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    I was recently looking through the X and Y set scans on Pokebeach.com, and I came across a few interesting ideas along the way. First, most of these aren't based on the new EXes, since Yveltal is the only one that doesn't suck compared to currently used ones. I have no idea how well these decks will do next format, or if they will even be used. I'm just spreading my ideas to others, to get comments on how much potential you all think these decks could have.

    The first idea is Aegislash/Keldeo EX. Aegislash with King's Shield does 50 damage for MMCC, and protects itself from all damage from attacks by any Pokemon during your opponent's next turn after using the attack. However, it can't use King's Shield during your next turn. Then Keldeo saves the day by Rush-In-retreating back to Aegislash, so he can use King's Shield for 50 more damage and more protection again and again. Victini EX can be used for immediate acceleration if needed. http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Aegislash_(Collection_Y_41)

    The second deck idea is based around Gourgeist and Hypnotoxic Laser/Rocky Helmet. Gourgeist has an attack named Soul Scream, which puts damage counters on both Active Pokemon until they each have ten HP left, for the cost of PP. Comboed with Hypnotoxic Laser for poison, this attack will knock out your opponent's Active regardless of its HP, similar to Raticate from Plasma Storm. Of course, your Gourgeist will also have 10 HP remaining, tempting your opponent to attack it and take the prize. This will probably happen, but if you choose not to poison their Active, or you don't have access to a Laser at the time of attack, you can instead attach a Rocky Helmet or maybe even Rock Guard to your Gourgeist, so if you get attacked by the opponent's Soul Screamed Active Pokemon, that Pokemon will also be knocked out. This could possibly help you gain the lead in the Prize trading. Gardevoir NXD can help with quick acceleration if needed. http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Gourgeist_(Collection_Y_28)

    My third idea was using Vivillon as a main attacker, with Victini EX for setup early game. Vivillon's Colorful Wind attack does a base 30 damage, plus 30 more for each different type of basic Energy attached to it at the time, for CCC. With 5 different types attached one way or another, this attack does 180 damage, and it caps out at an overkill 300 damage if you have all 9 different types of basic Energy attached to it at once. You could also try a fun varient of the deck with Ho-oh EX, accelerating from the discard pile. Then use Mew EX's Replace attack to move the Energy cards to either Mew EX or Vivillon, then retreat to Vivillon or attack with Mew EX to use Colorful Wind. This is less consistent and much more luck based, however. http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Vivillon_(Collection_X_8)

    My fourth idea is a Fairy toolbox-esque deck. Xerneas's Geomancy attack for Y attaches a Fairy Energy from your deck to each of two of your Benched Pokemon. Slurpuff protects all of your Pokemon with any Fairy Energy attached from any Special Conditions, similar to Virizion EX, and Aromatisse allows you to rearrange any Fairy Energy cards on your side of the board as often as you like, similar to Klinklang, Hydreigon, and Porygon-Z. Aromatisse gives you easy access to the use of Max Potion, so you can tank with Xerneas EX or any other colorless-cost Pokemon EXes. Xerneas EX can also do some significant damage turn after turn, gaining you the knock outs you need to win. http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Xerneas_(XY_96)

    Lastly, I had the idea of tanking like crazy with Sigilyph PLB, using 4 each of Eviolite and Hard Charm, which effectively do the same thing. Piling 4 of these tools onto a Sigilyph reduces all attack damage by 80, protecting it from everything short of 170 damage. You can also add Umbreon PLF and Team Plasma Badge to give it more HP, allowing it to stay alive even after a Dragon Blast or Black Ballista. Reuniclus can be used to move the damage counters to a Benched Regigigas EX or Kyurem EX PLB, powering them up for serious Outrages. Or, you could use Skyarrow Bridge and Max Potions to switch between Sigilyphs with tools and heal the damage, if you think you'll be able to get in those manual attachments, unless of course you run Emboar or Blastoise. Sableye can be used to recover discarded Tool cards.http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Hard_Charm_(XY_119)

    Those are my ideas. Tell me what you think, and please feel free to leave any of your own ideas in the thread as well.
  2. stmlacek1

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    for the agislash you could switch forms hit hard
  3. StormFront

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    Agislash is going to be way too slow to setup. You're too likely to lose on time playing that deck. Fairy tool-box is an obvious deck that the creators layed out for us. However, I still think it needs more support to make it competitive.
  4. HighShroomish

    HighShroomish Wreck-It Ralts

    Yveltal/Yveltal EX seems like it would be fairly decent. Yveltal is basically a Thundurus EX for Darkness, and Yveltal EX is a Dark and slightly better Mewtwo, along with having a good 2nd attack.
  5. MetalArmedAngel

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    Speed Yveltal all day son
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  6. The Aegislash sounds good, and again you could switch Formes for big hits. The only flaw would have been Catcher, but since that requires a flip now your chances of attack-guard-Rush In-retreat-repeat are good, however it will cause long games, could you increase the damage somehow? Also, be wary of G Scope Genesect: come up against it and Keldeo will be dead before you can deal some serious damage.
  7. Salamencetrainer34

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    I'd rather use an item than waste my attack turn for normal Yvetal.
  8. HighShroomish

    HighShroomish Wreck-It Ralts

    Why not both?
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  9. Tsunami

    Tsunami Seems legit.

