Rogue Flareon PLF, Cofagrigus PLF

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    Pokemon – 28

    4 Eevee PLF 90
    4 Flareon PLF 12
    4 Yamask PLF 55
    4 Cofagrigus PLF 56
    3 Ditto BCR 108
    3 Audino BCR 126
    2 Voltorb PLF 32
    2 Electrode PLF 33
    1 Mr. Mime PLF 47
    1 Jirachi EX

    Trainers – 24

    4 Juniper
    4 N
    4 Bicycle

    4 Level Ball
    4 Ultra Ball
    2 Pokemon Catcher
    1 Super Rod

    1 Life Dew

    Energy – 8

    4 Fire
    4 Double Colorless


    Flareon PLF

    Flareon is your main attacker and the deck revolves around his first attack, Vengeance. For two colorless it does 20+ 10 more for each Pokemon in your discard pile.

    Cofagrigus PLF

    Cofagrigus helps you accelerate the process of getting Pokemon in your discard for Flareon's Vengeance attack. His ability "Six Feet Under" allows you to Knock Out Cofagrigus and put 3 damage counters on your opponent's field in any way you like. In other words, you are increasing the power of Flareon's Vengeance and at the same time you are softening your opponents Pokemon with the 3 damage counters.

    Ditto BCR

    Ditto's primary job is to allow you to get an extra Pokemon in the discard when you use Cofagrigus' "Six Feet Under" ability. It can also let you get a quick Flareon or Electrode down if needed.

    Life Dew

    Life Dew is here to allow you to get off a free "Six Feet Under" at some point during the game. Since you will be attaching it the same turn you use the ability you get the added benefit of not having to worry about Tool Scrapper.

    Audino BCR

    Audino's "Busybody" ability allows you to get more Pokemon in the discard when your active has damage or a status condition.

    Electrode PLF

    Electrode is here for its "Magnetic Draw" ability. It allows you to fill you hand up to four cards once per turn. With so few dead cards in this deck Electrode and Bicycle allow you to get through your deck very quickly even though you only play 8 supporters.

    Jirachi EX

    Jirachi's ability "Stellar Guidance" allows you to search out a supporter when you place it on your bench from your hand. Since this deck runs eight ways to search for Jirachi you will almost always be able to get out of a dead hand.


    This deck is a lot of fun to play and is also surprisingly competitive against tier 2 and 3 decks. With that said, it does struggle against the big tier 1 treats like Blastoise, Plasma and Darkrai Garbodor for obvious reasons. If you are looking for a deck to play against yours friends, or if your meta has a crazy amount of VirGen this deck is a solid choice.
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  2. MagikarpEX

    MagikarpEX Magikarp should be an EX.

    Is 28 Pokemon too much?
  3. No. Flareon decks need a lot of Pokemon.
  4. Yume

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    I see the concept, but the main problems with Flareon are:

    a) It's very fragile at 100 HP

    b) Vengeance takes a good while to get to acceptable damage levels

    For those reasons, Flareon's Vengeance can't be the sole focus of the deck. Your opponent is not going to just sit there and do nothing while you throw Pokemon in the discard pile. If you check out the thread dedicated to Flareon PLF decks on this board you'll see that they typically have many other attacking/stalling options that you can use, while also fuelling vengeance with the Pokemon you don't need.

    It's a neat concept, but Flareon as the only attacker is going to go nowhere fast.

    (Also worth pointing out that Flareon is a Plasma Pokemon, so a Silver Mirror would stop this deck dead in it's tracks.)