Eeveelutions with Vileplume?

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  1. Zarco

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    Another random Bad Deck idea I had. You have a bunch of types from 1 line, with weaker but cheap attacks. Worth it to try? (Maybe once we get those untranslated Japanese Eeveelution's we'll have better things to work off of)
  2. Kezzup

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    It definitely could work as a toolbox-esque deck, especially with Eevee's attack to search out evolutions, but it really does depend on if the cards we get turn out to be any good.

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  6. N3rd4Christ

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    Magikarp + 59 Energy Disagrees!
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  7. AGGarchomp

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    I'm not sure how this would work. So the idea here is to use the specific Eeveelutions for specific matchups, and burn the rest via Juniper/Ultra Ball/Computer Search, no? As they are fragile stage 1s, you would need at least 2 of a type per game to do any good, so would you SSU, Devo Spray, Super Rod, or what? I'm thinking it would be too clunky. Look at what a list would look like:

    3-1-2 Vileplume (or more)
    4 Eevee
    2 Leafeon (deals with Keldeo, Terrakion etc.)
    2 Flareon (plasma Klinklang and that whole gang)
    2 Jolteon (Lugia-EX, Tornadus-EX)
    2 Espeon (deals with Mewtwo if you have a Plasma Frigate going on, otherwise Meloetta or something)
    2 of some fighting type with a cheap attack
    3(?) Laprases for setup and possibly against Landorus-EX
    1 cheap dragon hitter

    2 Rare Candy
    3 Level Ball
    3 Communications
    2 Super Rod
    lets say 12 spots for supporters
    2 Plasma Frigate

    4 Blend
    4 Blend
    4 Plasma (assuming it benefits attacks/abilities)

    That's 60. Ouch. Drop 1 of each eeveelution and you have what, 4 more spots? Not exactly what I would call a viable deck, don't you think? If we had Rainbow Energy, this would be a bit easier, but we don't. Something tells me this won't see past league.
  8. Zarco

    Zarco Alternate format enthusiast

    No supporters -_- yeah, it's meant as more of a fun idea (very Pooka-esque) but hypothetically you could play 1 of each or so, and hope for consistency or something. Their energy costs are light, but they do the right damage amounts, which is why I thought of it.
  9. 765Bro

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    Deeveelution Spray.
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  10. baby_mario

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    Devo Spray means you have to wait a turn with a vulnerable 60 HP Eevee. They need to reprint Surprise! Time Machine.

    But . . . really guys?

    A thread for a combo involving cards that haven't been translated yet? How are we even supposed to do this in a productive way?

    How will we know that Leafeon will deal with Keldeo? How do we even know that Keldeo will be played as anything more than a tech by the time this set is released?

    If you're having fun, fine. But this is of no practical use whatsoever.
  11. TechnoLegend

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    Hmmm. started with AGGarchomp list.

    Pokemon 21
    x3-1-2 Vileplume (could be a grass attacker....)
    x4 Eevee
    x1 Mewtwo EX colorless attack
    x1 Keldeo EX
    x1 Leafeon DEX
    x2 Flareon DEX (plasma Klinklang )
    x2 Jolteon DEX (Lugia-EX, Tornadus-EX)
    x2 Terrakion NVI (120 damage to darkness/eelektrik with no return ko)
    x1 Emolga (free retreat, colorless call for family attack)
    x1 cheap dragon hitter

    Supporters 13
    x4 Skyla
    x3 Juniper
    x3 N
    x3 Random Receiver

    Items 14
    x2 Rare Candy
    x1 Ultra Ball
    x1 Computer Search
    x3 pokemon Communication
    x2 Catcher
    x2 Switch
    x1 Super Rod
    x1 Energy Search
    x1 Skyarrow Bridge

    Energy 12
    x1 grass
    x1 electric
    x1 fire
    x1 Fighting
    x4 DCE
    x2 Blend
    x2 Blend

    Im not sure what the new Eeveelutions do but most of the ones from DEX can utilize DCE and might be the only thing allowing such a list of different pokemon/energy requirments to run, Its really just to tight a list to have what you need, maby when you know what the metagame looks like, you could cut certain types to for others, it would definatly help the energy situation.

    Anyway just for the sake of entertaining this thread here is a 10 minute quick list, that might not even be able to beat the Basic Lightning Deck on PTCGO. lol
  12. Ziggmiceter

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    TechnoLegend It's already been concluded that the ones from DEX are bad. Why Keldeo EX?
  13. David

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  14. Ziggmiceter

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    *actually tried that once, it worked until coolestman22 pulled out Machamp SF*
  15. David

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    Mewtwo LVX...
  16. Ziggmiceter

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    It was palace-like, so no Mewtwo LV. X.
    Edit: did Adam change it so you can't link old cards? Dang...
  17. coolestman22

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    I remember that.

    Good thymes.
  18. TechnoLegend

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    Well even without a water energy on him he 1hko water weak pokemon, so just like all the other pokemon in here he could be powered up with 1 basic and 1 dce
  19. David

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    I was hoping to have at least 3 likes by now...:(
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    Well, lah dee dah.