First year masters BR report

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  1. So this year I became a master and this is the secound BR i went to, the first 1 i went 3-2 with both losses being donks....
    This week i did better with jumpluff
    I just played the standard jumpluff nowdays (not with vileplume)

    Get there and hang out till we start
    22 masters 4 rounds T4

    Round 1 Gavin B Luxchomp
    This is my friend so that sucks.
    I start with unown Q but topdeck the uxie so i dont lose, next turn i explode into 2 jumpluffs/sunflora, I take 2 prizes without him doing much but then he brings up my shaymin X and locks it up, now i play 2 warp energy and 2 warp points but for 4 turns i couldn't get them. I pulled out of on the 5th turn but it was at 80 by then so he just killed it with crobats, at that point it was time and I tryed to catch up but he has just stalled me too much on the shaymin

    Round 2 Eric T-tar/Machamp
    He gets an ok start but i T1 jumpluff him, he gets his T-tars up but i 2 shot them and it takes him too long to set up, I take the game pritty fast.

    Round 3 Dylen Luxchomp
    I get T 2 jumpluff and we go back and forth for a bit, until he cant take a prize and then i just take the lead. Thats pritty much how this matchup go'se, luxchomp will usually run out of steam and if it misses one turn of KO's and cant make it up then its pritty much over.

    Round 4 IDK, Charazard
    I get a slow start and he has T2 charazard, I get down a prize before i get jumpluff out but when i do i start one shotting everything with the help of plus power. It was down 1-1 but he missed on a roast reveal to get a charazard.

    So i went 3-1 but missed cut
    I feel like my deck was fine and my Round 1 loss was bad, even if i only had a grass energy i would heal all the damage he did to me and put him asleep but he didn't have anything els to do or it was just game. I think this deck is better without trying to do the trainer lock thing, it's alot slower with it and alot of decks have ways to stop/play around the trainer lock these days.