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    Adam do our previous works have to be from or can they be from Pokegym and sites like that?
  2. Chemical

    Chemical Front Page Contributor

    CFOURCOLTSFAN, they can be from different sites that aren't 6P.
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    1. BLG(Blaziken FB-Luxray GL-Garchomp C) - The PokeGym BLG Article
    ZPS-AKA Black Out - The PokeGym ZPS Article
    2. Well I am now nearing the end of my first season in masters and really my first full year of testing decks and that sort of thing. My accomplishments this year are, 1st @ 1 BR, 3rd @ 1 CC, and 37th @ IN Regionals(1st Regionals ever) and 19th @ IN States. For the most part i'm usually one or two away from Top Cut at every local tourney and close at every major tourney, just my curse. In SRs I didn't do much at all and have had a relatively good season this year.

    3. I love to write articles and as i get more involved in the game i find that I want to write more and improve as a player, with constructive criticism through my writing i feel that i have improved. I also feel that while my grammar is usually sketchy at times, the content of my writing is there and I simply want to improve my writing as well as help other players improve at the game. I also enjoy spending a lot of time with the Pokemon TCG. Lastly I have a circle of friends that also help me with my testing, so my lists are usually tried and true.
  4. aaa

    aaa New Member

    Could I become a front page contributer without any tournament accomplishments?
  5. Adam

    Adam Noice bruv, innit.

    If you're a good writer, sure! This guy hasn't been to a tournament in his life and he wrote a great article: Just My Type - Gaming with Grass
  6. Chemical

    Chemical Front Page Contributor

    Uh Sir, your not suppose to post an article in this thread. You post it in the thread it belongs. This is where you apply to be a FPC, not post an article so it can be published.
  7. AlakaSam

    AlakaSam New Member

    I couldn't choose which board it should be posted in so i thought if it gets decided on here it can just be deleted off here after
  8. Tamoo

    Tamoo Probably the best in UK tbh

    That would fit under the deck discussion part of the forum. If you want to repost it there instead and then submit your application to be a front page contributor as per the instructions on the front page, it'll then be considered.
  9. Professor_N

    Professor_N Well-Known Member

    EDIT: Making a few new decks for you to check out.

    I have not been to very many tournaments, but I would have to say that the best tournament I have ever gone to was a Florida Regionals in 2011. In this Regionals tournament, I brought a Donphan Prime deck that I was testing, where that deck was going great (about 3-1 I believe), untill a few SP decks, such as DialgaChomp, beat me down harshly. In the end I whent about 4-3, but still, I had never been more excited in my life that I had such a good chance of winning a Regionals tournament in my life, well, seeing how that was my first Regionals. I am in the Seniors division, thirteen years old.

    I think I would be a good Front Page Contributer for SixPrizes because I love to write, and have been told I am quite good at it for a while now, and I do believe that I can write pretty well. I also have a broad knowledge of Pokemon trading cards as I have read a lot about it over the year or so I have been playing, and have been tought new things by a lot of people at Leagues and tournaments. I also spend a lot of time building and testing decks that I think can do good in tournaments, but it seems like I never get the chance to actually get the real cards I need to be able to use them in tournaments.

    Hope you can accept!
  10. Oddjob

    Oddjob Member

    Hey guys, what's up.

    My name is Lee and I have been now lurking about Six Pizes for some time. As far Play! Pokemon goes, I have only played in general League play, the pre-release of Black and White, and will be attending the Battle Roads here in Austin this upcoming Sunday. I only recently got into playing the "new" cards when I started the Pokemon Club here at UT and was introduced to our modified format by Logan Herbort, a Front Page Contributor here. As far as playing Pokemon TCG goes, I have been playing the card game since it first came out in 1998, albeit with HUGE chunks of time spent not actually playing.

    I have a real passion for first generation decks and unlimited format. In fact, it was this passion that just inspired me to write a 27-page analysis of every "notable" trainer, supporter, stadium, and special energy card ever printed. I am not really sure how many players here play unlimited, nor if there is a cap on how long an article can be, but it is this analysis I would like to present and thus be a Front Page Contributor. On a final note, being a huge fan of the first generation cards, I am very, very happy with the HGSS+ format and plan to attend every League event I can when we start anew with Battle Road Autumn. This means I will be able to give tournament reports and ever increasing input on HGSS+ format (as I have noticed I am starting to do more and more now).

