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  1. PokemonGeek

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    basically the idea for this is to use probopass' s attack energy nose to move energy to opposition threats, catcher them up, and KO with pure theory inspired by 6p article.
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    Do you have a list that you wrote (not a list from the article itself if it's UG)?
  3. PokemonGeek

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    still testing with different versions so have not yet got a final decision on what i run.
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    Right, well typically when you start a thread in deck help and development, you include your strategy and a complete deck list. Even if it's not good, we need at least something to work with. Just posting your strategy doesn't really help, we can't critique that.
  5. themiraclemeat

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    Probopass' s attack that moves energy is called Magnetic Lines.
  6. Verrain

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    Well how is this for opening discussion. My wife played this list at Cities just because she was looking for something different to play. It was also inspired by the Six Prizes article

    I went with a slightly different strategy. Instead of using Magnetic Lines to load up a Pokemon with energy for more damage on an X Ball attack, this version has you using Magnetic lines to spread the energy widely among your opponent's Pokemon to power up Manectric's Energy Crush attack. Garbodor is to shut down abilities of course to hopefully give you time to set up. Using Manectric forces you to play a split energy line but with Yeti (Lugia/Snorlax Plasma) being popular at the time, I wanted a Lightning attacker. Those four spaces could be taken up with any stage one meta counter, Plasma Flareon, Plasma Leafeon, even the new XY Raichu would be useful attackers and powered up by colorless so you could go back to all metal energy. I would likely remove the Giant Capes in favor of Hard Charms or Muscle Bands.

    2 Trubbish (PS 65)
    2 Garbodor (DR 54)
    3 Nosepass (DR 62)
    3 Probopass (DR 82)
    1 Mr. Mime (PF 47)
    1 Electrike (DR 41)
    1 Electrike (DR 42)
    2 Manectric (DR 43)
    1 Mewtwo EX (BWP 45)

    1 Colress (PS 118)
    4 N (NV 92)
    4 Professor Juniper (BW 101)
    3 Skyla (BC 134)
    1 Dowsing Machine (PS 128)
    2 Energy Search (BW 93)
    2 Float Stone (PF 99)
    2 Giant Cape (DR 114)
    3 Heavy Ball (ND 88)
    3 Level Ball (ND 89)
    2 Silver Bangle (PB 88)
    2 Super Rod (NV 95)
    1 Switch (BW 104)
    1 Tool Scrapper (DR 116)
    1 Ultra Ball (DE 102)

    4 Lightning
    4 Metal
    4 DCE
  7. PokemonGeek

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    nah, i think i'll also have dce,cos it is speedier than just metal.nice idea with manectric.i might try that along with a couple eevee lutions, leafeon and flareon.
  8. Verrain

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    Oh, I didn't mean to leave out the DCE. Just that you could have all the basic energies be metal.
  9. flashfiction

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    Probopass is my favorite Pokemon(He's so hilariously, awesomely silly) and I actually started with a Probopass garbodor deck(though I couldn't afford Mewtwo EX so I ran Cobalion, I started playing the game again after my younger years before mewtwo was promo and catcher was $15). I've gone through many, many versions of Probopass, even asking for help on one version for deck help and development here for a version(thanks to all who helped! Love this place).

    Gotta say that through my experience with all things Probopass and Magenetic lines Leafeon, Probopass and Garbodor are the best combo. Things like Cobalion or Mewtwo EX you have to put energy on the threat that can hurt you instead of putting it on useless bench sitters or spreading it throughout their field. I've loved playing games where I piled their energy on a Mr. Mime!

    I don't currently have a Probopass deck built(don't have enough supporters to run multiple decks) so I'm going to have to give you this list from memory, lost my most recent one I wrote down. Hope it helps!

    Pokemon 16

    3 Probopass DRX

    3 Nosepass DRX

    3 Eevee PLF

    3 Leafeon PLF

    2 Trubbish LTR

    2 Garbodor DRX

    Trainers 31

    1 Computer Search

    4 Professor Juniper

    4 N

    3 Colress

    2 Sklya

    4 Ultra Ball

    4 Muscle Band

    4 Float Stone

    2 Tool Scrapper

    3 Evosoda

    Energy 12

    4 Double Colorless Energy

    9 Metal Energy
  10. Wrags23

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    What about running this with Plasma Steel Klinklang and Energy Press Cobalion?Move Energy to an EX, and come in and Energy Press it.
  11. PokemonGeek

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    are you suggesting probopass/klinklang/cobalion, where you move energy, stop damage, and make the opposition pay with energy press?cool idea, will test it.
  12. Wrags23

    Wrags23 Feeling... rogue.

    Yeah. Not really sure what a list would look like, but it seems fun.
  13. Verrain

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    I found that it runs into the same problem as the Mewtwo EX based version, namely that unless you have a way to force the Pokemon with all the energy into the Active position, i.e. flippy Catcher or well timed Escape Rope, then your opponent will rarely send up the energy laden pokemon to be clobbered.

    Plasma Steel definitely helps keep Probopass alive longer though with every deck having a non-EX attacker these days it is not as effective as you would hope.
  14. Wrags23

    Wrags23 Feeling... rogue.

    When I messed around with this deck, I used Plasma Steel more so I could move their Energy to an EX and use Energy Crush for 2 Prize Cards.
  15. Verrain

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    I understand that is the strategy Wrags23. But in practice, unless that energy heavy EX pokemon is the only one they have left to use, my opponents don't bring it active and Energy Crush on an energy poor Pokemon does next to nothing. They stall with something else active until they can power up something on the bench and bring it in to take down Probopass. Have you not experienced the same thing or do you have strategies to bring the Pokemon you want to attack into the active spot?
  16. flashfiction

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    Indeed that's why I used Leafeon over the cobalions I had as I played Probopass over time. It doesn't matter where their energy is, and you can throw it onto useless non-attacking Pokemon instead of what could possibly maul you. (If Yveltal EX is the threat it would be bad to give it more energy to play with.) Not that plasma steel ain't cool. Also Klingklang makes the deck a bit slower and makes you unable to use Evosoda as your main evolve booster(if you only have stage 1 pokemon Evosoda is aaaamaaaazzzziinnnngggg. And just like rare candy you do pack it with a set of Ultraballs of course!)

    Klingklang is one of my favorite Pokemon. We need more of him. Kling, klang, klunk!