four square (pyroar, sigi, suicune, latiosEX lock)

Discussion in 'Deck Help & Development' started by yoyos, May 24, 2014.

  1. yoyos

    yoyos delicious hot potatos

    It's like 4 square because one of your locking cards is a royal, or so it says.

    2-2 pyroar
    2 latias EX
    2 suicune safeguard
    1 sigilyph safeguard
    1-1 milotic flf
    1 druddigon flf
    1 terrakion ltr
    1 ditto transform
    1 virizion EX

    2 colress
    3 skyla
    3 N
    2 shauna
    4 juniper
    2 e.switch
    3 muscle band
    2 level ball
    3 ultra ball
    1 megaphone
    1 tool scrapper
    2 super rod
    2 profs letter
    2 switch
    1 dowsing machine

    2 DCE
    1 fighting
    2 psychic
    2 grass
    2 water
    3 fire
  2. JasonRox

    JasonRox Kyurem Trainer

    Suicune and Sigilyph are redundant. Even worse, you have Pyroar. Take them out. Only Pyroar is fine.

    And why Ditto?
  3. therocket290

    therocket290 New Member

    My guess is that Suicune and Sigilyph are in there because they don't need to evolve. Also, you can hit different weaknesses with both and they can't be damaged by megas (if you happen to come across one).

    If you bench ditto, then you can put a litleo on it the next turn and also evolve to pyroar that same turn. So if you don't have litleo, then you can bench ditto and try to get both litleo and pyroar next time.
  4. Ein

    Ein The Mega Man Master

    The energy lines look a bit thin spread. Only Suicune and Milotic use water, and I don't see the former attacking often. Psychic is used by both Sigi and Latias EX. I would rather go all Sigi and bump up the Psychic energy count.
  5. yoyos

    yoyos delicious hot potatos

    ditto is so I can milotic setup a latias, ditto is also so I can fast play a miltoic w/o the feebas dieing (30hp), overall ditto is so universal in this deck it should be in here if I play milotic.

    with 2 super rods, 2 prof letter, 3 skyla and 1-1 milotic the only issue I end up finding is having more more then 3 pokemon setup at a time, having more room for trainers to make the energy line much larger then it appears comes in handy. I only have 1 sigi and an infinite amount of suicune, I also have a decent amount of fire decks in my meta so it's good to play 2 suicune. Also lock decks thrive on type advantage, play more locks , win by getting good type coverage.
  6. rustedspork

    rustedspork Member

    This deck is all over the place. It's hard enough to get single copy tech cards out at the actual time you need them, let alone making your whole deck a bunch of 1-2 card techs.

    Virizion EX with only 2 Grass Energy and no Prisms/Rainbows? Why?

    Terrakion LTR with only 1 Fighting energy?

    I understand "type coverage", but playing 1-2 copies of just a bunch of stuff that hits for 70 damage isn't the way to go. A deck that streams hitters like Zoroark, Raichu, or Flareon is going to run right through this deck with ease.
  7. yoyos

    yoyos delicious hot potatos

    To bad I don't play in a format with those kinds of decks. I play well with technical list's.

    Why grass over special energy, doesn't help super rod and profs letters for when I need them if also e.hammer is not a flip.

    Why 1 energy for 1 pokemon, never really thought about then in the dp-on format, we have those cards now and I still don't think about it.
  8. rustedspork

    rustedspork Member

    I don't really know what this means. You mean your meta doesn't have things like Zoroark, Raichu, and Flareon? That may be true, but I'm sure somewhere along the line you'll run into a stage 1 attacker with no ability that will mess with your "lock".

    That's not really what I was getting at. Virizion serves 2 purposes: to accelerate Grass Energy or to protect against special conditions with use of Grass and/or Special Energy. Given that you're only running 2 Grass, that removes the acceleration option, so I can only assume you included it for status prevention, hoping that those 2 Grass Energy would be available to attach when you need them. I don't see requiring 2 of 3 total cards in your deck as a reliable way to combat that. I'd drop them for something more consistent if you insist on not playing Rainbow/Prism energy.

    I have no idea what this means either. I was simply referring to the fact that Terrakion LTR requires 2 Fighting Energy to use Land Crush, and you only included 1 in your deck. Good luck with that.
  9. JasonRox

    JasonRox Kyurem Trainer

    Technical locks that are this spread thin, die out fast.
  10. yoyos

    yoyos delicious hot potatos

    ^I see your point but I have done fairly well with this through testing. Again I come from a format where we didn't need a lot of pokemon and energy cards to make things consistent, just a decent trainer and supporter base to pull through, playing this well there is tons of options for things you can do, even though this isn't what I'm using today, still is a very versatile list.

    You retaliate, why would you use a non-lock as a consistent attacker? Defeats the purpose of a lock deck. I put in 2 retaliation cards into this deck so you can have the option to deal heavy dmg. 2 grass energy, 3 skyla and 2 profs letter, I see 7 options I don't see 2, in most cases due to the fact that laser+bank isn't in every deck I only play in 3 so it increases the playability of the lock over techs. If I run into something that plays to tech the lock, then I deal type advatntage and take it out, it's not like 1 stage 1-2 is just going to sweep this whole deck, I have milotic for accel, and 5 types for advantage.
  11. rustedspork

    rustedspork Member

    Where is this Utopia and how can I join?

    You keep using the word "lock", but I don't think you actually know what it means. Having an attacker with an ability that prevents your opponent's active from attacking isn't a "lock", it's simply an advantageous temporary scenario. All decks have alternate attackers to send out at any given point to combat any of your attackers here with no issue, or they can simply Catcher/Lysandre up something they can attack.

    A true "lock" deck is something like Trevenant/Accelgor, where you can "lock" your opponent with paralysis and prevent them from playing item cards to escape, drastically decreasing their number of options. Your deck has no insurance policy like that. There's a reason that Safeguard-heavy decks aren't Tier 1, and this deck hardly solves that mystery.