Tier 2 Durant NVI

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    Yeah, I want to test it more too.

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    I posted this in the deck help section and was asked by a member to post it here. Would love your feedback :).
    This is a rogue deck for bw-on, it's only expected to be semi competitive.

    3 Mew EX

    4 Revive
    3 Bianca
    4 Cheren

    10 Metal Energy

    It's Durant everyone knows the strategy. What's different is that Mew EX is your main attacker, eviolited (hopefully). You're only going to attach 1 energy, so you retreat mew ex for mew ex to keep devouring. Heal the benched one hopefully. Use Rescue Scarfs on durant so they can come back after being ko'd.. if that fails, hopefully you get revive. Anyhow, in testing this seems to keep durant in play for most of the match. Everything has 1 energy cost to retreat so I don't run switch. I also don't run SAB because I feel it gives my opponent the advantage. Sometimes I can devour for 2-3 turns waiting on them to get a switch for a high retreat cost pokemon without energy.

    Where to start lol? Mewtwo EX, Mew EX, Siglyph, Any Fire pokemon, Energy Acceleration decks, Garbodor, there's lots of issues with weaknesses and not the best matchups. You have to be careful of Mew EX getting KO'd and make decisions of less devour vs how many prizes the opponent will take based on where you are in the match.

    I would love suggestions. This is a really fun deck. I tried Durant/Argronn and I didn't like it as much. Argronn would just get catchered, then I'd be waiting for a switch. With this deck I can at least devour the entire match. I also feel like the opponent can't take prizes as quickly, because I'm playing Mew EX eviolited.. so it's not great HP, but it's better than Durant. Towards the end of the match I usually just play Durant and let him get KO'd to get the final devours in. So anything you can think of (other than just writing Durant off as dead) would be awesome. Thanks so much!


    -Took out tool scrapper. Garbador is a threat, but it's just wasted space. If I face garbador I'm just going to retreat and put durant in.

    -Debating on N. It really only helps the deck towards the end of the game. If you N the whole game, your opponent shuffles his hand back into the deck. My opponents seem to be getting large hands. So that would be a bad thing. But towards the end of the game when they have two cards in their hand. An N can seal it. I don't know though. Thoughts?

    -Debating on hooligans Jim and Cas. Don't like it cuz it's flippy, but extra cards discarded is a good thing. Thoughts?


    So far here's the testing with the deck on playtcg, grant it I have no idea how good these guys are. I only started playing about a month ago.

    1st game
    Ho-oH EX/other fire
    Came down to the last card, made him go 7 prizes with full heals, sacraficed durants, he decked out

    2nd game
    He won first game with night spear, but it went the distance. Durant won second game, hit hammers and discarded all dark patch.

    3rd game
    Zeels/Mewtwo EX
    Opponent started with mewtwo and DCE, it wasn't a donk. I ended up hammering away two DCE's on mewtwo, but the damage was too fast and too quick on mew. Shortly after I did pull 4 durants out of the deck, but it was too little too late. Zekeels is probably the hardest matchup for the deck. Anything running mewtwo.. but especially eels.

    4th game
    Opponent had bad start and junipered first hand (9 cards due to 2 mulligans from me), I didn't get durant out until turn 3, he didn't start attacking until turn 3, I used mew EX and full heals to absorb mach cuts, then benched them, got out durant and put scarves on them, then sacraficed them to deck out. If he would of draw one catcher the game would of gone the other way. Hit 3/4 hammers. :)

    Overall though, this deck feels pretty fast honestly.I'm sure there's room for improvement.. but hey, Durant is working ok so far. I'm happily surprised!
  3. Verrain

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    First off, that's a neat re-imagining of Durant. Good on you for thinking outside the box.

    I'm curious, did you use Mew EX to copy X-ball on the Mewtwo EX to attack back in this matchup? It seems that is your best fall back plan when M2 shows up.

