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    Yo, it's yoyos, this is my empoleon variant list, it runs some crazy stuff, it also has some pretty crazy synergy in it as well, it plays for heavy counters and nasty dmg, the engine also de base's itself, for instance it's pretty much empoleon/flareon, utilizing the empoleon engine to pump up flareon, so it can deal some pretty impressive ko/ohkos against various decks, zoroark is to deal with decks that deal large dmg such as 200/150 + bangle for the ohko, drifblim to counter plasma and dusknoir to do the dirty work, regardless of how it looks it's surprisingly consistent. (I come from a fairly weird format, everyone plays everything you could imagine, they're kinda here and there with they're lists, so you have to be original and surprises to make things happen, I find).

    4-0-3 empoleon
    3-2/2 flareon/leafeon
    2-2 drifblim plb
    2-2 zoroark (foul play)
    1 mr. mime
    1-0-1 dusknoir

    4 DCE
    6 water energy

    4 N
    4 juniper
    4 skyla
    2 colress
    4 ultra ball
    4 rare candy
    2 bangle
    1 super rod
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    A few things. First, this deck really benefits from Tropical Beach. Not being able to rare candy and attack on the first turn leaves you with nothing to do, so refreshing your hand to seven is a huge help. I understand that Beach is really expensive right now, but don't expect to get the consistency you want without it. Second, there are a lot of good ideas happening in this deck, but sometimes putting several strategies into one deck makes for inconsistency and clunkiness. I understand that you have the drifblim to counter plasma and zoroark to counter other things, but if empoleon and dusknoir work out the way they should, they can take care of it all. Thirdly, I would run at least 1 prinplup, and while running 1-0-1 dusknoir you're going to want to have a town map in your list to know what prizes to take in case duskull or dusknoir are in there.

    hope this helps.
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  3. yoyos

    yoyos delicious hot potatos

    There is only one good thing about beach in this deck, turn 1, after turn 1 it's not useful because you want to start attacking, and the consistency of getting 1 out turn 1 isn't very good, unless you plan on running 4 and then it becomes dead weight. I Put all of these counters in to power up flareon, so I could use it for more then a genesect stopper,. Town map and priplup sounds like a good idea, ty.
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    have no idea but that's a lot of evolutions
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    4 Juniper is a lot for this kind of deck. It almost always makes you discard important pokemon or resources I recommend cutting one and upping your colress count to 3. This is because you are almost constantly benching pokemon and any deck in the format will usually have to bench at least 2 in addition to there active so its usually not as dead of a card early.