Rogue Excadrill DEX #56

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  1. Ollietoed64

    Ollietoed64 Always preferred margarine anyway.

    Glad that you've discovered how well it plays :D

    Could you post your list please? :D I've been trying to make room for Smeargle in this deck but really can't take anything out because it all works so well :p

    I'd almost go as far to say this deck is prettyl flawless against ZekEels; a bold statement to make, but I've tested it against it sooooo many times and I haven't once been in a position where I can't win. :p Exp. Share is invaluable for this deck to work, because you lose one Excadrill and you can have a fully equipped attacker ready for next turn :) I'm going to be testing this against dark decks this weekend so I'm hoping this deck has the same playability against said deck.

    They will be the two most popular decks I believe, so running Excadrill is going to have its advantages. Although CMT will see some play, but I only think Tornadus will cause this deck any issues as Celebi is easy pickings and Mewtwo is countered by your Mewtwo :) Empoleon will also see some play, but how much? Only time will tell. I am going to test this deck out against Empoleon soon :p
  2. QuarterTurn

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    I think this deck will find its place once we lose Junk Arm after the rotation. Getting things back from the discard will be stronger then and will make Excadrill more consistent than many decks out there.
  3. bogsnes

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    Personally I don't really see why having a RR is better than having another supporter in your deck - Keep in mind that if you get an RR in your hand, if that had been another draw supporter instead you would be in the same situation - I suppose it might be because people like thinning out their decks, however you also risk using all your supporters in your deck. Excadrill can also get ANY card from your discard pile, so you can just get a PONT or smth instead of getting a RR to get a PONT/other supporter from your deck.
  4. beboppokedad

    beboppokedad Well-Known Member

    My logic is that you can junk arm for research record, therefore if you run a lot of junk arms, you can reach out for a research record in a tight spot. I try to get one in the discard early.

    Also, maybe I have a PONT in my hand, but I really want a Black Belt or Twins that turn. I might use a research record if one's in my hand to try to stumble upon that other supporter if the odds are decent mid-game/late-game, and if not I'll just use the N that turn.
  5. Random Receiver is Junk Armable, can allow for a PONT when you don't want to Juniper precious resources, and most importantly makes opponents' Smeargle less useful, as they can't copy a Random Receiver.

    Also, some decks like max PONT and Juniper, and other supporters aren't very useful. Random Receiver makes it so you don't have to settle with mediocre supporters like Sage.
  6. bogsnes

    bogsnes New Member

    That still isn't a reason to why chaining RR thru excadrill's second attack is so good tho as you could just get a supporter instead. Didn't think about smeargle tho, as I've been away from the game for a few years, etc. :D
  7. LoBFCanti

    LoBFCanti Active Member

    Say you have nothing but juniper in discard and you want an oak/n. Are you not going to pick up random receiver when you know you have 4 PONTs and 2 N still in deck? Especially when you don't run anything but draw supporters anyways?
  8. VinnySal

    VinnySal Member

    This is what has been working for me the past few weeks at leagues and vs. friends:
    Drilbur EP x4
    Excadrill X3
    Terrakion NVI x3
    Mewtwo EX x2

    Fighting x11
    DCE x3

    Juniper X4

    Catcher x4
    Switch x3
    Plus Power x3
    Exp. Share x4
    Random Receiver x2
    Junk Arm x3
    Heavy Ball x3
    Dual Ball x3
    Super Rod x1

    The basic concept is get N and Juniper in the discard ASAP and then that's all you should ever have to worry about as far as supporters are concerned since you can recover them.

    Yes I only run 3 Junk Arm because typically I can just get back a trainer with Excadrill if I need it that badly.
  9. bradon

    bradon Member

    Neat build, looks a lot better than mine :D Since you don't really need Groudon EX in here.
  10. LoBFCanti

    LoBFCanti Active Member

    I've been meaning to ask: if you use Hone claws on Emerging powers Dribur and you evolve next turn, does Excadril's attack get the boost?
  11. RisingDawn

    RisingDawn #1 Oshawott fan! :0<

    No, Hone claws states "This pokémon" meaning Drillbur not Excadrill. So that wouldn't work.
  12. LoBFCanti

    LoBFCanti Active Member

  13. Ollietoed64

    Ollietoed64 Always preferred margarine anyway.

