O
  16. Pretty much CMT but with Terrakion instead of Tornadus and split Energy lines.
  17. beboppokedad

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    wow, that is interesting.... cmt was criticized for focusing too much on ground and not enough on countering zekeels. i'd like to see that list if you have one or have posted it. it seems difficult, but intriguing
  18. Haven't made one yet, but considering I have little to no way of getting any of the new EXs, I'll probably end up making one.
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  19. RisingDawn

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    My new favorite thing, Using Kyurem NVI to sweep 4 Prizes off durant for the game in Turn 4. Kyurem is awesome! Durant? The real threat to it is Tornadus EX. CMT/Zekeels player can donk if a lone Durant starts and he goes first.... DCE, Skyarrow, Good game. The Durant player I saw at that league had a very bad day...
  20. voltbolt

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    I loved durant, but I think he's gone forever.and not at all because of heatmor. I don't think anyone playing zekeels or dark.dec needs to try to squeeze in a heatmor, they need to focus on quad.terra/weird groudon varients.