Florals trade thread. Updated 5/18

Discussion in 'For Trade' started by Floral, Feb 26, 2014.

  1. soccerdave17

    soccerdave17 Nothing like a dancing water piƱata

    Value is skewed in my favor! Anything small you want me to add to it?
  2. I'm interested in:
    1x Lugia ex UF
    2x Kingdra Prime
    And if you have it 1x Garbodor DRX or LTR.

    CML? Thanks!
  3. Floral

    Floral Member

    The lugia ex might be involved in a trade. The kingdras are very much for trade and I have a garb ltr for trade. I'll Cml in about 20 minutes[DOUBLEPOST=1393711906][/DOUBLEPOST]
    Hmm, any vileplume Bcr? Or could upgrade my thundy set? I also have a Yvetal ex set ra for trade
  4. Floral

    Floral Member

    Bump. Updated
  5. So I'm interested in some stuff, but since you failed to reply to my messages I'm not sure if I should try trading with you.
    I have:
    1x Genesect EX
    1x Elektrik NVI
    1x Level Ball
    All the Drifblims you wanted before

    I'm interested in:
    1x Pokemon Center Lady
    2x Mega Charizard X
    Old exs:
    Lugia ex

    Make me an offer.
  6. Floral

    Floral Member

    your genesect ex
    my Pokemon center lady and 4 dollars?
  7. Professor_N

    Professor_N Well-Known Member

    I'm interested in the Mewtwo EX. CML for something you like?[DOUBLEPOST=1400446606][/DOUBLEPOST]So

    RH Kyurem PLF
    Deoxys EX PLF

    Mewtwo EX NXD
    Deoxys EX Promo
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  8. Tax_collecter

    Tax_collecter Active Member

    I'm interested in your 2 Mega Kangaskhan EX's, please CML.