    I like Yveltal.
    It can negate Darkrai's need to snipe for the Night Spear KO
    30 (Dark Wing) + 90 (Night Spear) + 20 (Dark Claw) + 30 (LaserBank) = 170

    Yveltal EX is a better Mewtwo EX counter than a Mewtwo EX itself.

    I think that a fairy deck would work, esp. with evolutionary soda. It has a strengths of Virizion/Genesect and Hydregon/Darkrai, with a high powered attacker. If Xernous (sorry about spelling) gets a muscle band, you already hit for 160.

    I like Aegislash, but it is a bit too hard to get set up. It might work well with Klinklang, but it seems too slow.

    Gourgist might work, but raticate never worked out, so IDK Maybe some dusknoir synergy?
  10. Gelato

    Gelato The Swarm

    Level ball is better than evolutionary soda in a fairy deck, and that's a good point with the gourgeist dusknoir synergy.
  11. Tsunami

    Tsunami Seems legit.

    Of cource, level ball and soda gives 8 outs to the turn 2 evolution, which is better than the 4.
    Gourgist can only use soda, but I think Gourgist+helmet+dusknoir would be cool.

    Overall, I want to see something good as far as mega Pokemon, but with Virizion and the fairy thing m venusaur ex does not look like it could be any good.

    M Blastoise ex is just plain worse than keldeo ex
  12. Gelato

    Gelato The Swarm

    Wild Blaze might bring some good ones who knows
  13. Tsunami

    Tsunami Seems legit.

    I hope so!

    The game either needs good M ex cards or a way to get them out faster.

    My prediction:

    ACE SPEC: Mega Stone
    Trainer - Supporter
    Search your deck for a mega evolution card, show it to your oponent, and put it onto one of your benched ex pokemon the mega you chose evolves from.
    Shuffle your deck afterwards.

    Probably something about putting 3-6 damage counters on the new mega for balance...

  14. Gelato

    Gelato The Swarm

    That actually seems like a really balanced idea but if the effect hypothetically included put damage counters on the pokemon then it could defeat the purpose of tanking with megas, as it would bring them possibly into 2HKO range or even OHKO range with Black Ballista.
  15. Tsunami

    Tsunami Seems legit.

    Agreed about the megas not tanking, but venusaur has paralock and blastoise can retreat to sigi or latias ex... there may be some hope left for the megas. However, if the mega cards can't get this kind of support than VirGen, "Yeti", DarkGarb, Empire, Fairy, and Blastoise will provide enough meta to make for an interesting season...
    Maybe Delphox/Boar will be good? Seems too inconsistent for anything competitive though.
  16. Asclepius24

    Asclepius24 Member

    I hadn't thought about ACE SPEC for Mega Evolutions, but I like it. In the spirit of mirroring the video games, which it seems like they enjoy doing, I could see it as a tool along the lines of:

    ACE SPEC: Mega Stone
    Item - Pokemon Tool
    "If the Pokemon-EX this card is attached to evolves into a M Pokemon-EX, your turn does not end. The Pokemon-EX this card is attached to may not evolve the turn that this card is played."

    Eliminates the end of a turn but still doesn't let you drop the M Pokemon-EX without any warning. I'm just pulling this out of my head in two seconds, though.
  17. Tsunami

    Tsunami Seems legit.

    Seems like the same idea. I think that if this were to happen, it would need to be in decks like big basics. In any stage 2 deck the lack of a search ACE SPEC is to potent to ignore. After all, Keldeo EX (Maybe even baby) > M Blastoise EX
  18. eggrolls

    eggrolls The future of this society. Or not.

    Mr. Mime?
  19. Tsunami

    Tsunami Seems legit.

    I would be more afraid of G-Booster than G-Scope. Booster bypasses King's Shield's effect. A bigger damage output is possible via Muscle band. However, the King's Shield for 70 followed by the other form for 140 2HKO's anything non-mega in the format. Unless People start to play lots of megas, (which doesn't scare me, unless they can evolve and attack in 1 turn) Aegislash could do alright. I think it might work well with plasmaKlang, but I don't know if it helps against anything...
  20. yeh