    Here are two articles I posted in the forums. The first one is just me messing around, while the second one is (as the title suggests) some SERIOUS stuff. Whoa.

    Thanks for your time and hope you enjoy reading!
  11. skytso

    skytso New Member

    1. Links to previously posted content you have produced.

    I haven't had any content posted on 6p or any Pokemon website but I do have a 5616 word monstrosity of a Battle Roads report that is currently relaxing in my Google Docs.

    2. A brief summary of your most noteworthy tournament accomplishments

    1st @ Summerville, SC Spring Battle Road
    4th @ Charlotte, NC Spring Battle Road
    4th @ Anderson, SC Spring Battle Road

    3. Why you think you are qualified to become a Front Page Contributor

    I've been playing Pokemon for nearly a year now and really want to share some of the thoughts I've had in that time. Since last year I've gone from being the random rogue that got stomped in Battle Roads to winning the next one. I like to think of myself as a good writer and excellent deck builder and would like the opportunity to see what the community thinks of my skills.
  12. Professor_N

    Professor_N Well-Known Member

    My re-application.

    Soak Your Opponents - StoiseZel - This deck works a lot better then the last deck I wrote about, and I tested this one better then the last one.

    My most noteworthy Tournament accomplishment is when I came close to Top-Cuts in a Regionals with a deck I was testing (would have done better if I had Machamp SF in it).

    I think that I should be a SixPrizes Front Page Contributer because I spend a lot of time finding a great deck to write about, and just making decks in general. I would call myself a pretty skilled Pokemon player, and a pretty skilled writer. I love to write about my passion (which is Pokemon cards), and would love to broaden my chances by becoming a Front Page Contributer.
  13. Vysekun

    Vysekun The Ninetales and the Grapes


    1. Links to previously posted content you have produced

    2. A brief summary of your most noteworthy tournament accomplishments

    2011 Cities Championships: 5th w/LuxChomp
    2011 States Championships: 9th w/Mewperior
    2011 National Championships: 22nd w/LuxChomp

    3. Why you think you are qualified to become a Front Page Contributor

    I like the pokemon TCG and I like to write, the articles I linked should be indicative of both. I recently wrote up a report for Australia's nationals, and I'd like to see it make the front page. I have read the technical requirements page and realise that I'll need to re-write my article a bit to meet sixprizes' standards, which I will, tomorrow. I have work in the morning :)

    I'd like to be able to contribute other articles in the futures, and not just discuss existing strategy or do reports, but to engage and pose questions to the readers to make people think differently about the game. Writing is a hobby. When I finally get internet set up at my new place, I'm going to be maintaining my own blog again and it's just good to have an outlet to showcase ideas and thoughts.

    If only to be able to share the story of my time at my first Nationals, please consider adding me as a contributor.
  14. Amphy

    Amphy Member


    2. 4th place Battle Roads W Honchkrow (After Supreme Victors Prerelease)

    3. I've always wanted to write a front page article, but I usually chicken out because of all the things you have to go through to be one. I like writing/posting fun and interesting stuff for people to read and comment on. I've written a really good article about Fire decks without Ninetailes. And I would like it to get the front page treatment. I've already made it so that it would fit the requirements of the OP. I've never written an article for any site, but I want start something new here.

    I want to be able to do deck, strategy, tournament reports, and how to articles. I've already made and met some great friends here on 6 prizes, I hope I can write for you guys as well. :smile:
  15. lucarioAdventure1

    lucarioAdventure1 i swear on me mum

    Hello Adam/6P Moderators my name is Oli/lucarioAdventure1 (whichever you prefer) i'm here today to apply for being a front page writer to your site.

    My written content on your forums are:

    I'm fairly new to the game so i might not have many tournament finishes but i have some good ones oh and i'm in the Senior division currently

    top 8 in states (london) 2011
    top 4 in battle road
    top 16 in nationals (kettering) 2011

    I believe I can put in some pretty good articles to the site as i'm very good in another TCG yu-gi-oh so I have a good idea about what is effective in a metagame. This also means i have a good amount of strategy in playing the game itself so I would be at least a competant writer.

