Fun CAC contest ( No Prizes will be given )

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  1. Ditto Prime 30 HP

    PokePower - Once during your turn you may attach any pokemon card from your hand to Ditto as a tool. Ditto now is an exact duplicate of that pokemon. If a tool is removed from ditto discard it instead. Ditto cannot use this power if it already has a tool attached to it.

    weakness: F x2 Resistance: Retreat: C
  2. pikazap

    pikazap Member

    Dusknoir Prime 130HP Stage 2
    evolves from duskclops

    Poke-Body:Lost Soul

    In between turns your opponents flips a coin if tails they take the top card of their deck and plae it in the lost zone.

    Poke-Power:Evil Eye

    When you place dusknoir from your hand to evolve a pokemon you may use this power if you do discard the top three cards of your deck flip a coin until you get tails for every heads choose one of your opponents energy and put it in the lost zone.

    Bring In Fear: p
    choose one of your opponents bench pokemon and switch it with the defending pokemon

    Shadow Explosion: pp
    choose one your opponents pokemon and do 100 damage then do 20 damage to all of your pokemon

    Underground World: ppp
    knock out dusknir and put it in the lost zone the choose two of our opponents pokemon and knock them out and put it in the lost zone.

    weakness:x2 dark retreat:-20 colorless retreat:ccc
  3. pacjac

    pacjac New Member

    trainer: WINNER
    play 4 of WINNERS at the same time draw all prizes
  4. pokefan12

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    Unknown Prime
    Psy 90 HP basic

    Poke Power-Alphabet
    Once during your turn you may discard one card from your had then search your deck for one card.

    Poke Body-Hide
    Discard the top card of your deck then return this card to your hand.

    (Psy)Multi Hit
    put 4 damage countes on 4 of your opponents pokemon.

    Retreat 0 Weak Psy Resist Fight
  5. skymoon

    skymoon Member

    Magnozone G
    Poke-Power Lost Speed
    You may attach as meny energys as you like to your pokemon in eny way you like, for each energy attached place 1 card from the top of your deck in the lost zone.
    Attack Speed ball MM 30+
    You may place as meny energy attached to Magnozone G into the lost zone. For eatch energy placed in the lost zone this attack does 30 + 20 more damige.
    Weak Fire Resist Steel Retreat 2
  6. Electabuzy

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    Magmortar Prime 120 HP

    Poke Power:
    Any active pokemon that is damaged by magmortar's attacks is now burned.

    [R][C] Fire Punch: 30
    If there is a magby underneath magmortar you may search you discard pile
    for a Fire energy and attach it to magmortar

    [R][R][C] Flaming Torrent: 70
    If the defending pokemon is burned this attacks base damage is 110

    Weakness: Resistance: Retreat:
    [W] x2 None [C][C]
  7. TheChronophobe

    TheChronophobe New Member

    Gallade Lv X HP 150

    PokeBody: Stealth Strike
    If your opponent tries to attack Gallade Lv X during the next turn, he or she flips a coin. If tails the attack does nothing. This PokeBody cannot be used if Gallade Lv X is affected by a special condition.

    Lost Sword, Cost:1 Fight 1 Psy. 40 Damage.
    Flip a coin until you get tails. For each heads, shuffle an energy card attached to one of your opponent's Pokemon into his/her deck. Remove damage counters from Gallade Lv X equal to the energies that were discarded.

    Giga Slice, Cost: 2 Fight 2 Colorless. 110 Damage
    Gallade Lv. X cannot attack during your next turn.

    Weakness: Psy x2
    Resistance: Dark -30
    Retreat: 2
  8. SoujiroElric

    SoujiroElric Member

    STADIUM: Pinwheel Forest

    (Stadium rules...)

    Each non-G Pokémon's Retreat Cost is C more.
  9. Arceus Prime


    [C] HP 110

    You may have as many copies of this card in your deck as you would like.

    (Poke Body) Multitype: This Arceus is all types at once.

    (Poke Power) Call of the Legend: Flip 2 coins, for each heads search your deck for an Arceus and put it in your hand. Shuffle your deck afterward.

    [CCC] Judgement Day: Flip 2 coins, if both are heads the defending pokemon is knocked out and sent to the lost zone. If one is heads, do 10 damage times the number of Arceus on your bench. If none are heads, this attack does nothing and your opponent draws 2 cards at the start of their next turn.

    Weakness: None Resistance: None Retreat: [C]
  10. Eddsfle

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    Glaceon Prime
    100-Hp Stage 1
    Water- Put on Eevee
    Pokepower- Water Invite
    When you put Glaceon to evolve your active Eevee search your deck for another evolution of Eevee
    Invite - Search your deck for an Eevee and put it in your hand( You may only use this attack once )
    Ice Beam WW - 70 Flip a coin, if heads the defending pokemon is now Paralized if tails do 30 damage to your bench in any way.
  11. cabd

    cabd Taking over for Tamoo as the girly looking mod.

    Sableye Prime
    80hp Basic
    Poke-Body- Mischievous Tricks "Treat all weaknesses as -20 resistances, and all resistances as x2 weaknesses."

    Snatch up Darkness: D-20 Search your discard pile for a D energy, and attach it to Sableye.
    Sneak up: DDC 70-This attack's damage is not affected by any effects on the defending Pokemon.

    Weak: none
    Resist: none
    Retreat cost: CC

    Obviously a gengar prime counter, but also plays some fun on certain decks, making pokemon that usually resist a type weak to it instead. Would see a lot of play in gyardos, to resist electric, and in Machamp, to hit gyarados for weakness, and in metal decks to hit luxray gl for weakness. Heck, this would become a one-of staple, i think.
  12. sibon

    sibon official pajama cardinal

    110 HP

    Poke-Body Sticky Hold
    "Your opponents active Pokemon's retreat cost is C more. You can't use more than one "Sticky Hold" Poke-Body each turn."

    Sticky Lure: P "Chose one of your opponents benched Pokemon and switch it with the defending Pokemon. The new defending Pokemon is now poisoned."

    Poison Bubbles: PP "Place 5 damage counters on your opponents Pokemon on any way you like.

    Weakness: 2x Psychic
    Resistance: None
    Retreat cost: CCC