Tier 3 Garchomp DRX 90, Altaria DRX

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  1. WolfusMandrago

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    This thread hasn't been updated in almost 5 months and the game has changed since then.

    Darkrai isn't as much of a threat now compared to Yveltal EX. Several decks got support from the recent X and Y release and the next X and Y set is around the corner. Quad Chomp and FluffyChomp are still viable if you aim for a prize trade with EXs. I personally find that Yveltal EX is still the biggest threat and t1 or t2 Evil Ball can set the pace for the whole match.

    Some are speculating that the rise of the new Druddigon and Pyroar will make Garchomp more relevant. Any comments?
  2. ThatCJKid

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    I've just gotten back to the game so I'm hoping you mean the Druddigon with the revenge attack. Personally I think it'll help the deck immensely. When I played garchomp I was usually one shotted and with druddigon I could almost guarantee that it would finish off the pokemon that garchomp left. I don't think the deck will be tier 1. But I do think it could be a contender for tier 2
  3. WolfusMandrago

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    Revenge Druddigon is going to cause trouble for Blastoise/Emboar decks (Black Kyurem EX and Rayquaza EX, respectively). However it also works against Garchomp due to Chomp's weakness to Dragon whereas Druddigon's weakness in the new set is Fairy.

    If Pyroar gains in popularity to counter the meta, then Garchomp may become the counter to the counter meta, if that makes sense. From experience, I've done well with Quadchomp against decks like DugChu which were also designed to counter the big, popular decks. I only recently came upon two Altaria so we'll see where that goes.
  4. ThatCJKid

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    I've mostly played the fluffy chomp version and was thinking of switching it to quadchomp because of the speed and consistency. With FluffyChomp the altaria's would often hurt more than help.
  5. WolfusMandrago

    WolfusMandrago Squatting below parallel

    Quadchomp is consistent, although I often have my stream of Garchomps by T3 which isn't always fast enough. Another thing of note is that it becomes impossible to OHKO anything significant. I use Silver Bangle and LaserBank but it caps out at 160. This is why I'm doing the opposite and trying some Altarias for awhile.
  6. Shieldmaiden

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    Yah, with Quadchomp OHKOs are out of the question. I've dropped Laserbank in mine, and swapped it out for Frozen City and Crushing Hammers, and added 2 Stunfisk (Muddy Water).

    This works great - it makes the matchup against Rayboar even easier, helps with Blastoise, and can discard twice as much energy with Hammers/Mach Cut. The maths works so that versus EX you can 2HKO with bangle, but its a 2HKO against non-EX anyways, so muscle band is pointless, as is laser. The disruption from Hammers is much better at getting you the edge in set up, and the Frozen City puts some damage out to help you - two energies attached to an EX allows you to OHKO with Dragon Blade+Bangle. Adding Muddy Waters into the equation while you set up makes it easier.

    Also don't underestimate Stunfisk+Bangle against Darkrai/Thundurus. Cleans up.
  7. WolfusMandrago

    WolfusMandrago Squatting below parallel

    Sounds good. I agree that Silver Bangle and Laserbank are redundant when OHKOs aren't possible.

    What would you suggest against the newly popular Yveltal EX variants? A t2 Evil Ball crushes Gibles and Gabites. I've considered teching an electric type because of it.
  8. CyrusTyler

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    What about good old Raichu XY?
  9. Professor_N

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    Raichu would be your best option, but then you would also like to have a DCE or two.
  10. Shieldmaiden

    Shieldmaiden Member

    Yeah, which hurts the consistency of the deck quite a lot. You do have Blend LWFM, at least for now, so there are options; you could throw Zekrom LTR out and absorb a hit or two of Evil Ball to power up Outrage while you spend two turns attaching; you could also try an Electrode line for draw power plus Silver bangle OHKO on Yveltal (3 energy is a bit of an investment though). One interesting little card is Plasma Storm Rotom. It'd be a pure tech versus Yveltal, but could be interesting. Yveltal usually runs Sableye, and lots of trainers, so you could bank on them having 3 in their hand+Bangle, or 5 in their hand, and try for a OHKO.

