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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Adam, Apr 6, 2012.

  1. Bleak

    Bleak Glorious beacon of light

    I think that's exactly what it is, whether it's readily apparent or more of a subconscious thing.
    Playing Pooka AND having people watch the game while its going on is stressful - that's got to creep in.
  2. Professor_N

    Professor_N Well-Known Member

    I would think that would urge me to think more about my plays, so then I don't look like I'm bad when everyone watches it.
  3. baby_mario

    baby_mario Doesn't even care

    You've probably got more chance of appearing on youtube if you're bad though.

    I mean, Pooka understandably doesn't put up the hundreds of games where the Bad Deck Monday stuff get obliterated in three turns. He's much more likely to post surprise wins, or at least competitive matches.
  4. OshaWaterBottle

    OshaWaterBottle Active Member

    I kinda made a misplay too. ^
  5. Professor_N

    Professor_N Well-Known Member

    I bet you kinda felt like you knew you couldn't lose since he didn't have any good Pokemon search, so you got careless. Same thing happened to me at Regionals, except for not that same circumstance.
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  6. OshaWaterBottle

    OshaWaterBottle Active Member

    And I got trigger happy with a bunch of energy in my hand, I had like 8 fires in hand 2 to Rayquaza, 2 to another Rayquaza, 1 to Delphox (Mistake), and 3 to Emboar. He Lysandre up my Emboar then he N'd me to one.
  7. Professor_N

    Professor_N Well-Known Member

    Did he do that on the same turn? Because, unfortunately, it doesn't work like that anymore :(
  8. TheMantyke

    TheMantyke CharXzone EX

    I am really enjoying Miltank on PTCGO. It's pretty cowerful. Some opponents have cowered and left the match on the T2 poweful friends. Others have commented that it seems overcowered. I've think I'll mooove towards experimenting with more miltank decks.
  9. baby_mario

    baby_mario Doesn't even care

    You really milked that one.
  10. OshaWaterBottle

    OshaWaterBottle Active Member

    Pooka actually made a deck around Milktank, he called it the Kyle deck. Who gets it?
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  11. Salamencetrainer34

    Salamencetrainer34 An ogre-achiever

    Were they utterly terrified?
  12. OshaWaterBottle

    OshaWaterBottle Active Member

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  13. snscompt1

    snscompt1 The worst Mafia player ever.

    Just bought the game Ultimate Werewolf and played it at a University last night. Wow. Moderating is sooooo much more fun than actually playing.
  14. desufnoc

    desufnoc Ditto used Transform!

    Yaaay pkmncards finally has Flashfire

    Nm error 404 lol
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  15. Professor_N

    Professor_N Well-Known Member

    I take my like back then.
  16. Adam

    Adam Noice bruv, innit.

    Hah, sorry! I'm trying to get things ready – tomorrow I want to try and get everything inputted.
  17. PP101

    PP101 The Swarm for 3 seconds then accidentally left

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  18. Ziggmiceter

    Ziggmiceter Ultimate 6P tournament procrastinator

    I guess this is a good time to post this.
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  19. FlareStarfire

    FlareStarfire Front Page Contributor

    I went to my first league / tournament day in forever. I got 2 Gogoats and 2 Pyroars, and one of my packs had a shiny Skiddo in it. I am ecstatic. ^^
  20. Salamencetrainer34

    Salamencetrainer34 An ogre-achiever

    Shiny skiddo?!? Pics?