electrode prime can help and my question on golduck

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  1. pikazap

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    1. when i looked into electrode prime i seen that it can make t-tar sf stronger and scizor prime more destructive and so on with damage grinders

    2. also um when i read golduck it said it heals its self for every water energy you attach that turn does feraligtr prime help this and dawn stadium cause i was thinking about building a golduck/feraligtr/starmie deck w/ dawn stadium?
  2. Genguy

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    1.Scizor needs lots of space as you will be cramming metals in. Scizor also is farely weak and loading up tons of energy on it won't be as effective as 3-4. T-tar could be good but it usually runs 3 warp and 4 call. I can imagine electrode prime blowing itself up and you getting a few warp energy on T-tar. Electrode is an interesting but truthfully is binder fodder. Also, if you power spray a blowup electrode is still knocked out. :(

    2 That works and would be a pretty good semi competitive deck. However, be cautioned as Golduck has low HP.
  3. Chemical

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    I would expect that Electrode would be quite helpful to decks like Regigigas for it's large energy requirements and same with Steelix Prime decks.
  4. Racker

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    Are you sure Power Spray still KO's it? Cause you announce it's Poke-Power, before annoucing a target (When using Bright look) or doing any of the following this is when Power spray comes into play. So to me it wouldn't get KOed since Power Spray would stop the power, not half of it.
  5. pikazap

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    ok well i understand the part of electrode my question still stands does the golduck feraligtr work?
  6. baby_mario

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    Yes, it is still KO'd if it is sprayed.

    Here is the official Compendium ruling/explanation . . .

    As for the original question . . . the trouble with Golduck is that the HP is so low, and Golduck is so vulnerable to Luxray OHKOs that you are usually better off Raindancing to Gatr itself instead of trying to heal off Golduck.
  7. Racker

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    Hmm that's pretty lame. Yeah in that case Electrode is just a free prize in this format and takes space.
  8. pikazap

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    the point of electrode srry is to ko itself for twins or black belt