Funny/Strange/Random Picture Thread

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  1. baby_mario

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    Could be anyone

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    Saw this on Twitter:
    Lee Mulraney ‏@oscarunwilde Feb 16
    @JeremyClarkson top gear was poor tonight, quite pathetic really

    1:02 PM - 16 Feb 2014 from Newark and Sherwood, Nottinghamshire

    Jeremy ClarksonVerified account
    @oscarunwilde You're a f**king cyclist.

    Had to edit it to make it more PC, but I laughed so hard. The picture is the best part.
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  3. baby_mario

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    Their cycling safety ads were hilarious

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  4. themiraclemeat

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    Work Harder. Get a Car. <-priceless.[DOUBLEPOST=1394066807][/DOUBLEPOST]
    I know you hate it when I edit your post, but this time know you got it wrong.

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  5. GreenPepper

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    There are so many good physics memes on the internet. Just posting some highlights.
  6. Reshiphlosion

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    Sad but true.
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    [​IMG]My shot at a meme
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  8. image.jpg
    Googley eyes are back.
  9. Salamencetrainer34

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    image.jpg So happy this has been bumped.
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  10. Floral

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    Still laugh every time.

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  11. Salamencetrainer34

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    You need a language warning for those kind of posts I think. I will probably be posting a lot here as I have tons of images on my phone

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  12. image.jpg

    Basically my Musharna all day at my LC today.
  13. Serperior

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    [spoiler=innapropriate if tits scare you]


  14. Ivysaurman

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    That one wasn't very funny in my opinion. This one made me fall off of my couch. Quite literally.

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  15. Ivysaurman

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    Found this saddening review on Amazon, added a few... touches to it, and I like the result.
    (I just realized that you can see the tab "How to take screenshots" in the top right corner lol)
    [​IMG] (Link if it isn't working:
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