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    Oh, lol

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    Toxicroak EX is really good versus Yveltal/Garbodor, since you're forcing them to use their switching cards/Float Stones on their attackers, and in the end they're dry of resources. That's all I'll say about it.
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  3. Any TO's/head judges on here? I have something going on that I need to discuss via PM. I need an opinion on something that was extremely questionable that happened at a tournament today.
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    Not going to lie, your best bet is to go to TPCI itself with such concerns. They're the final authority at the end of the day, and anyone else in a position like what you seek may be hesitant to comment on it based solely on one account. Your call, but that is your best route.
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    Do you mind if we ask what happened?
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    If you think you have witnessed some shady behaviour then like @KPiplup said, just report it to TPCi (in fact it's your duty). It's up to them to investigate and make judgements about what went on.

    Don't post it here for the sake of giving nosey people something to gossip about. That won't help the situation.
  7. I want guidance first. I can't really explain much, but it's a wierd situation. I'll say that much.
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    Dunno if is still comes on here, (he is the ex-head of OP in the UK.) @NoPoke
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    Doesn't change the fact that others may be hesitant to comment.

    Truly, they're your best bet.
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    The person I've been filling in for at work is finally back. I'm so happy that my workload is back to normal. [​IMG]
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    Honestly its better to report it then not. how can it hurt you?
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    I was really bored and I started liking a bunch of his posts.
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    That enough for me when I get bored I eat sleep drink and live pokemon for and hour or so then when I am not bored I eat sleep drink and live pokemon and everything else in my life
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    That's beautiful.
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  17. I have just learned that the "Upload File" button works with my Droid. Be afraid, I can now post pictures freely to Sixprizes...
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    Just some of the expert meta discussion that goes on in The Swarm I thought I'd share. I bet you all want to join now

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  19. Nachos with Fried Okra is a solid tier two deck. I personally prefer straight Nachos, with maybe a 1-1 Bacon tech to counter POTATOED.
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    I have to agree here. Though some people like to run a tech 2-2 Chili line, I prefer to keep the deck simple and consistent.