Tier 2 Garbodor DRX, Attackers

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    I play with a lot of water energy, and even if my first turn is terrible and my opponent relies on a weak attacker to try and put pressure on me the game won't be so much in my opponents favor.

    I agree with BM, it's not very skillful but that doesn't mean its bad either.
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    Brief Synopsis Before the Deck
    Hello, my name is Naga/ Hyciate and I've been playing PokemonTCG roughly since the release of plasma freeze. Coming late into the season in Australia, I tested a variety of decks finding true love in the stall decks such as quad sigilyph with hammers/lasers and the deck I shall be showing today in which I have claimed and the Australian scene has called it. Garbador W/ Special Basics. First off let me say this, during my first season I only participated in two events. The first was the regionals what people would call overseas as states, the second being nationals. So, although I am new to the scene in a sense I have had great success so far in the eyes as many.

    Needles to say in my first event I placed within the top 32 only just wiffing out of the top cut and at nationals, I surprisingly had a top 32 place (no one, nor I expected it) in which I finished within the top 10 overall after swiss with a convincing score of 8-1. At the end of the day the only two decks I lost two were both plasma decks in which I succumbed to nerves and didn't shuffle well enough and drew into dead draws during sudden death. I beat such decks as Darkrai, Plasma, Blastoise, Gothetlle/Accelgor and even Big Basics.

    After nationals I was troubled with family matters and have only came back to the game in which I feel in love with so let me share with you my deck and lets see if we as community can find a way to make this better, and still viable.

    Your main attackers are in your big and bulky ex that hit for amazing damage for little to no energy at all. Landourus EX for example hits for a measly 30 with hammer head but can also snipe a benched pokemon. The deck is designed to take on the current holy trinity of decks, Darkrai, Blastoise and Plasma Basics/ Plama varients. Each main attacker is good in certain situations (Cablion EX against Plasma etc) and you even have the secret rouge tech of Absol which hits for trunk loads of damage when your opponent plays a big bench.

    The deck has been built to be very consistent and 9 times out of 10 you will find yourself with a Garbador out on the field within turn 3 at the latest. The deck also plays a very aggressive role and while it in a sense can stall the game out you can also blaze through your opponents with lasers and virbank, even if the attack only does 30 your first attack of 60 can be quite deadly. I believe the deck is simple to play and really you only need to think about your own personal bench space and which pokemon to drop, for example you wouldn't drop mewtwo unless someone dropped their own or you desperately needed too.

    [Spoiler=Click here to show list]
    The Deck List
    3 Trubish DR 53
    3 Garbador PF 119
    2 Cobalion ex PF 119
    2 Landarous ex BC 144
    2 Mewtwo ex ND 98
    1 Absol PF 67

    Supporters 13
    2 Colress
    4 Juniper
    3 Skyla
    4 N

    Trainers 22
    2 Random receiver
    4 Catcher
    4 Hypnotoxic lasers
    4 Float stone
    2 Evolite
    1 comp search (Aspec)
    1 super rod
    2 Virbank city gym
    2 heavy ball
    2 ultra ball

    Energy 10
    2 DCE
    4 Blend - WLFS
    4 Prism[/spoiler]
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    @Naga I moved your Garbodor/Attackers thread to merge with this one as we already have a thread for it.

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    Nice list Naga, runs similar to mine, glad to see someone do well with it at regionals, I had some issues with supporter droughts that kept me out of a higher placing. Have you tried Scoop Up Cyclone as your Ace Spec? Its REALLY good in Garbasics, just a thought to check out. My list is as follows.

    Pokemon - 12
    2 Landorus EX
    3 Cobalion EX
    2 Mewtwo EX
    3 Trubbish PLS-64
    2 Garbodor DRX/PF

    Trainers - 35
    4 Professor Juniper
    4 N
    4 Skyla
    1 Colress

    3 Pokemon Catcher
    2 Virbank City Gym
    3 Hypnotoxic Laser
    1 Switch
    3 Ultra Ball
    1 Heavy Ball
    1 Max Potion
    4 Float Stone
    1 Energy Search
    1 Scoop-Up Cyclone
    1 Tool Scrapper

