First Tourny Report of Season

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    Well today was a real fun treat for me. First off I had next to no sleep the previous night, along with having the flu, I opted to go ahead and compete today at the North Olmsted Battle Roads. Throughout the night I was in debate of whether I wanted to run LBS (Life Hearb-Blissey-Steelix) or my Sabledonk deck. In the end I chose Sabledonk just due to my familiarity with the deck. I couldn't remember how many people ended up showing up, but I do believe that it was 33 people for the masters division, so we had 5 rounds and a top 4 cut.

    Match 1 vs. Stephen (Sabledonk)

    It was a mirror match up, Sableye start for both of us. Match started off pretty slow, but he ended up getting a fully powered Dragonite FB (yes he was using Giant Tail) just to procede to knock out my Sableyes. By the time I finally got Mewtwo X in my hand, the turn before I was going to level up my mewtwo, he sniped it off of the bench. After that I had nothing going for me. So I just had to scoop this game.


    Match 2 vs. ??? (Charizard)

    I had an Promocroak/Ambipom start to his Shiny Vulpix/Cyndiquil/Charmander. I went first and passed. He drew his card and passed, failing to use Vulpix's attack for no energy to get Fire energy into his hand. So I poketurn Promocroak up after leap away failed, attached a DCE and knocked out Vulpix. His turn he candied into a charizard but had no energy. So I slowly but surely ended up hitting for 60 a turn till I got the win.


    Match 3 vs. ??? (Kingdra)

    This match was real slow, I think it took 10-15 minutes for even 1 prize card to be drawn. I misplayed and that cost me the game, just that one misplay. I was planning on waiting a turn to level up garchomp to dragon rush one of the Horseas, so due to my plan to wait, he dropped a zangoose with a belt. Warp point, attach energy, and knocked out Chomp. Just didn't get anything after that. Just really hurt.


    Match 4 vs. ??? (Not too sure what it was really)

    Well when I cut his deck, he had 1 card face up and it was a T-Tar prime, so I thought I was in for a real great game. Well I had a Promocroak/Honchcrow G start to his Houndour/Skorupi. I attach a sp. Dark to honchcrow and pass. He draws and attaches energy to houndour and attacks. I leap away, cyrus for a e-gain. Drop both Crobats in my hand to do 10 dmg to each of his pokemon and took out his skorupi. Next turn took out Houndour. Easy win.


    Match 3 vs Thomas (Some Sort of Eevee deck)

    Now this match I just felt bad for the kid, had my Sableye start to his lone Eevee start, couldn't get the sp. dark, just a regular dark, so I hit for 40. He goes, attaches an energy and calls for friend to grab a hitmonlee on his bench.So this 2nd turn is where I felt real bad, I judge and the 4 cards I got were pretty bad. So I drop Giratina and let loose, he showed displeasure, so he must've had something good. Got pretty much nothing again, so I attempted to super scoop 'tina with success. Drew into a lux ball which got me an Uxie. and I had a full hand again. Just took my first 3 prizes with sableye. Switched to Honchcrow to get 1 more prize then did the unthinkable, since my hand was so large, I took the 3 turns to put energy on Giratina! Took my last 2 prizes that way, a 6-1 prizes taken difference. Felt pretty bad, but also glad I ended the day over 500



    Finishing over .500


    Not top cutting (there were like 10 differend 4-1's and one 5-0)
    My friend going 0-5 with KingDos

    Overall I gotta say it was a great start to the season. Pretty disappointed I didn't get to face a Nightmare or Luxchomp deck. But I did find a few flaws in my list that I am going to fix up real quick.
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    WAY TO GO! Let me Guess, Guard Tower?
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    nah, North Ridgeville. Theres no way I'm gonna drive 2 hours to columbus for a BR lol