    I hope this allows me to write on your beloved front page hope to get a response when you get around to it thank you for your time.
  16. Brady_Kaka_Rondo

    Brady_Kaka_Rondo New Member

    Hello Adam,
    1. OK, Everyone has to start somewhere, and I am currently trying to start. I currently have no posts on this website; however, hopefully that will change if you accept me to become a contributor. My article will be attached at the end of this post.

    2. To tell you the truth, I have never even been in a tournament before. I played Pokémon cards since I was a small child. I play Pokémon cards all the time with my brother, cousin, and amateur tournaments in my school and neighborhood. I am currently 14 years old.

    3. I love to write based on anything. If it matters, I have a 95 in my English class. Also I have a passion of writing and especially if it is about something I like, Pokémon cards. I can write an eye catching article that will entertain the audience.

    Here is a brief article on one of my decks:
    Title: The underrated Rayquaza C Lv.X
    Rayquaza C Lv.X is one of the most underrated cards of all time. Take a look at every aspect of this card.
    (Picture of Rayquaza C Lv.X)
    1. It looks nice!
    2. It is a Lv.X of a basic, in a way you can call it a Stage 1
    3. It has 120 HP, for a “Stage 1” that is great
    4. Poke-Body Dragon Sprit, this is a great Poke-Body to help out its hefty attack cost.
    5. The attack needs 4 different energies; this is one of the only downsides. However, look at the bright side; you can include rainbow energies, multi energies, SP energies, and even #44 Holon’s Castform of the EX Holon Phantoms series.
    6. Also, with 3 different types of energies, you can have 3 different types Pokémon.
    7. The attack does 200 damage; this can kill almost anything your opponent has as an active Pokémon.
    8. The effect of the attack requires you to discard all energy cards attached to Rayquaza C Lv.X, unless you have no cards in your hand. This is a little combo to create for 200 damage.
    Deck list:
    (Not Included)
    This is obviously just a taste of an article, it is not finished. It will be if you accept me.
  17. Peacock

    Peacock New Member

    1. This link shows all 6 of my previous articles on 6p: Willy Goebel's Articles on SixPrizes | Pokemon TCG Tips and Strategy
    2. I do not participate in tournaments because my money is very tight.
    3. My goal as a writer is to come up with novel ideas, whether this is a rogue deck or just a small change to a popular deck. I love coming up with new things that nobody else has, and since I do not participate in tournaments myself, I try in every article to present a concept which someone could use as a surprising twist in a tournament. My dream as a writer is to hear that a rogue deck which I introduced to the world was played in a tournament. In particular, I have one rogue deck right now that one way or another counters every single big deck in the metagame. I have an article prepared in which I will analyze the deck and its matchups and try to convince someone with the money to go to Nationals to play my deck there. In order to do this, I need to become a Front Page Contributor FAST. Please let me have this position and can promise you a consistent stream of uniquely meaningful articles.
  18. Time is on your side - The PokeGym
    That is an article i did, i have done many video related things, some have been on front page of this site.
    Tournament accomplishments
    Back to back Regional wins,
    T8 Nationals 09
    T4 Nationals 10
    Grinded into worlds 09
    Qualified and played in worlds 10

    2nd place WA states

    I believe i could contribute a fair amount to this site in terms of video and written articles, I have done some written work before and i am always trying to improve my writing skills. I also believe I can communicate strategy and ideas well with people and have a good understanding of the TCG. I have 1 article already waiting to post on front page.
    Also have a youtube channel where i could promote sixprixes.
    ‪TheTeamBTCG's Channel‬‏ - YouTube
  19. luxraygl

    luxraygl Member
    Home - pokemon scotland forums (my website for my local league i made the website not the league)

    Seniors Division

    1st Spring battle roads
    1st tag team tourney

    i beleive i should be a front page contributor because i have enjoyed my months in the amazing community i would like to give something back i also would like to be a front page contributer because i think i would be the only scottish front page contributor on the whole of sixprizes i have also came a long way since when i started pokemon tcg and have ran many decks and could post in depth articles about them i have also used many cards along with these decks so i would be perfect for COTD i hope this was enough to let me become a front page contributor and i would like to post stuff for uk nationals prep we have daniel middleton but we need more (his videos are amazing though) and i would like to bring a bit of comedy to articles

    many thanks

  20. PokemonJon

    PokemonJon Member

    Hi Adam It's Jon Owens I think I should write articles to entertain and encourage new players to go deeper into the game and to help others with decklists and all I can to the community.
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