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  1. SheepInSpace

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    I built it with them because I wanted to just play online, in real life I don't have them. Now I'd like to try a version I could actually build. Frozen city does not help consistency, it can be marginally helpful (as it is just one copy) against Rain Dance decks but it can also hurt a bit as the only Plasma Pokemon in the deck are Flareon and Leafeon.
  2. weakest

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    Since Rain Dance decks are arguably your worst match up, Frozen City makes sense. Everything in your deck is probably getting OHKO'd anyway, so 20 damage doesn't make a big deal most of the time. Jirachi EX is a good consistency card to consider. As are Roserade DRX (Le Parfum) and Electrode.
  3. Chaostamer

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    Blastoise is actually arguably your best matchup.
  4. weakest

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    Depending on how the deck is built, yes. Of they run Baby Black Kyurem, then you start to have problems. If you don't run multiple Leafeon, you struggle. If you don't run Garb, it can be hard too. It is still a good match up. RayBoar is by far one of your worst match ups, though.
  5. Chaostamer

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    Well, I was referring specifically to the list @SheepInSpace was using, which runs Zoroark and two Leafeon. In that matchup, you basically win as soon as Black Kyurem is gone. If you run Garbodor instead of Zoroark, the matchup is slightly unfavorable.
  6. weakest

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    Zoroark doesn't do much in that match up outside Black Ballista every once in a while. It doesn't happen often because they probably are not attacking with it, although it did happen once at a Cities when my Leafeon got Black Ballista'd, but I just OHKO'd with Flareon at that point. I don't see the appeal of Zoroark tbh.

    Keldeo still hurts you, and even Stoise can KO. If you can't repeatedly respond with KOs from Leafeon, you'll be in trouble quick. Garbodor helps you in this match up a lot, but Blastoise players usually play multiple Catcher and Tool Scrapper, so it is still hard.
  7. Chaostamer

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    The combination of Zoroark and Leafeon gives you a response to any attacker they throw at you aside from Black Kyurem. Once they run out of non-EX attackers, they're forced to send out their Pokémon-EX, which you can OHKO. Catcher can be problematic (which is why I've gone back to a third Leafeon in my list) but otherwise, one of their Pokémon will be knocked out pretty much every turn. And they don't have enough non-EX attackers to win the prize race. Flareon wins the long game against Blastoise almost every time.

    Zoroark is good against basically every deck in the format. It's just a solid, versatile attacker for those situations where you don't necessarily have a hard counter at your disposal.
  8. weakest

    weakest Bear enthusiast.

    I understand how the match up goes, I've played against it before multiple times. I never once used Zoroark in the match up because they never used BKEX. I concede that it is generally a good match up for this deck, I'm just being honest with some of the issues that come up often.

    I've never used Zoroark once in all the games I've played with it. It's been one of those things where I have had better options because I didn't have it in the deck. I don't think I've ever said, "Wow I wish I could attack with Zoroark here."

    It might just be me, but it seems like an underwhelming card.
  9. SamSoldier

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    So, I have a regional championship this weekend and I am thinking about using Flareon at the tourney. The problem is that I couldn't test it very much, the only experience I had was last weekend at league (I went 4-0-0, against 2 Blastoises and 2 Dakrai/Yvetal (really good matchups)), but I don't know how are the matchups against Plasma, Aromatisse and VirGen (although this one might be very favorable). Does anyone know how those are played out? I really apreciate any help.
    PS: Here's the list, if anyone is interest in it

    Pokemons - 25

    4 - Eeve
    4 - Flareon
    2 - Leafeon
    3 - Pikachu
    3 - Raichu
    2 - Digglet
    2 - Dugtrio
    2 - Zorua
    2 - Zoroark
    1 - Mr.Mime

    Supporters - 14
    4 - N
    4 - Juniper
    2 - Colress
    2 - Randon Receiver
    1 - Shauna
    1 - Tropical Beach

    Itens - 12
    4 - Ultra Ball
    1 - Level Ball
    3 - Silver Bangle
    1 - Switch
    1 - Escape Rope
    1 - Super Rod
    1 - Computer Search

    Energy - 9
    5 - Fighting
    4 - DCE
  10. Gelato

    Gelato The Swarm

    VirGen is extremely favorable for you due to Flareon hitting Virizion and Genesect for weakness. I'm not too sure about Aromatisse variants, but you'll struggle against plasma with Overflow killing Flareons for two prizes. However, your inclusion of Raichu should help your Plasma match up a decent amount.
  11. SheepInSpace

