Etherdex Explained, Calibrating Klinklang, and Bettering Blastoise

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    AWESOME ARTICLE! great decklists and insight.

    I agree that DarkLazerBank has much better matchup agianst the forming meta, could empoleon+virbank be a good deck, card draw consistancy, and good non ex damage output.

    In your PlAnts deck, would 1-2 max potion be a worthy inclusion, obviously they will be trying to KO your klinklang so takeing away an attack could be really helpful.

    i really like the Plasma Deck list, it really is a powerful donking list. I think Victini EX+Terrakion EX could be really nice together, with or without victory piece. I have been testing a Gallade/Ho-oh deck with prety good results.
  3. mattynate

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    Great article, but I don't see black kyurem ex being played all that often, the deck is brutal enough with just Keldeo lol
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    Nice article bud. You stole my PlasmaBasics stuff. I was going to write some on that, :) I am glad to see you came around to playing DCE in the list.

    I think the Durant deck needs either the Pull Out Durant or the Call for Reinforcement Durant. They are both very good.

    Finally, I sincerely hope people keep going to x-0-x Stage 2 lines, because then Zack's Zebra will continue to electrify the competition.

    mattynate: I honestly believe Black Kyurem will be played. It is just too good.
  5. mattynate

    mattynate That's not rasslin'!!

    You don't think the need of lightning energy won't screw with consistancy?
  6. Slowbro

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    It will a bit, but you only need 2 lightning, and 200 damage in one attack is amazing. You just can't pass that up. Now Blastoise has an easy way to OHKO an EX without fearing retaliation from a Mewtwo.
  7. mtigerfan23

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    Great article! I definitely agree that the new Black Kyurem EX will be played in Blastoise/Keldeo decks. I've been testing with 2 in my B/K deck since our pre-release, and it's been pretty unstoppable. Only game I've lost was to Garbodor. Everytime I'd knock one out, he'd set another one up the following turn. Consistency wise, it doesn't mess it up that bad. If you're playing Blend or Prism, you just need to hold on to them till you're ready to use them, since Enhanced Hammer is going to see more play. Playing just basic Lightning might cause more issues, but they won't hurt in the long run of the game.
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  8. jbcheshire

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    Awesome job, Andrew! I need to buy more packs so I can start building with the new plasma techs, and I really want to play that Lugia/Articuno/Snorlax deck!!

    Keep up the great work!
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  9. BREEE

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    Wait Wait, the Darkrai Terrakion deck.. NO SABLEYE??

    Why? Explain please.
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    I have been testing this deck and loving it. Its fast and aims to hit hard for 90 every turn while setting up back up attackers, it really does not need sableye for set up, and by only playing 1 non ex attacker (terrakion nvi) you force your opponent to take 7 prizes, which you cant do if you if you caly down a sableye.

    The only changes i have made to the list is dropping a Dark Patch for another Ether, that turn 2 pump up smash is just to awesome to pass up. i usually win if i can get that going.
  11. yelsha42

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    Loved the article. I do agree with you on the Durant/Klinklang over the Attackers/Klinklang, but I was just thinking, would Keldeo EX/Blends be a potential solution to being teched against? It gives you a counter to all the anti metal techs, as well as an additional way to switch out Klinklang.
  12. TechnoLegend

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    I have been testing your Articuno EX / Lugia EX / Snorlax PLS deck card for card, but havent had much success with it, unless i get the perfect hand, i think the deck could really benefit from 2-3 Pluspower or another switch/recycle, i guess what im asking is what changes if any have you made since you wrote this article, i really want this deck to work

    also could the deck be focused on Giratina PLS instead or articuno? or is that 2 slow and not as easy to power up turn 1. i guess it needs lazers also to be affective
  13. Charranitar

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    I'm going to get to answering all the questions in here later tonight. Wish I could have gotten to them a bit sooner, but I've been on a business trip all week and don't get back until tonight.
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    Love the article! The only problem is that Articuno doesn't have a significant weakness. Cobalion EX's attack isn't affected by weakness.
  15. darian619

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    I really like the Darkrai Terrakion list and is amazingly fast. One problem I found is that if your not 1 shotting against tank decks(if anyone plays BW Klinklang in Klinklang PLS) then you just lose to max potions. But those decks aren't too popular anymore anyways. Also if you don't go first in the Plasmaklang match up and/or can't stop their setup then you only have Terrakion NVI and you almost always lose because of this, I now run 2.
  16. Charranitar

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    Glad that you liked the article! As for max potion, I wouldn't play it as more than a one of. Typically Klinklang will be hard enough to take down for an ex deck. Their counters to it will usually be Victini, so they will ohko it anyhow. I think the key to the deck is to just play it as Durant against non-ex decks, and then against ex decks, put them on a time clock with Devour and safeguard, with the main thing beig playing enough cards that get Klinklang out of the active spot.
    In Japan all the successful Blastoise lists played it. It definitely helps against Darkrai, as you don't need to load up 7 energy on a Keldeo for the ohko, and it eliminates the deck from being countered with Mewtwo, and also gives you an easy way to trade prizes with Rayquaza EX without consistently getting big Keldeo's every turn.

    Yeah, moving away from a full ether engine and more water definitely hurts the turn one Articuno a bit, but I think the trade off of helping setup Lugia and Snorlax is well worth it.

    I like just keeping Durant simple with 4 NVI is the best way to play the deck from a consistency of getting devour off turn one. There are definitely benefits to including the other Durants though. A turn of using one of their attacks is a turn without Devour which I think hurts the deck some.

    And yeah, let's hope Zebras don't see a lot of play, otherwise the Pokemon line will need to be adjusted to get Wartortle back. But I feel the matchup will be similarly poor regardless.
    The purpose of the deck is to hit turn one with Terrakion EX, and get a turn one or two Pump Up Smash. There just really isn't time to be using Junk Hunt. A 1-of Sableye certainly wouldn't be bad, but I don't think it's all that needed just because of the dek already getting some extra consistency with pokedex and the focus early game elsewhere being on using a specific attack.
  17. webjefita

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    Is the Articuno/Lugia deck still viable and upgradeable with Plasma Freeze? No Thundurus or Deoxys, but have 2 Kyurem to add, and the PLF trainer cards. Also thinking of adding Aspertia. One of our juniors might end up playing it, if that changes anything.