“Evolve and Adapt” – What XY Means for Dragonite, Darkrai, and Plasma

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    Loved the article!! Some great insights, and it definitely helped me with my deck choice at Cities today. Ended up running your Dragonite list but -1 Ghetsis -3 Juniper +4 Shauna. I wasn't expecting any Blastoise, and I've found that Juniper in set-up decks always seems to cost me key cards - Shauna seems to be a safe work-around, particularly combined with Beach.

    I ended up coming second due to the Tournament Organiser deciding not to run top cut at the last minute - I'd intentionally drew my last round of swiss with my opponent to guarantee top cut, and I almost certainly would have won the swiss round (vs Tool Drop) if I'd known there was no top cut. #Sourgrapes

    That aside, it was an amazingly fun deck to run - the amount of times my opponent just had to draw/pass was hilarious!
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