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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Adam, Apr 6, 2012.

  1. Adam

    Adam Noice bruv, innit.

    Scrafty cut, lol. Yeah I'll bring a picture of Scrafty to the hairdresser and say "I want that."

    As far as something crazy, basically that would entail going to visit my friend at school and doing whatever college-age kids do on Friday nights. It probably isn't going to happen though.
  2. RisingDawn

    RisingDawn #1 Oshawott fan! :0<

    Adam should go for the Dewott BLW 29 And Dewott BLW 30 haircut if he's gonna dye his hair blue. Samurai otters FTW!
  3. Adam, do your hair like Justin Beiber! No, just joking. I would go short, but not to short and not spiked.

    Today, I am securing my new house because someone broke into it on Saturday. I got up at 3 in the morning to find all of my doors that I had locked open.
  4. Matt91_

    Matt91_ fire trainers lel

    Just passed Professor Test. Don't know if I can put it into practice anytime soon, but I feel important somehow lol.

    Everytime I see a discussion about haircuts I remember the Scott Pilgrim comics haha

    Oh, and I laughed hard at the Oshawott image.
  5. Vysekun

    Vysekun The Ninetales and the Grapes

    I went 2-2 today in my state's Battle Roads (Other countries have a slightly different schedule for events. Or something).

    Gothitelle and Gardevoir are going to get a good talking to soon :mad:


    Nah just kidding.

    It performed about as well as I could expect it to. I just felt like playing something a little different :)

    My two losses were to CMT and Zekrom Eels. lol. And I can chalk a couple of my losses up to bad luck (Twins'ing for something that's prized, etc)

    I also played out some pretty clutch games, including winning in sudden death. So I'm happy enough with the result.
  6. RisingDawn

    RisingDawn #1 Oshawott fan! :0<

    I have until may for my BRs I'm letting my Dark EXplorers booster pulls decide what I'm going to play. Raikou , I play Zekeels , Darkrai I play Dark.dec , Entei or any other EX , I'll stick to my current build of Reshiram Emboar.(maybe I'm almost done playing it) Bought a Zekrom EX tin , Pulled my 3rd catcher!!!!!!!!!
  7. desufnoc

    desufnoc Ditto used Transform!

    I really cant wait for dark explorers to come out. As i really do want to try out quad Entei EX
  8. Vysekun

    Vysekun The Ninetales and the Grapes

    Public Holiday today.

    Slept in for ages. It was the best.

    Just finished a weekly blog post for my Web 2.0 class:
    The Web 2.0 in your pocket « Anthony Smith 4 IT

    Worked on it whilst listening to this:

    Now to shower and eat, then find more uni work to do.
  9. cabd

    cabd Taking over for Tamoo as the girly looking mod.

    If anyone has yet to witness this awesomeness, I highly suggest they take the time to. Right now.

    3 Poke-Brothers
  10. sonicboom

    sonicboom number 1# treecko fan

  11. Matt91_

    Matt91_ fire trainers lel

    Talk about tired, had a lot of papers and exams this week. Still have a paper for tomorrow, but I decided I needed some rest, just a few questions left.

    I am drooling at Dark Explorers, I want those new art supporters so bad.

    Pokémon RBY+GSC Medley is epic, and they have a bunch of this epic stuff, I suggest seeing the related videos.
  12. Vysekun

    Vysekun The Ninetales and the Grapes

    Currently toasting sandwiches for lunch. Uni this afternoon.

    Probably going to play Emboar Chandelure RDL this weekend at battle roads.

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  13. pokemonguy

    pokemonguy Making Bad Last-Minute Changes Since Nats 2014

    Just sitting on the couch.
  14. RisingDawn

    RisingDawn #1 Oshawott fan! :0<

    Rebuilt my Reshiboar build. The aptly named "Dawnlight.dec" is almost ready for BRs. Anyway funny thing search "Oshawott fanboy" on google. I'm the number one result! :D
  15. Vysekun

    Vysekun The Ninetales and the Grapes

    Forgot to put the garbage out last night.


    Normally wouldn't be a big deal, but the bin was already full Friday morning last week due to clean up and branches I threw in ahead of my house inspection.


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    TURDCANNON As foretold by Nostradamus

    What the hell is this thread?
  17. RisingDawn

    RisingDawn #1 Oshawott fan! :0<

    General discussion.... Read the first two pages you'll get a general idea of what General discussion is...

    TURDCANNON As foretold by Nostradamus

    Oh man, Adam said litre despite being an American. +2 respect points.
  19. Vysekun

    Vysekun The Ninetales and the Grapes

    Played GardyGoth again at BattleRoads (Australia).

    Lost Vs ZekEels
    Won Vs Fireflies (Illumise/Volbeat)
    Won Vs Durant

    Placed 5th
    GG ;/

    Was pretty close to running Chandelure/Vanilluxe. Should have in retrospect :p
  20. Matt91_

    Matt91_ fire trainers lel

    Yesterday was my mom's birthday, so I'm at my hometown now. Good to be home, it's just a shame I have to come back tomorrow. And lots of work to do too... Oh well, better enjoy it while I can!

    Vysekun, have you tried MewGardy? A friend had good results with it around here.