    I know special energy is its own risk nowadays, but you might consider using the Blend Energy WLFM for those occasions where Mew EX copying the opponents attack could come in useful. I am mainly thinking of copying Garchomp's and Empoleon's attacks here. Also, I would suggest dropping a Revive and Rescue Scarf for 2 Super Rods or two Energy Retrievals. Getting all of your Pokemon out of the discard does you no good if all your energy is still there.
  4. Rowan

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    I thought about making some kind of deck with mew that would be awesome to just copy any attack on board. But It sucks. however this and Empoleon are really the only decks right now gonna use Mew Ex

    But since Prisim is still around why not use 4 Prisim and 4 Blend? Thats 8 energy with a fair amount of draw so you can have any color you really need with no drawback other than they are special energies. then u can use terrakion's retaliate. IF you get the energy you can use darkrai's attack, zekrom's, anything. It counters mewtwo and other than its low HP for a EX it could be a beast. (not Mewtwo ex beast but.....u know..as beast as Durant is gonna get)
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    On behalf of N3rd4Christ

    Below is the list I have been testing. After 30+ games I am pretty comfortable with this deck. Is it perfect? Far from it. It however is a fun deck to play. Let me know your thoughts.

    Pokémon (13):
    4x Durant
    4x Aron
    3x Lairon
    2x Aggron

    Supporter \ Trainer \ Stadium (40):
    4x N
    3x Bianca
    4x Professor Juniper

    3x Pokemon Communication
    3x Enhanced Hammer
    3x Pokemom Catcher
    3x Crushing Hammer
    3x Devolution Spray
    3x Rescue Scarf
    3x Level Ball
    3x Switch
    3x Revive
    2x Super Rod

    Energy (7):
    7x Metal Energy - Basic
  6. desufnoc

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    I wonder why there is a ladder evolution line
  7. N3rd4Christ

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    Main reason would be that I've attempted running a 444 line an it was overkill I'm considering 332 or 333line. Still testing the deck. I've had decent success with the current build.
  8. wiki188

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    so i was looking at some of the math for durant and aggron
    if you get your 4 durant devour with no aggron it will take about 10 turns without factoring in anything slowing the draw process or making it faster.
    with 4 durant and on turn 1 and an aggron every turn starting turn 2 youll be looking at 7 turns to mill out their deck.
    and finally with 4 durant on turn 1 and 2 aggron every turn starting turn 2 youll be looking at 5 turns to mill out their deck

    just some thoughts on this that it is possible to win before your opponent can get 6 prizes even with them taking a ko every turn
  9. Rowan

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    I"m no expert and i'm not sure how the new build will play out but if you set up a good defense of Eviolites and hammers then you can stall. also I don't know of ANY deck that can get 6 prizes by turn 5. only posible one I know is maybe every time hitting a glaciate with kyurem starting t2 somehow. otherwise it will be tough.

    But the deck is difficult and took a hit when some of these very powerful cards come out. there are probably gonna be a half dozen or more than can 1HKO a durant even with an Eviolite.

    Zekorm EX
    Reshiram EX
    Kinklang (with an amazing luck flip)
    ect ect ect.
  10. Kiefer

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    I made a quick durant/garbodor list on playtcg.me and it has been doing really well it might seem like an odd list with no revive and I would like to add them in but the list works
    4 Durant
    3-3 Garbodor
    4 level ball
    4 catcher
    4 rescue scarf
    4 giant cape
    4 switch
    4 crushing hammer
    3 enhanced hammer
    4 juniper
    4 random reciever
    2 super rod
    1 eviolite
    8 metal
  11. PN0iB0i21

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    Durant will live...Trust me. We've been testing this deck for days, and we've figure out a good combo for it. I'll let you all figure it out. =)
  12. N3rd4Christ

    N3rd4Christ Active Member

    Answer 1 question. How do you deal with 2+ prized Durant?
  13. PN0iB0i21

    PN0iB0i21 New Member

    We've been testing with a new Durant deck and so far non have been prized. With the new deck we've been working on, even three Durants in the field would still work. =)
  14. N3rd4Christ

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    Well my question is not has it happened but what about when it happens?
  15. PN0iB0i21

    PN0iB0i21 New Member

    Just use aggron's ability (Aggron DRX). =)
  16. N3rd4Christ

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    reason I asked is it happened to me at least 3 times. 2+ prized Durant.
  17. Reshiphlosion

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    yeah durant looks fairly viable right now, but the one hing that keeps me from playing it is the fact that rotom is gone and prized durant can ruin your game :/ (durant/garbador sounds like a fun way to be zeels and darkrai/hydreigon though!)
  18. Ziggmiceter

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    I run 4-3-3 and it's working really well for me.
  19. SeaLegend

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    On the topic of Aggron; has anyone considered running a straight Aggron mill with Sableye? You can recycle your trainers every turn and mill 6 cards pretty consistently using Devolution Sprays over and over again.
  20. Ziggmiceter

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    You can try, that would be interesting.