Rogue Flareon PLF, Techs

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  1. HKEspeon

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    Hi everyone, I am a long time follower of this thread and I decided to register and post. I fell in love with this deck because i love eevee evolutions in general and I liked the anti-meta aspect of this deck. Other than zoroark with muscle bands, how do you guys deal with team plasma kyurem? I've been struggling against kyurem a lot especially when my friend runs four kyurem since his deck is TDK with genesect tech and unfortunately somehow manages to open with kyurem as the starter. Is it possible to tech in some steel pokemon like skarmory ex, and cobalion ex to deal with team plasma kyurem or are there better ways to deal with it? Thank you for your reply.
  2. Yankeefan1985

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    Does he run all special energy basic? Shadow steal Driftbilm Sawk or the other Drift are plasma counters maybe a enhanced hammer or two
  3. HKEspeon

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    He runs all special energy like prism energy, blend energy and rainbow energy. Ahh okay thanks i will look into your suggestions.
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  4. themiraclemeat

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    Silver Mirror is the best team plasma counter in existence.
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  5. Yankeefan1985

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    Yeah true that lol almost forgot about mirror.
  6. HKEspeon

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    hmm how often do TDK decks run tool scrapper/startling megaphone?
  7. Tsunami

    Tsunami Seems legit.

    A lot. Silver is, after all:
  8. Professor_N

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    Also Power Connect is a pretty good ability, and it turns out so is Garbotoxin.
  9. SheepInSpace

    SheepInSpace Italian PokéDad

    Here's my list. I love this deck, even though it's not easy to play.

    Pokémon 22
    4 Eevee PLF 90
    3 Flareon PLF
    3 Pikachu XY
    3 Raichu XY
    2 Drifloon PLB
    2 Drifblim DRX
    1 Terrakion NVI
    1 Landorus EX BCR
    1 Suicune PLB
    1 Druddigon FLF
    1 Mr.Mime PLF

    Trainers 29 (Stadiums 2/Supporters 13/Items 14)

    2 Tropical Beach

    4 Professor Juniper
    4 N
    2 Colress
    2 Skyla
    1 Lysandre

    4 Ultra Ball
    1 Level Ball
    1 Silver Bangle
    2 Muscle Band
    1 Pokémon Catcher
    2 Escape Rope
    2 Enhanced Hammer
    1 Computer Search

    Energy 9
    4 Prism
    1 Fighting
    4 Double Colorless

    I would like to have an Absol in there to OHKO Dusknoir, but I tested it and didn't work very well. I also tried a Thundurus EX to Raiden Knuckle DCEs on Flareon late game, but it also was lukewarm. I cut Leafeon because I encounter few Blastoise.
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  10. Professor_N

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    The way I see it you might as well have a Leafeon in there just in case. At worst case you are just discarding it, which isn't bad at all.
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  11. SheepInSpace

    SheepInSpace Italian PokéDad

    I think you're right. Not really knowing what to cut to make room for it, I'll try taking out an Eevee and seeing how it goes. I very rarely use 3 Flareons in a game.
  12. Chaostamer

    Chaostamer Active Member

    Leafeon isn't a Keldeo-EX counter. Leafeon is an attacker who, in this format, can often deal around 100 damage for one Energy. It's great against Yveltal, Virizion/Genesect, Plasma, and sometimes Pyroar. Why wouldn't you run it?

    My recommendation is to not go the Prism route. I like to commit to a single type of Basic Energy and at the moment, I favor Water. Landorus-EX is big and Suicune is good.
  13. Pokemanic45

    Pokemanic45 Wanna get burned, Zapped, or Frozen?

    Here's my list:


    4 Eevee PLF 90

    3 Flareon PLF 12

    1 Leafeon PLF 11

    1 Espeon DEX 48

    3 Drifloon PLB 34

    2 Drifblim DRX 51

    1 Drifblim PLB 35

    2 Pikachu XY 42

    2 Raichu XY 43

    2 Trubbish LTR 67

    2 Garbodor LTR 68

    1 Druddigon FLF 70

    1 Mr. Mime PLF 47


    5 Fire

    4 Double Colorless


    4 Professor Sycamore

    4 N

    2 Colress

    1 Shauna

    1 Lysandre

    4 Ultra Ball

    3 Float Stone

    2 Enhanced Hammer

    1 Silver Bangle

    1 Muscle Band

    1 Super Rod ( If it is still legal )

    1 Startling megaphone

    1 Computer Search

    This is the deck that I am going to use at the grinder. Hope you like my list!!!:)
  14. HKEspeon

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    Hi everyone,

    I saw Alex Silva's list when he got second place in Argentinian nationals with his flareon deck and noticed he included the trevenant line. Do you think the trevenant line is a viable choice in this deck or is it too slow?
  15. Pokemanic45

    Pokemanic45 Wanna get burned, Zapped, or Frozen?

    I'd say no Trevenant is not a viable line, in testing he always ended up in the discard pile and never worked.

    Here is my list for BCR-on


    4 Eevee

    4 Flareon

    2 Leafeon

    3 Pikachu

    3 Raichu

    2 Trubbish

    2 Garbodor

    1 Mr. Mime

    3 Audino

    1 Druddigon


    6 Fire

    4 Double colorless


    4 Professor Sycamore

    4 N

    2 Colress

    1 Shauna

    1 Lysandre

    4 Ultra Ball

    4 Float Stone

    1 Silver bangle

    1 Muscle band

    1 startling megaphone

    1 Computer search

    1 frozen City

    Thinking about taking shauna out and putting in another colress. Thoughts?
  16. Chaostamer

    Chaostamer Active Member

    What is Garbodor intended to counter?
  17. HKEspeon

    HKEspeon New Member

    Is frozen city still good at two nowadays or is one better?
  18. Pokemanic45

    Pokemanic45 Wanna get burned, Zapped, or Frozen?

    Ability based decks.
  19. pokemonguy

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    This is the worst list I've ever seem.
  20. desufnoc

    desufnoc Ditto used Transform!

    This is the worst deck advice I've ever SEEN. Anyways, I think your deck has too much going on. I think you should focus on the flareon. Pyroar doesn't accomplish anything that flareon or raichu can't. I would probably up that count. Remember this deck is made to counter the meta. If you see a lot of weakness of one type in your area then you should exploit that.