    SheepInSpace Italian PokéDad

    Against VirGen Red Signal can be a pain, because they can target down your Eevees, but it is pretty easy to get Flareon OHKOing anything they have (you just need 4 Pokemon in the discard pile, and a bangle attached), besides techs, which normally can't hurt you much anyway. Against Plasma Raichu is awesome and Dugtrio can one-shot Thundurus too. The TDK version is a bit harder, but Zoroark with a MuscleBand can one-shot Kyurem (I would definitely recommend to include a couple in your deck). The really hard matchups are Aromatisse, as they can easily heal whatever damage you do when you can't one-shot them, plus they usually have Red Signal too, and RayBoarFox, as Delphox easily runs through your deck and it's hard to keep up. More experienced and skillful players can tell you more :), but I can tell you already that 9 energies are a bit too low.
  12. weakest

    weakest Bear enthusiast.

    If you can KO Virizion before they Emerald Slash and Catcher up Genesects that are on the bench you'll be okay. Even without Catcher it isn't terrible. But you need to watch out for Enhanced Hammer because a lot of Virizion decks are running balloons, which can trade prizes very well. You have to hit everything when you play against this deck or you'll fall flat on your face. Always make sure you have a back up attacker on the field to deal with Driflblim.

    Aromatisse is bad if you can't OHKO whatever is in the active. If you play Catcher, it's a little easier because you can bring up Spritzee's/things to KO.

    Plasma is good. Alternate attacking with Dugtrio and Raichu, and finish up with Flareon. Leafeon is a bro in this match up if they build up a lot of energy. If they play a lot of Kyurem, you're going to struggle. It's hard to KO it. Zoroark would help I guess, but it's still really hard. Plus, some variants play Landorus EX as a non-Plasma attacker, which makes it harder because they can OHKO Zoroark and Raichu. Just be careful, though. If you play balloons, it is an even easier match up.

    Rayboar is bad. If you don't play Garbodor, it's even worse. Delphox will run through like it's nothing and you probably can't respond easily. I'm sure there is something that you can do to help they match up more, like Frozen City or something I can't think of, but it's still bad. If they don't set up though, you have a better shot.

    Blastoise is decently good. It's like Plasma. If you're prepared for it, you'll be fine. Leafeon and Garbodor help in the match up and Zoroark, again, is useful I guess. Be careful as many players are playing Catcher, and it's not necessarily safe to keep something hidden on the bench.

    Darkrai is another decently good match up. If you set up quickly, you'll be able to hold your own. If you don't, you'll probably get steamrolled. A few turns of not attacking can be your downfall. You'll need to take a KO every turn after T2-3 to keep up with their attacks. Catcher helps a lot here as well. They play a decent amount of non-EX attackers so you can't rely on a good prize trade necessarily. If they play the Garbodor version, it's an easier time.

    Those are all of the main ones I think.
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  13. SheepInSpace

    SheepInSpace Italian PokéDad

    After playing a few more games, I've come to 2 conclusions:

    1) I'm too inept at this game to make a tricky deck like this work. I'm just not good enough at piloting it.

    2) To improve the Emboar matchup, I have thought of this: since Kyurem DRV needs 2 attachments (+ a Bangle) and is easy Catcher fodder, I thought to put Garbodor back into the deck, so that they're forced to place energy on Delphox since it doesn't discard it, and run a single copy of Kyurem EX PLB, since Outrage for a DCE can deal quite a bit of damage, especially with a Muscle Band. Of course, this would mean dropping Zoroark, which would mean not having a response to Kyurem PLF, worsening the Trevenant matchup, etc.
  14. Chaostamer

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    Zoroark also one-shots Landorus-EX with a Bangle.
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  15. PokemonGeek

    PokemonGeek Derp, Derp, Derpity Derp

    is it worth teching zoroark into flareon for cloning.
  16. weakest

    weakest Bear enthusiast.

    Test it and find out for yourself. It's the only way you'll know, really.
  17. SheepInSpace

    SheepInSpace Italian PokéDad

    Doesn't it need to discard at least a fighting to do it (thus needing 2 attachments)? But yes, that's another very useful thing it does.

    Kyurem EX PLB should do well against Landorus though.
  18. weakest

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    If you really want a water type, Suicune is probably your best bet.
  19. SheepInSpace

    SheepInSpace Italian PokéDad

    Honestly, I don't think so, as I agree with Chaostamer that energy attachments are essential in this deck, and Suicune not only needs two attachments, but one of those must be Water, meaning that one should change the energy line from fighting/DCEs to something else.
  20. weakest

    weakest Bear enthusiast.

    Why not Rainbow? Also, it acts as a wall against EXs and gives you time to get multiple attachments onto the field.