    Energy - 13
    6 Fighting Energy
    6 Metal Energy
    2 DCE

    The problem that I ran into at regionals however is, while this has a solid plasma matchup, the games generally go close to, or at decking for the win. Because of the BO3+3 setup, these matches almost always ended in a tie (for me both did). While I was significantly ahead in game 3 time was called. In your experience is there anything that you noticed helped you vs Plasma to make the matchup a bit faster? As much as I love them I am debating cutting back on a Cobalion EX for possibly a Tornadus as the previous plan to energy drain plasma for the win takes too long. The other option is to just accept the fact that this can be a heavily tied matchup and just look to avoid it as much as possible, which may not be the play, though I seen quite a few plasma decks with large amounts of ties on thier slips.
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  5. Rogue_Master24

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    In the current format, is this deck still viable?
  6. Salamencetrainer34

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    I'd highly reccommend checking out Terrakion EX. For 2 [F] Energies, and a DCE, he does 90 damage AND accelerates energy from hand to board. Darkrai killer.
  7. RJCarrot

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    And Landorus isnt??
  8. Salamencetrainer34

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    Can landorus accelerate energy? Heres how I see it. It takes 3 turns to power up lands judgement, 3 turns to power up pump smash. You also power mewtwo up in the process. Landy is still good, believe me. I like terrakion better.
  9. RJCarrot

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    Landorus Swings with 1 Energy. Meaning 2 attacks before you get to the big attack, 3 turns is a long time and that is provided you have the DCE. Im not saying that as a one of it might not be bad now that catcher is seeing less play but Landorus is by far still the focal point of the deck.
  10. grimlaw

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    with virigen being a big thing, going to run into a lot of attackers which can hit for weakness be it lando or terrakion. So i think it would depend what's being played more water or grass. By the time terrakion ex deals 50 DMG lando has already 120 DMG. Baby cobalion works pretty decent against plasma kyurem.
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    I love these lists with Catcher, I'm trying to figure out how to fit them in. I've got 6 tools which may be too many, now that I've learned to play them one at a time. I also run 3/2 LaserBank, and 2 Enhanced Hammers for Plasma/DCE. I had Cobalion EX but took that out so I only run Fighting and DCE. So far my best record at a CC is 3-2.
  12. Casca37

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    Why play Cobalion? Just go with enhanced hammers....
  13. RJCarrot

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    Cobalion was really good when plasma was THE thing. I don't see plasma being as big of an issue in Bo3 as it tends to take longer for the deck to win and it ties out alot. A couple hammers to keep it in check is really all you need now.
  14. Gelato

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    So here's an idea I had for this deck: a 2-2 line of archeops NVI. If used correctly, this card as a tech could completely shut down decks like Blastoise, Emboar, Dragonite, and possibly even Fairys. the principle behind this tech choice of mine is the same as Garbodor DRX in Dylan Bryan's Dragonite list. in the aforemtioned match ups, your goal would be to supplement your basic attackers with Archeops to prevent a Blastoise or Emboar from even hitting the field, thus protecting your attackers from being OHKO'd. This is reminiscient of Garbodor DRX in that it conflicts slightly with your strategy (Garbodor here, Reuniclus BLW in Dragonite), but is ultimately worth the sacrifice. In Dragonite, Reuniclus prevents your Dragonite from being damaged by things that cannot OHKO it via Damage Swap. Garbodor conflicts with this slightly, but in matchups where Dragonite can be OHKO'd, Reuniclus will never hit the board and Garbodor will be played down to shut down Deluge/Inferno Fandago. In Big Basics, Garbodor is played to prevent the same abilities, but you can instead use Archeops so a Blastoise is never played. In matchups like Darkrai, Yeti or Virizion/Genesect, you can instead play down Garbodor to shut down abilities. Therefore, this tech of Archeops gives Big Basics the ability to be versatile and deal with most possible matchups.
  15. ddbargardi

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    But if they do get up Blastoise or Emboar up before you get Archeops up, you will have to find someway to knock them out for it to really matter.
  16. Gelato

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    Unless they get turn 2 Blastoise you will more often than not have an Archeops up.
  17. Professor_N

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    If you can somehow get the Archeops up before they can get the Stoise/Boar up, then yeah, it would be great, but most of the time that won't happen because they will most of the time get the turn 2. Honestly just keeping a tool on Garbodor is your best bet. That being said, if you don't keep a tool on Garbodor you will most likely lose because all they really need is 2-3 turns of being able to Deluge/Inferno Fandango.
  18. OshaWaterBottle

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    it only prevents manual evolving..... so rare candy will go through it
  19. Professor_N

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    Hmm. Rare Candy does say if you have it in your hand, you may play the card on the Basic Pokemon, whereas Archeops says you can't play any Pokemon from your hand to evolve your other Pokemon. Not sure exactly how that will work.
  20. KPiplup

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    You cannot Candy around Archeops.
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