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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Adam, Apr 6, 2012.

  1. OshaWaterBottle

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    Non RH cards ftw.
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  2. Wait a sec. I ordered some cards from Troll and Toad. I checked my order history this morning. no recent orders. I checked my shopping cart, half of the items that I bought were in it. And they took the money out of my account. Is that supposed to happen?
  3. pokemonguy

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  4. Anyone know if there is a way to ban someone from using your wifi without changing the password? I do not have the cable I need to change the password and someone is leeching off of my wifi, downloading so much stuff that it makes my wifi practically unusable.
  5. pokemonguy

    pokemonguy Making Bad Last-Minute Changes Since Nats 2014

    Find their IP and ban the IP.
  6. KPiplup

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    What model is the router?
  7. Netgear N600.
  8. KPiplup

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    Type into your browser. It ought to prompt you for for a username/password. Username is admin, password will either be "password" or your wifi password.

    That'll log you into the control panel for the router, at which point you can set/change the password, which should solve your problem.

    I realize you said "without changing the password," but I was working under the assumption that the only reason your weren't changing it was not having the cable to do so. No cable required.
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    For a second I thought you put Netgear Nooo.
  10. PP101

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    Yeah, it's definitely confusing.

    The English language may be weird, but at least we don't assign genders to inanimate objects. :p
  11. KPiplup

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    Most languages do that actually. English is more the oddball than the rule.
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  12. PP101

    PP101 The Swarm for 3 seconds then accidentally left

    Really? Didn't know that.

    Our language is annoying, it's a wonder anyone learned how to use it.
  13. Simon_Fritz

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    Yeah, but I think the weird part is that German has an own gender for things without a gender (also known as sächlich) yet still gives male and female genders to things such as the male table. (It's also weird that girl or mädchen is not female but rather in the in between gender :p)
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    Yeah, I've learned a bit of German, enough to know that it's definitely very complex. I was just saying that it seems English is more the outlier in item-gender than it is the standard.
  15. blargh257

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    In Spanish class that confuses me sometimes. I mean come on. "El vestido" means the dress and is masculine. What's up with that?
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  17. eggrolls

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    Just finished making my first competitive vgc pokemon. It's an Aegislash with max Atk evs, and an even split of def and sp def evs. It's got basically a strategy where you swords dance its attack up a few times while stalling with tons of defense, then sweep With loads of damage.
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    So who else thinks my new avvy is awesome?
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  19. So, TNT buys bulk at Nationals apparently? Is that true? My friend just told me they do but I want to double check so I don't bring a box of bulk for no reason.
  20. Salamencetrainer34

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    They do.