Tier 3 Garchomp DRX 90, Altaria DRX

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  1. baby_mario

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    Retreat cost 0f 2 is terrible. Who wants to waste a Switch on a set up Pokemon?
  2. trainerlock

    trainerlock Pokemon Master

    an i just ask which set is super rod in? Because i cant find one in a legal set i know of.
  3. indercarnive

    indercarnive Well-Known Member

    dragon vault, but you can use the noble victories one as they have the same print.
  4. trainerlock

    trainerlock Pokemon Master

    thank you
    very helpful
  5. SamSoldier

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    So, I really think that this deck has more potential with Silver Bangle and it deserves atention as a competitive deck, here is the list that I am using. It seems to work very well for me:

    Pokemons -17
    4 - Gible
    3 - Gabite
    4 - Garchomp

    2 - Swablu
    2 - Altaria

    2 - Landorous Ex

    Supporters - 13
    4 - Juniper
    4 - N
    3 - Skyla
    2 - Colress

    Itens - 20
    3 - Level Ball
    1 - Ultra Ball
    3 - Rare Candy
    3 - Pokemon Catcher
    2 - Switch
    1 - Float Stone
    2 - Super Rod
    1 - Tool Scrapper
    3 - Silver Bangle
    1 - Max Potion
    1 - Dowsing Machine

    Energy - 9
    5 - Fighting
    4 - Blend
  6. RJCarrot

    RJCarrot Poke Breeder Extrodinare.

    No CFF Pokemon? Isn't that kind of critical to getting the Gabite dragon call chain going to full effect?
  7. SamSoldier

    SamSoldier Don't know what to put here D:

    I prefer Landorous over any CFF pokemon because it's a strong counter to Darkrai, and since I am running a nice number of ball's (3 Level Ball and 1 Ultra Ball) it's easy to get at least 2 gibles turn 1 =D
    But it's a personal choice I think.
  8. RJCarrot

    RJCarrot Poke Breeder Extrodinare.

    Trust me I am the last one to knock Landorus as I have though he has been a solid choice for some time now, and with Darkrai becoming even more hyped due to the KO as the deck to play, I even more so support it. I wasn't saying to cut it, but more if you had room to add one. Even if it were just a single emolga, you could level ball for it and then use it to CFF gaining more off of one ball.

    But far be it for me to make super solid suggestions here, I can't play evolution decks to save my life and I am far from an expert at this deck, I just know how to beat it with the decks I play.

    Landorus also gives you some outs in case you get stuffed with a T2 garbodor and you need to buy time to set up.
  9. Tosicamir

    Tosicamir Member

    I finally found a setup with this deck that I really enjoy... it fits really well together for me... looking for some feedback on it.

    4-4-4 Garchomp
    3-3 Altaria
    1 Mr. Mime

    4 Professor Juniper
    4 N
    2 Colress
    2 Skyla

    3 Hypnotoxic Lazer
    3 Level Ball
    3 Rare Candy
    3 Silver Bangle
    3 Super Rod
    1 Tool Scrapper

    1 Dousing Machine

    2 Virbank City Gym

    6 Fighting Energy
    4 Blend WFLM

    With my playstyle, this has run quite consistently over plenty of playtests, but I am open to discussion and suggestions, as long as you can back them up. Thanks in advance!
  10. Warizon

    Warizon Member

    Seems like a very consistent build. Did you playtest vs Garbodor variants? A t2 Garbodor hurts this deck a lot since not being able to Dragon Call with only 3 level balls makes your game pretty messy. Personally I like running 2 Ultra Balls, but since you run lasers, I'm not sure what to sugest. Lasers are just awesome when your max damage is usually 170.
  11. Tosicamir

    Tosicamir Member

    A t2 garbodor happened to me a few times, and I was able to about 60% of the time to search out my one tool scrapper while setting up a gabite and one or two gible naturally, then scrap and dragon call my entire stream setup... but you are correct that that is my hardest matchup... I originally had Gold Potion as my Ace Spec, but added the dousing machine for a "second" tool scrapper, or whatever else...
  12. Warizon

    Warizon Member

    Lucky you with those scrappers, you've got 2 Skyla only :D
    I'm testing with a Garchomp/Altaria build myself (always loved the deck and I am going to play it for league since the regionals are behind me) and when I go against Garbodor t2, it's impossible, a turn without ability that early is almost game lost. I made the same "mistake" when I started, I thought gold potion would be good because it would nulify the 90 damage from a Darkrai's Night Spear, and others like it.. but I soon realized that I should either go for Dowsing to recycle resources or Computer Search for the extra consistency.
  13. Tosicamir

    Tosicamir Member

    It also helps that my area sees maybe 1 in 10 playing any garbodor... good odds for me :D
  14. Tosicamir

    Tosicamir Member

    After a tiny bit of metatesting, I have come up with this... not too much different from my earlier posts, but I think I am taking this to Cities
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  15. ryuninja

    ryuninja New Member

    has anyone tried teching a 1-1-1 line of flygon in here? I saw a player on playtcg using garchomp w/ flygon + dusknoir, and every time i'd ko a garchomp, he'd promote flygon with float stone to spread 40+ to my board for free, then utilize that towards dusknoir's sinister hand as he continued to attack with a stream of chomps. the fact that 2/3 of the flygon line is tutorable with gabite is the biggest allure.
  16. Tosicamir

    Tosicamir Member

    This could be good, but imho the only way to place this 5 piece (1-1-1 Flygon, 2 Float Stone) in my build is to remove the laserbank, which I just might do if the amount of virizion/genesect is higher in my meta than I anticipate. Playing with an additional Dusknoir line on top of Garchomp/Altaria is just too clunky...
  17. ryuninja

    ryuninja New Member

    i agree, which is why i dropped altaria altogether (ive always found it to be clunky). giving up ohko power for more control and comeback potential is fine by me. just a 4-4-4 garchomp line, 1-1-1 flygon, 2-0-2 dusknoir, 1 landorus, 1 terrakion, 3 float stone (no switch, although i may go 2-1), 3 rare candy. it wasnt too difficult to find the room tbh, and i still play all the essential utility cards.
  18. chepoke

    chepoke Member

    there is a good chance that was me :)
    flygon is good. been beating everything besides heavy garbodor and gothigor. lugia is 50/50 but could be better with techs. straight darkrai gets worse the more absol they play, but normally a favourable matchup.
    my attacking line up is
    4-3-3 garchomp
    3-0-2 flygon
    2-0-1 dusknoir
    1 mr mime
    4 candy
    2 super rod

    exchanging a candy for a vibrava could be a good move. getting out 2 flygons is great. means you can sacrifice one and beach to replenish your hand early or mid game. starting to think sawk should definitely be included for absol and thundurus.
  19. JAM

    JAM Consistency > Techs

    I like this list a lot. Looks very consistent. Really like the 3 Super Rod. I will say you can probably cut a couple fighting energy to add 2 more Colress. You only have 12 supporters which is going to result is dead draw more often than you would like. 14 is usually the golden number for me, 13 if I really can't find the space, but 12 is really borderline. This deck can easily function on 8-9 energies especially with the 3 super rod.
  20. LotadzRepic

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    Too bad swablu isnot dragon