Rogue Excadrill DEX #56

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  1. Shinzo

    Shinzo Disciple of Darkness

    I reaaaaaally love everything about this deck ! Excadrill is one of my favs, fighting too, rogue too ! And exca was actually the no.1 choice for the first deck i'm gonna build myself ( as practice since i'm new to the game ) after seeing all the non-top tier legal pokemons.

    So i was gonna go with exca-groudon ex-tornadus with some plus powers but i heard groudon doesn't do much and that terrakion could be better.

    If that's the case, it's even better since terrakion is one of my fav pokes too.

    And what about eviolite in this deck ?

    2 Groudon-EX DE 106
    1 Mewtwo EX ND 98
    2 Tornadus-EX DE 90
    3 Drilbur EP 54
    2 Excadrill DE 56
    1 Excadrill DE 57

    4 Professor Juniper BW 101
    3 Pokemon Collector HGSS 97
    3 Heavy Ball ND 88
    3 Junk Arm TR 87
    4 Pokemon Catcher DE 111
    2 Dual Ball UL 72
    3 Switch HGSS 102
    4 Exp Share ND 87
    3 Super Scoop Up BW 103
    3 Professor Oak's New Theory HGSS 101
    2 Lost Remover CL 80
    3 Pluspower

    4 Double Colorless Energy HGSS 103
    8 Fighting Energy HGSS 120
  2. LoBFCanti

    LoBFCanti Active Member

    I think I'm giving up on the deck, guys. While I still feel this deck has a superb match up against Zeels still. I feel like that's all it has :/

    This thing loses to other rouges and every tier 3 deck. Fighting needs something :/ the confirm otk in 2 turns if everything goes well is cool- but Dark's confirmed 2hk in one turn is proving to be pretty effective. Dril misses out on something crucial that all great fighting types have- access to bulk.If he plus powers on a regular Zekrom- he'll die to outrage, he's not a basic and can't use Evoilte, he doesn't have exoskeleton, he's retreat cost isn't modest, He can't partner with Landorus whom would be his best friend- this deck has to work so hard to stay alive. It potions don't help it either. You have to play 3 of them to keep it alive after taking a Dark spear. These guys can't even't retreat and be safe. It still takes 2 hits of 30 on Terrakion after he took an active Night Spear 90.

    I being to feel it's not worth the effort. I'll be trying again come Terrakion EX no doubt, but I'm more likely to play that Excadril from EPO with the energy denial and one retreat than this one. If only they could combine the secondary attacks of both cards into one.

    I also thought about a "excavation" built. Dig uppercutting Ambers til you get you ptera on bench. Aerodactyl is frail and is not a basic that can be revived. "Maybe Amooguss" I thought, but dark cloak doesn't turn off and benched Darkrai do the same thing. Garbodor from the Dragons Exalted might help with that, but I can see Darkrai can play Mewtwo if it becomes popular- and still, tool scrapper kill the abilities condition anyways.

    I'm going back to Empoleon for now I think.
  3. Ein

    Ein The Mega Man Master

    This deck will get way better after rotation, specifically for tool scrapper and the loss of Junk Arm. Tornadus EX is a big problem for this deck though, and the damage output for Exca is low, but this deck can still perform. A few times I have been able to get quick starts and T2 start putting them under Hammer-lock.

    For rotation: we got tool scrapper, Eviolite wont be a problem on Darkrai, and with no smeargle it will be much safer to pluck a supporter out of the discard pile after an uppercut. All in all I really enjoy playing this deck, and look forward to tweaking when dragons come out.
  4. LoBFCanti

    LoBFCanti Active Member

    I'm thinking garbador+Rayquaza techs w/ WLFM blend energy. Trubbish has a similar attack to Excadril, puts stuff on top of the deck. It's really good for setting up. Puts you support back in place so you definitely will get it, or simply replenishes if you get N'd right after.
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  5. Ein

    Ein The Mega Man Master

    Brilliant use of trubbish for a starter, but what tool for garbador? I'm thinking rescue scarf.
  6. LoBFCanti

    LoBFCanti Active Member

    Rescue ribbon is the only way to go. The promo Trubbish is coin flip, if heads get a tool from deck. Nice try- but I'm not bothering with it.
    I figure:
    4 rescue ribbon
    2 0r 3 rocky helmets
    2 Exp shares

    Rocky helmet can help excadril with damage, it also nets some damage if you garbador gets catcher'd in by surprise. Not that that's all that suprising.
  7. beboppokedad

    beboppokedad Well-Known Member

    yeah, excadrill is limited, but a good deck on a budget. i'm putting together a 2 excadrill #56 DEX and a 2 excadrill #57 DEX deck with unconfirmed partners for bw-on. exp.share/big cloak/rocky helmet are in the tool mix, and plus powers will show too.