Rogue Excadrill DEX #56

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    Ollietoed64 Always preferred margarine anyway.

    Now I've read the sticky thread but really wasn't sure whether this would be considered a sub-type of Groudon EX or not, but I did really want to focus on Excadrill so put it here. If I'm wrong in doing so please let me know :)

    Anywho, with Battle Roads coming up in just over 2 weeks (26th May) I wanted to start getting a feel for the deck I'm going to use. I don't really want to run Eels and would rather use my first competitive tournament as a tester of something different. I toyed with a Volcarona deck I made, and also the possibility of an Accelgor deck; but opted for something a little more substantial. So here's my list:

    3 x Drilbur 55 DE
    3 x Excadrill 56 DE
    3 x Aerodactyl 53 DE
    2 x Groudon EX 54 DE
    2 x Tornadus EX 90/108 DE
    Pokemon - 13 (7 Basic)

    4 x Exp Share
    4 x Switch
    3 x Professor Juniper
    3 x PONT
    3 x N
    3 x Super Scoop-Up
    3 x Heavy Ball
    2 x Pokemon Catcher
    2 x Twist Mountain
    2 x Ultra Ball
    2 x Junk Arm
    2 x Random Receiver
    2 x Dual Ball
    Trainers - 35

    8 x Fighting Energy
    4 x DCE
    Energy - 12

    Total - 60

    Excadrill - Excadrill is a pretty nice card from this set, it's attacks are:

    [F] Tunnel Strike
    This attack does 30 damage to 1 of your opponent's Benched Pokémon. (Don't apply Weakness and Resistance for Benched Pokémon.)
    [F][F] Dig Uppercut - 50
    Put a card from your Discard Pile into your hand

    It's first attack really isn't so bad depending on who you're up against. It's great early on against Eels as you can pick off 30HP Tynamo before it gets to evolve; good against any loitering baby Pokemon too.
    Its second attack is its focal point. A meagre 50 HP, not really so bad for 2 fighting. It can OHKO Eelektrik, Zoroark and with two Aerodactyl it will hit normal Zekrom for 140 however, and can OHKO Celebi. It's secondary effect if you will allows harvesting bench sitters quite easy: use a catcher, goes to discard pile, use Dig Uppercut, retrieve said catcher, use next turn and so on and so forth. This I've found, probably only works early game against non-Eels decks, but will provide the time to set up Groudon EX.

    Groudon EX -
    [F][C]Tromp - 20
    Does 10 damage to each of your opponent's Benched Pokémon. (Don't apply Weakness and resistance for Benched Pokémon)
    [F][F][C]Giant Claw - 80+
    If the Defending Pokémon already has 2 or more damage counters on it, this attack does 40 more damage
    This is the late game of the deck against decks who can set up regardless of the damage Excadrill has (hopefully) caused, because this is what can deal the serious damage. It's a bit of a tank as well so can take some damage before needing to use SSU.

    Aerodactyl DE - Really in here for what it does best; a permanent PlusPower. Can help get some vital early OHKO's with Excadrill. Only problem is Raikou EX can snipe it, but its attacking should be limited because of Excadrill.

    Tornadus EX - Adds a little more speed to the deck bringing a possibility of a T1 60 which is pretty decent straight off the bat. It's second attack is also highly usable and with a great retreat cost can get some important kills mid-late game.

    Thats all really, let me know what you all think :) Thanks
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    oooh, this should be interting... "is this a competitive deck?" controversy :rolleyes:

    i gotta admit, you've got a pretty cool idea (especially the retrieve catcher part against zekeels), but it's hard to see why many people would run it (i'm an aerodactyl detractor too).

    i'm not sure groudon and tornadus-ex have the right synergy either. Groudon doesn't need DCE and the deck is trying to beat zekeels but Tornadus-ex is weak to electric
  3. Reclamation

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    Plus opposing Tornadus EX can really throw a spanner in the works against Excadrill because its resistant to fighting. 100 Damage per turn will start building up quickly if you can't knock it out quickly. But otherwise, early game, it seems to be REALLY strong as soon as you get 1 catcher
  4. Ollietoed64

    Ollietoed64 Always preferred margarine anyway.

    I didn't mean to cause controversy at all :p It is simply a deck that is more than an idea that I will play competitively for BR's. I felt it was in limbo really, but decided here was the best place to post it; if anyone has any issues I'll move it to the other thread.

    I'm not really specifying on ZekEels; just used it as an example because I've tested it against my own ZekEels deck and because it does a good job against it. As for the synergy, I've found it works quite well. No Excadrill nor Groudon require the DCE but Tornadus makes itself, individually, a viable attacker.

