Flying Pikachu Tin!

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Salamancer, Apr 25, 2012.

  1. Salamancer

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    Hey guys, I just got this pikachu tin and wan to know how much it is.

    Here is the dscription:
    It is a golden tin with a flying pikachu on the front in front of a rainbow lightning background. It is a tv animation edition created by Topps on the left side it has a charizard and meowth. On the right side it has pikachu and ash. Please if you have any info on this, Post!
  2. InfinityMinusOne

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    Never seen nor heard of it, and the number one result for it on google is this thread :p. Is there any way you can post an image of it here? And what packs does it have inside it? Assuming you've opened it.
  3. RisingDawn

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    Funny thing about google searches. Search "Oshawott fanboy" I'm the number one result! Win! ^_^
  4. Salamancer

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    I did search it on google. No results. I will try and get a picture in here though.
  5. InfinityMinusOne

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    Have to search that now. Just a sec...

    I'm back. Wow. Pretty impressive, being the first result on google.
  6. pokemonguy

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    True , it is the first result. I'll try mine. EDIT: I have to search pokemonguy six prizes.
  7. coolestman22

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    @RisingDawn: You should search #1 Oshawott Fangirl.
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  8. Bleak

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    I'm pretty sure that everyone's Google searches on themselves (while it can be fun and a bit scary when you think about it) isn't helping the OP with the tin he's talking about.

    Let's try to keep this on track, everyone.


    Is this what you have, Salamancer?

    It matches most of your description. The closest I could find to it having a Flying Pikachu is one of the cards from that series.