“From the Ground Up” – My Most Successful Decks of the NXD-LTR Format

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    One of the things that I've found works for Straight Darkrai is, if you were running 4 Catcher before, replace it with 1 Genesect and 3 Plasma Energy.
    You also replace the Dowsing Machine for a Computer Search.
    The trade off is now instead of trading a prize, KOing your Vuplix/Ninetails, you give up your energy attachment for turn. But with all the Energy Switch and Dark Patch, its negligible.
    Also, so you can Computer Search for Plasma Energy and get it back with Junk Hunt.
  3. Crawdaunt

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    Great article Jay!

    Quick idea, what do you think of empoleon as a 1-0-1 bench tech? Alongside Eggs especially, it works as a +2 per turn, and can be a use for excess candies. Plus a cheap attacker in a deck like Blastoise, and not limited to a bike effect like electrode.

    This article and this format gets me excited about deckbuilding!
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    *Wow* that was a really great article. Well reasoned and well written!
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    heero: I don't know if I like giving up my energy attachment for a turn...I'd have to test it, but I think I'd almost rather take my chances with the flip.

    Crawdaunt: I think in most decks I'd rather play Electrode, it's so much easier to set up!

    DrMime: Thanks!
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    Great article as always Jay!

    I am loving this time right now. We had a practice League Challenge/Cities tournament at our league last weekend. We had 39 masters play 5 BO1 rounds with a Top 8. There were so many different deck archetypes, it was awesome! An Empoleon/Flareon/Leafeon/Dusknoir deck took 1st place. I played an absolutely fun Dragon Outrage/Ho Oh deck which did surprisingly better than I thought it would. I missed Top 8 at 11th, but had a blast!

    I love the fact that nobody really knows what is the BDIF right now, because it's a new format for the entire world at the same time (different cards in Japan, but same rule changes). I've even dropped Ho Oh from my Outrage deck and am currently trying Reuniclus with it now. WAY too much fun! I don't think it will be Tier 1, but it's just great that fun decks like this even have a chance thanks to the rule changes.

    I am looking forward to your and other writers' future articles, as the new format starts to develop. Keep up the hard work and have fun!
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    Parenting: Anything else really interesting?
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    @Parenting101, do you have Frozen City in your Outrage deck?
  9. Parenting101

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    @Crawdaunt , yes 4 Frozen City. :D

    @JayHornung, another interesting deck that made Top 8 was Gothitelle/Magnezone/Dusknoir. He used "Duel Brain" for extra consistency and attacked with "Gyro Ball" which puts damage on the board for Dusknoir and switches both actives so that he could get Gothitelle back active for Trainer lock. I will try to refresh my old brain and try to remember some more of the decks and let you know.
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    I don't know if I really call "Dual Brain" extra consistency as it still requires you to have the Supporter in your hand. Very interesting idea though.
  11. Parenting101

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    True, but it sure works well if you have a Skyla and another Supporter or even just Skyla for the Supporter that you want to use. Not sure if it is worth it or not. But the idea of attacking and switching back to Gothitelle is quite nice.

    Our local Facebook site just posted the Top 8 match between this deck and Genesect. I haven't watched it yet, but here are the links to game 1 and 2. Let me know if the links don't work, not very good at this stuff. :(

  12. IronNinja_6

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    Hey, I noticed you talking about Serperior DRX. I know a guy at my League who plays Darkrai-EX/Serperior. I don't know if I've ever beaten the deck (not that I'm a particularly amazing player) but I thought I'd tell you, since (I think) you love Darkrai-EX and you were talking about Serperior. Great article :D
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    Hi Jay great article! I was wondering how i could put Keldeo Ex in the Plasma build you mentioned. Because i just need a switch a lot of times
  14. JayHornung

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    Iron: I thought about that too, but it doesn't help the already difficult Blastoise match up.

    Parenting: yea agreed...the Skyla to Juniper is really good. Still seems really weak to Dusknoir though.

    Oshawaterbottle: 3 Float Stone and 1 Keldeo EX seems like the best idea.
  15. OshaWaterBottle

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    what should i drop for that?
  16. JayHornung

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    Sorry I meant switch the switch floatstones to 1 keldeo 3 float stone
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  17. OshaWaterBottle

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    im trying remove 1 lightning energy and two switches to 2 float and 1 keldeo