    Did anyone play this at BR's then? :D
    I took it to the Manchester, UK BR's and I had, what I like to consider, great success as well as an amazingly fun time! There were 5 rounds of swiss, I only managed to play 4 because I wasn't expecting it to last so long and the intense heat was making it fairly unbearable. Anyway, I went 2-2 losing only to a superior Excadrill deck (the guy was 3-1 when I left so Excadrill was doing really well) and a Darkrai EX deck; (It was a superior deck I must admit but it was my first ever game and I'd like to think nerves and inexperience played a crucial part in my loss) but overall, I was pleased with my performance :D
    I took a lot away from the day, learning what alterations to make to the decklist. Reluctantly, Aerodactyl must go; out of the 8 games I played, 5 of them I had all 3 of my dactyl's out fairly quick, that isn't the issue, they are just highly situational I found. Probably best to replace them with Plus Power thus freeing up two spaces where Twist Mountain was originally. Those two spaces I will probably fill with Crushing Hammer, which caused me a whole host of problems in a couple of my games, so I need to add those. Groudon EX also had a questionable performance so I'll probably test it a few more times to see if it is valid.
    Let me know if any of you guys used it and how you did at BR's! ^^
  14. coolestman22

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    I wonder how long it will take baby_mario to say something.
  15. galladeava

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    The other Excadrill may have had good results but they also played Tornadus EX and Terrakion which did most of the attacking. Plus they both played LR which killed most people energy on the day (myself included).

    Didn't know who you were at the event Ollie, otherwise would've came over and said hi. I was in the Pokeball Deathstar tshirt and pink shorts......
  16. baby_mario

    baby_mario Doesn't even care

    The fact that it was actually hot in Manchester is even more shocking to me than Excadrill making Top 4.
  17. Ollietoed64

    Ollietoed64 Always preferred margarine anyway.

    I also ran Tornadus EX which did most of the killing for me as well, Excadrill however was crucial in getting good set-ups so it more than deserves to be in there! :) Yeah it was his use of LR and Crushing Hammer that ruined me as well, his Terrakions were absolutely useless against me so I haven't even considered making room for them.

    Yeah I was sat right next to you during that intense sudden death you had in game 1, I didn't want to interrupt of course and I didn't really get another chance to come over and say hi!

    Hahahaha! Too true, we don't get much pleasant weather in Manchester, however it must have been some 30 degrees inside the venue!! Also I think Excadrill is fairly underrated, it's a great card with great promise and it served me well at BR's. I also haven't checked out the forums for some time but why may I ask do you have: "Has Excadrill become the new Reshiboar on 6P" as your sig? :p is there a lot of hype or something?
  18. lucarioAdventure1

    lucarioAdventure1 i swear on me mum

    It's due to how overhyped the card is on the forums, just like ReshiBoar was...
  19. Verrain

    Verrain Active Member

    Well I tried an all fighting deck with Excadrill tech as shown below and I went 2-3 at one Battle Roads and 3-3 at the other. So my build definitely needs work. My main problem with Excadrill was getting it out in play and powered when I needed it. If I got it out in the first few turns, then it was useful for getting Supporters back or starting a catcher loop where I would knock-out some Eels or other bench sitters. Otherwise, Excadrill was very difficult for me to get out. I had many catchered Drilbur's. Tornadus-EX was of course a huge problem. I either need to fight Wind Genie with Wind Genie and/or get some Enhanced and Crushing Hammers in there for energy disruption. I think my ball engine can be reduced as well. The Ultra Balls were rarely useful. Thoughts and comments are welcome.

    12 Pokemon
    2 Groudon-EX DE 54
    3 Drilbur EP 54
    3 Excadrill DE 56
    4 Terrakion NV 73

    T/S/S 37
    4 N
    4 Professor Juniper
    1 Professor Oak's New Theory
    3 CherenEP 91
    3 Pokemon Catcher
    2 Ultra Ball
    2 Random Receiver
    2 Super Scoop Up
    1 Super Rod
    3 Heavy Ball
    4 Switch
    4 Exp Share
    4 Dual Ball

    1 Rescue Energy
    10 Fighting Energy
  20. Ollietoed64

    Ollietoed64 Always preferred margarine anyway.

    Oh haha, I hadn't really seen any other threads other than this one :p I had no idea it was so hyped.

    That was one of the few things I least struggled with; I always managed to get my Excadrill out by turn 2, 3 at the latest, I can't really point out why you might not be because you have all the same draw support as me!
    I would also suggest running Tornadus EX yourself, worked brilliantly for me :)
    I also found Ultra Balls to be very ineffective so I might test the deck without them :)