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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Adam, Apr 6, 2012.

  1. Good to know. If I'm ever on Who Wants to be a Millionaire or something and they ask me what Zibblemonkey likes, I'll know to say turtles. Useful bit of information, there.
  2. public_toilet

    public_toilet Seriously Likeable here guys, Just sayin.

    I'm sure that would be the million Dollar question. ;)
    But do Turtles like you?

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  3. HighShroomish

    HighShroomish Wreck-It Ralts

    I just had the most exhausting 21 hours of my life. I was in the water practicing for a total of 7 3/4 hours, I was running on 3 hours of sleep, and we swam a total of 26,000 yards, along with seeing a movie in between practices last night, which lasted from 3:30 P.M. to 5:30 P.M., and 10:15 P.M. to 12:00 A.M. Then there were the morning practices from 6:45 A.M. to 9:15 A.M. and 10:30 A.M. to 12:00 PM. Can't wait till next years lock in!
  4. PellOfTheTundra

    PellOfTheTundra Do you even LT-87

    Exhausting day. Moved into my new house, including an upright piano. My body hurts so much right now I can't even, but at least it's over.
  5. ninjapikachu

    ninjapikachu Not all that ninja-like tbh

    Won a Cities undefeated today. Yesssss!!! :D
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  6. Charranitar

    Charranitar Well-Known Member

    Managed to bubble another City Championship today. Got downpaired again the last round this time, so I was the only X-1 who couldn't just ID.

    I am like 99.9% sure that TOM is flawed in its randomization algorithm, and something in it causes it to target the same player for downpairing. For whatever reason, whether it be my name or player ID, I'm the player targeted in my area for constant downpairs.

    City Championship #1

    Round 5 - Downpaired, 50% probability

    City Championship #2

    City Championship #2

    Round 4 - Downpaired, 16.67% probability
    Round 5 - Downpaired, 16.67% probability

    City Championship #3

    Round 5 - Downpaired, 25% probability

    There's a 0.34% probability that I would be downpaired for all of those rounds, so I would tend to think that there is something not random about the way that TOM decides to downpair players. Getting pretty tired of having my resistance get shot and then bubbling cut by a few percentage points because of constant downpairs.
  7. KPiplup

    KPiplup An Imposter

    I assure you it's 100% random, Charranitar, albeit I definitely can understand why your recent luck would lead you to think otherwise.

    Small problem with your "0.32% chance" of having all of those pairdowns occur to you is that they are randomly independent events and have no bearing on each other.
  8. Charranitar

    Charranitar Well-Known Member

    You get the probability of all of those rounds being that by multiplying all of the probabilities together.

    Oh well. Need to figure out my deck for tomorrow. Top 8 was like 2 Virizion/Genesect, 3 Darkrai, 2 Plasma, 1 Blastoise. I'm thinking Victini/Terrakion EX/Drifblim would be a good choice. Otherwise some Ho_oh variant. Lugia/Bouffalant are staples in my area for Genesect now though, so I kind of want something stronger than just Drifblim to deal with Lugia's.
  9. KPiplup

    KPiplup An Imposter

    I know how you get the probability, I simply am saying the validity of your number in the way you use it. Yes, there is a 0.32% chance you get those pairdowns, but at the same time, since those events are randomly independent of each other, that's not really saying much.

    Anyway your luck with pairdowns has certainly been bad; good luck tomorrow.
  10. Went to a Cities today. Lost round 1 due to hitting no supporters the entire game. Won four in a row, got to table 1. Lost a close game at Table 1. Top 8 cut, I placed 9th. -_-
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  11. blargh257

    blargh257 Is now Dedede.

    I've done that.
    It sucks.
  12. KPiplup

    KPiplup An Imposter

    And you didn't ID...why? Pain felt from events we've had under the past system, but whether it's popular or not, there now is a way around the R6 problem you had.
  13. My opponent wouldn't ID. :(
  14. KPiplup

    KPiplup An Imposter

    In my head, he's 5-0, based on numbers, yes? If so, that's unfortunate.
  15. 4-0-1. I was 4-1-0. It was really unfortunate. :/
  16. Charranitar

    Charranitar Well-Known Member

    We had a guy who refused to ID with someone when it meant both of them would make cut. Then when he was losing the game, he asked for the ID, and the opponent was nice enough to do it then.
  17. Salamencetrainer34

    Salamencetrainer34 An ogre-achiever

    RIP Sammyclassicsonicfan. He got doxed. Thus his info got shown to internet, including address and phone number. He is now grounded for life.
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  18. JR_nathan

    JR_nathan Mr.3 Rings Himself

    There is a God.
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  19. stmlacek1

    stmlacek1 rouge specialist

    in the Pittsburgh area the is only 2 cities a year and I missed one due to finding out short notice i plan on going to the other one
  20. cabd

    cabd Taking over for Tamoo as the girly looking mod.

    Just got back in town from San Fran. Let's just say that Urobutcher really knows how to make his fans sad.