Future X/Y Deck Ideas

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  1. Phoenix15

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    This is a list that I am going to build

    3-1-3 Aegislash (shield)
    2-2 Aromatisse
    1 Darkrai EX
    1 Verizion EX
    1 Mr. Mime (safeguard)

    4 Max Potion
    4 Juniper
    3 N
    2 Colress
    3 Skyla
    3 Float Stone
    3 Rare Candy
    4 Ultra Ball
    2 Great Ball
    2 Switch
    1 Computer Search
    2 Sacred Ash
    2 Surprise Megaphone
    2 Professor's Letter

    1 Fairy Field

    4 Rainbow Energy
    4 Fairy Energy

    With Darkrai, Verizion and Mr. Mime on the bench, and Aromatisse for energy moving, it should be great. If you can get 2 aegislashes out.

    Is it just me, or does the Keldeo rush in - fretreat not make sence. It is still the same turn after rushing in - fretreating, so aegislash still shouldn't be able to attack.
  2. Tsunami

    Tsunami Seems legit.

    As an explanation on that ruling:
    I THINK that because the TCG is based on the VGC, any "stat" changes are reset upon retreating, much like in the games.
  3. KPiplup

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    Going to the bench clears all "effects" on a Pokemon.
  4. hfechhelm

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    Great, phone companies have found there way into the pokemon game too!
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  5. Phoenix15

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    Thanks guys[DOUBLEPOST=1406644429][/DOUBLEPOST]
    Huh? I never said anything about a phone

    EDIT: oh. It looks like Verizon. I'm not the best Pokémon-speller
  6. eggrolls

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    Why not just use rush-in retreat to keep using king's shield?
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