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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Adam, Apr 6, 2012.

  1. OshaWaterBottle

    OshaWaterBottle Active Member

    Well these forums are awesome and I am going to miss them. I started going on here after my Top 8 finish in Fall Regionals last year to write a tournament report, then after a couple months I was super active on here. Thanks for the fun times and I'll see you guys on BBS!
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  2. pokemonguy

    pokemonguy Making Bad Last-Minute Changes Since Nats 2014

    Good bye Xenforo. You were good but BBS is better.
  3. baby_mario

    baby_mario Doesn't even care

    Under no circumstances.
  4. Serperior

    Serperior Well-Known Member

    I'll miss you @st34. I remember when I introduced you to 6p last year haha.
  5. Gelato

    Gelato The Swarm

    I started these forums when I was just starting to gain interest in the game and I honestly think that they're part of he reason I've decided to pursue playing competitively so much. Thanks to everyone for being such a great community that nurtured newer players and allowed me to meet some great friends! See you all on BBS :)
  6. Tax_collecter

    Tax_collecter Active Member

    Man, I'm gonna miss these forums. But it was tons of fun to meet new people, and learn new TCG tips!
  7. stmlacek1

    stmlacek1 rouge specialist

    i plan to continue my quest to be the best on the bbs
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  8. Akane

    Akane Resident Lilligant fangirl

    oh dear, can't miss my chance to say bye

    good night xenforo, you (and your contrastingly excellent Tapatalk interface) will be thoroughly missed

    see you all on bbs I guess?
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  9. Wrags23

    Wrags23 Feeling... rogue.

    Well, thanks to these forums for teaching me how to play competitively and sparking an interest in the game that has grown since. See y'all on the BBS!
  10. Floral

    Floral Member

    Last post ever on sixprizes. I may move to bbs but unlikely. But I would just like to thank everyone on this website for making these last 10 months awesome! I have learned so much about the pokemon trading card game because of the people on this forum. Each and every one of you is a great person. Thank you :)
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  11. Reshiphlosion

    Reshiphlosion The Swarm

    Bye 6P forums, just wait until I can build a time machine to travel back in time and enjoy these forums more, okay?
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  12. public_toilet

    public_toilet Seriously Likeable here guys, Just sayin.

    Not only is this place shutting down but people are leaving :(.

    I wish I posted more now.

    bye bye forums forever forever forever forever
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  13. Professor_N

    Professor_N Well-Known Member

    For me, I'll either be on the BBS actually never or always, since I have to use a different browser than Chrome since it won't let me log into the BBS with Chrome (still). Just like everyone else, I think these forums are amazing, will be sad to see them go, and wish we could keep them up.

    EDIT: Never mind, then. @Adam thanks for fixing the BBS on Chrome, whatever the cause of the problem was, it's working now. I'll swing by the BBS (likely) every day now (yes, that's how much I like Chrome more than Internet Explorer. I can handle Firefox but it's not quite as good as Chrome).
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