Tier 3 Garchomp DRX 90, Altaria DRX

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    I see what you did there.
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    Seriously, shouldn't the players be jumping all over a "Got Miltank?" meme or something? It is even an episode name in English. XD

    Anyway, based on what @Ein, sounds like Miltank would be a good fit even though you can't search it via Gabite.
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    After using this deck for a long time as my first Pokémon TCG deck, I will miss it a lot now that I have to say good bye because Gabite is going to rotate.
    This is my final list after testing many things: No Emolga, no Stunfisk, with Emolga, 3-3 Altaria, energy changes, with hypnobank, no hypnobank etc.

    Pokémon (21):

    4-4-4 Garchomp
    4-4 Altaria
    1 Emolga

    Supporters (14):

    4 Juniper
    4 N
    3 Skyla
    2 Colress
    1 Lysandre

    Items (15 ):

    4 Level ball
    2 Rare candy
    3 Silver bangle
    1 Super rod
    1 Sacred ash
    1 Switch
    1 Professor's letter
    1 Startling Megaphone
    1 Dowsing machine ACE SPEC

    Energy (10):

    5 Fighting energy
    4 WEFS Blend energy
    1 Water energy

    Thanks to the big numbers for Pokémon/level balls it's easy to get a bunch of Gabite-Garchomp/Altaria early. The blend and fighting combination is amazing because it makes sure you always have a [F] ready, and it can work as a [W] if needed.

    Skyla can search for those specific items if needed (Megaphone against Garbodor, Dowsing if it was discarded,etc). 2 Rare candies because most of the times I want a full setup with gabites, but sometimes when my opp has a slow start an early Garchomp is basically GG.

    My favorite thing to do with this deck is to get 2 Altarias+Garchomp's Dragonblade with a silver bangle, it's a clean OHKO on most Pokémon-EX ! It's also nice when you are down to 2 prizes and you have been saving your Lysandre. Instead of attacking a kyurem/sableye/baby yveltal your opp uses as a sacrifice to setup, just Lysandre Yveltal-EX/Deoxys-EX to the active and win the game. Their face, priceless it is!

    There you go. Not a tournament deck but by no means a weak one, never understimate Garchomp/Altaria because before you know it a swarm of dragons will be around you!
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