    But at the end of the day, all of those (even Raichu) are clutching at straws and hurt the consistency of Quad Garchomp a lot. I'd be tempted to just call it a day at it being a bad matchup and scoop in best of 3 if you can't catcher something else into the Active spot, or throw Stunfisk/Landorus out to absorb hits while you set up.
  11. Professor_N

    Professor_N Well-Known Member

    Problem with Zekrom going against Yveltal is they won't hit it if it's not an OHKO. It only takes a combined 4 Energy and a LaserBank for Yveltal to OHKO a Zekrom, even less with Muscle Band. It's just not too hard to accomplish. It's pretty easy to toss all your Trainers into the discard to play around Rotom. Like you said, this deck just isn't good vs. Yveltal.
  12. MetalArmedAngel

    MetalArmedAngel My lovely Luka ♥♥

    Just throwing a list, would like some advice
    15 Pokemon
    3-2-3 Garchomp DRX
    2-2 Altaria DRX
    1 Druddigon FLF
    1-1 Raichu XY

    15 Supporters
    4 Juniper
    4 N
    2 Skyla
    2 Colress
    2 Shauna
    1 Fan Club

    18 Items
    A Computer Search
    2 Professor's Letter
    3 Silver Bangle
    1 Rare Candy
    3 Level Ball
    2 Ultra Ball
    2 Super Rod
    2 Switch
    1 Surprise Megaphone
    2 Rare Candy

    12 Energy
    6 Fighting
    3 Water
    3 DCE
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  13. Shieldmaiden

    Shieldmaiden Member

    @MetalArmedAngel -

    Nice list. I think you really need Quad Garchomp and 3 Super rods to play this deck, but 4 Gabite might work. Also you need the 4th Silver Bangle, I think, if you aren't lasering. I'd be tempted to run Dowsing over Search, to give you an extra bangle/super rod.
  14. loosegiraffe

    loosegiraffe AK gamer

    Has anyone tested miltank in here? He seems like a perfect fit.
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  15. Ein

    Ein The Mega Man Master

    If you are running level balls and Blend WFLM you can run a Manectric line instead of Raichu. With Bangle your opponent only needs to have 3 energy on the board for Manectric to OHKO Yveltal EX.
  16. PokemonGeek

    PokemonGeek Derp, Derp, Derpity Derp

    May I present… FluffyChomp with Terrakion BWP-71

    4-4-4 Garchomp
    3-3 Altaria
    2 Emolga DRX
    1 Terrakion BWP-71

    4 Sycamore
    3 Shauna
    1 Pokemon Fan Club
    1 Lysandre
    1 Random Receiver
    2 Pal Pad

    3 Silver Bangle
    3 Professor's Letter
    4 Level Ball
    2 Startling Megaphone
    2 Rare Candy
    2 Super Rod
    1 Dowsing Machine

    8 Fighting
    2 Blend WLFM
  17. CyrusTyler

    CyrusTyler Skill Level: Average Plebian

    Has anyone considered Evosoda in this deck?
  18. Professor_N

    Professor_N Well-Known Member

    I don't think anyone has. You don't need it, once you have Gabite out, Dragon Call does the rest for you.
  19. Otaku

    Otaku Well-Known Member

    It was asked earlier so I'll re-ask with an addition:

    How have the new Miltank and Druddigon affected this deck? Both can be supports or (at least partial) counters.
  20. Ein

    Ein The Mega Man Master

    I would run a Miltank over a Druddigon in this deck. If you need to hit a dragon for weakness you have Garchomp for that. On the other end, Druddigon really hurts this deck. All those decks running 1 Druddgy will see an immediate and powerful use for him against this deck. A well timed revenge against this deck could mean falling short of the return KO on Druddgy.

    Both have a 2 star retreat which is noticeable when everyone else has 1. When Miltank comes up, 2 retreat, you can use 1 energy to hit for 80+ til the cows come home. With Druddgy you need 2 and when the revenge isn't triggered you need a lot more set up to deal a good amount of damage. I'd imagine both would stay in the active until they are KO'ed and Miltank makes a better use of that situation (given a Garchomp is on the bench).
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