    Thats another reason I run my own Tornadus-EX. If I'm in a situation where I can't deal enough damage with Excadrill/Groudon EX then Tornadus is more than capable. Also it will take two turns to KO Excadrill with Tornadus, in that time I can take down two weaker bench sitters (such as Eelektrik) with Excadrill so my opponent will take one prize whilst I take 2. :)
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    this is a nice looking deck actually. i was actually looking through my collection the other day, and found 3 Holo Drill Run Excadrill from the Emerging powers set, and thought of a cool Rogue idea for them, but this deck is even better, as your getting your Catchers, and other trainers back.
    you might even want to get that random receiver you just used that turn, because your PONT or Juniper gave you no good cards that turn

    I would actually consider using the Drilbur from EP with Hone Claws and Scratch since you can at least attack turn 1, if it's stuck active as your only basic.
    and have you considered Crushing Hammer or Lost remover? another counter to Mewtwo and Tornadus (Normal and EX)

    BTW... you listed Junk arm twice in your list one after ultra ball and one after Random Receiver.
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    I've been eying Groudon and Excadril since Feburary. If this deck does good, I'll going to bandwagon so fast...

    I especially like the disruption potential. You can hit something with Upper and get back a catcher, bring in a heavy pokemon and dig tunnel at anything you like. You can rotate your N's and Energy removing items in the same fashion. Groudon and Bur are both good starters as well. There is nothing that looks bad about this deck on paper.
  7. beboppokedad

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  8. wiki188

    wiki188 Mrlightning

    i think you should try and find room for an energy retrieval or a super rod atleast a 1 of copy of one or the other
  9. Ollietoed64

    Ollietoed64 Always preferred margarine anyway.

    I would isntead just opt to retrieve the used PONT or Juniper :) You can retreieve any card from the discard pile with Drill Uppercut, which is ace because if I need a Groudon EX and I have one in my discard I can get it back.

    I'll have to buy some and try them, thanks :D

    Yeah It's been an idea of mine since translations were available and Groudon was confirmed; I'll let you know how it does :)

    I've thought about that but I shouldn't have so many energy in the discard pile with my Exp. Share, and Excadrill can get some energy back if it ever got so bad.

    Thankyou everyone for the feedback, certainly helps :)
  10. SixPrizes

    SixPrizes The one and only!

    ok, here is my list, i need a deck for battle roads and am considering this one. i already know it's probably not that hot, but give it a look-see with comments, please:

    Phanpy - 3
    Donphan Prime -3
    Drilbur - 2
    Excadril DEX - 2
    Slowpoke - 2
    Slowking DEX - 2
    Zekrom - 2

    N - 4
    PONT/Twins/Sage's/Juniper - 7 (not sure about breakdown, comments appreciated)
    Dual Balls - 4
    Heavy Balls - 2
    Poke Comm - 2
    Junk Arm - 2
    Poke Reversal - 2
    Switches - 2
    Black Belts - 2
    Research Record - 2
    Super Rod / Max Potion / Plus Power - 1 each

    DCE - 3
    Ground - 6
    Rainbow - 3

    This deck tries to address the meta, through ground mainly of course, but then Slowking DEX for Mewtwo-EX and Zekrom there for Tornadus and also as a big basic that can take a hit (he's limited to outrage in this deck, of course). Zekrom and Slowking's "hand press" attack both use DCE (and "psy bolt" attack isn't bad in a pinch for one rainbow). N is always good and activates +30 on "hand press" (since I'm nearly always losing). Donphan is the preferred starter. The deck doesn't need much energy.

    I think Enhanced Hammer could be a good addition. I'm thinking Black belt is needed to boost my attacks and also Excadril can retrieve it from discard. I don't know why I have research record, i could probably lose that (sometimes it's helpful to set up next turn or supporters). Another plus power is probably needed to for match-up KOs (I could be dreaming, but could include Zekrom, Thundurus, Mewtwo-EX, etc).

    I haven't tested the deck yet but I have the cards, should put it together very soon. Thank you! ;)
  11. Ollietoed64

    Ollietoed64 Always preferred margarine anyway.

    Nice ideas, I like having alternatives to consider :)

    I don't really know what to think about Slowking. On paper it just doens't seem to fit, but don't cast it aside until you've tried it by all means; I just think it's taking up valuable slots and is another stage 1 that you don't need to be there.
    Donphan makes for a nice quick attacker but distracts from Excadril. Too similar in the damage they cause except Excadrill's attack is probably much more usable in the long run. You really need a hard hitter for the end game for when your opponent has their EX/main attacker set up; you're going to have to be able to stop it fast in 1-2 hits or else your opponent will just run riot :)
    I'd probably consider expanding your Excadrill line to 3-3, but I suppose that's me.

    I'd run 4 PONT and 3 Juniper, certainly not Twins for this deck, you're looking to get ahead fast so I doubt you'll be in a position to make use of that card. Sage's is also pretty obsolete with this deck, even with Excadrill to pull from the discard.
    More switches because of how heavy this deck is, you don't want to get catchered and be stuck. Also you need some Exp. Share to speed things up, because unfortunately there is no acceleration for Fighting just yet.
    Hope this as helped, and glad other people are coming up with ideas for Excadrill; I think it might have a decent position in the format :)
  12. beboppokedad

    beboppokedad Well-Known Member

    thanks, you make a lot of good points. yes, the slowking thing is kind of inconvenient, just an attacker for a situational thing with mewtwo-ex, but i probably won't even be able to pull it off.

    yes i need a hard hitter... unfortunately i rather do not have one! haha

    yes, you are right about Twins i think ... and switches

    i don't worry about acceleration/exp.share too much with this deck, but yes, definitely if i would cut the slowking line that it would make even more sense. i'll consider.

    i am concerned though that excadril maxes out as 50, without help from weakness... that is why i like Donphan too

    thanks for your great perspective
  13. If you have any Terrakions, they would probably be a good substitute to Donphan. Exp. Share a Terrakion with Excadrill active and hit for 90 when Excadrill dies.
  14. beboppokedad

    beboppokedad Well-Known Member

    i guess that makes sense. the issue is i like donphan as a starter. he has more hp (ability) and can hit for one energy... plus he can put damage on zekrom. i worry about terrakion getting catchered.
  15. Ollietoed64

    Ollietoed64 Always preferred margarine anyway.

    Aye that's often the problem, Pokemon TCG is an expensive hobby; but that is often the defining line between competing with the higher tier decks. I've just had to fork out £15 ($20-25) in order to get the finishing components for this deck. What I'm saying is you will have to pay for those hard hitting cards whether it's for this deck or another :p

    I won't deny the brilliance of Donphan; 1 Fighting for 60 is pretty ridiculous, the damage on your own bench however will eventually just make Raikou's job a whole lot easier. The ability to reuse any card in the discard pile makes Excadrill more favourable as it can potentially disrupt any set-ups your opponent tries to make slowing them down hugely. Excadrill's not in here for his damage really, he's in here because he's going to get in the way of potential set-ups which will make your late game a whole lot easier.

    Catcher threatens every deck unfortunately, hence why it is the most sought after card. I doubt any Eels player would opt to catcher a Terrakion :p
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  16. beboppokedad

    beboppokedad Well-Known Member

    well , maybe about terrakion, but i mean if he doesn't have sufficient energy on him and he's catchered, then he is a sitting duck.... bam bam

    you make an interesting point about excadrill. so i think you're saying that you use him to either hit bench or attack active as needed, thereby distributing damage early, and also messing up set-ups by abusing catcher or other cards. am i understanding correctly?
  17. Ollietoed64

    Ollietoed64 Always preferred margarine anyway.

    Excadrill'a main attack allows you to spam Catcher to OHKO anything weak on the bench, like Eels or stray Celebi. These are easy prizes and will break down the opponents late game. That's not all it's limited to though, it has a fair chance at KO'ing the majority of Dark and Lightning types quite effectively; especially with PlusPower/Aerodactyl ;)
  18. swampfrog20

    swampfrog20 Member


    Donphan is definatly the way to go. From playtesting my Dark.dek, Groudon, Landorus, and even Terrakion at some points are too slow to keep up with Dark.dek. Turn two 60 (120 with weakness) will destroy Dark.dek. Excadrill with it's snipe hurts much also. I can't give any input on any other meta deck though, sorry.

    Random reciever could find a place here. An Excadrill with two energies will make for a constant stream of supporters.
  19. beboppokedad

    beboppokedad Well-Known Member

    that's so true! i was ignoring dark in my ignorance... thanks ollie

    swampy, good points too.

    i think in my childish way of viewing this, i need to get rid of slowking, and focus on punishing (ok, that is silly) but as much as possible, honed donphan - excadril blitz.

    now, we are talking!
  20. Ollietoed64

    Ollietoed64 Always preferred margarine anyway.

    No worries, I think Dark type decks will be abundant at BR's so it's worth a shout here.

    That sounds a whole lot better :) Just find some more room for additonal PlusPowers because they might really be the difference and like swampfrog mentioned Random Receivers are always a bonus: one or two is best I find. :)