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Discussion in 'Deck Help & Development' started by ndrewzorz, Jan 12, 2011.

  1. ndrewzorz

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    I need to add a gengar counter (tons of vilegar coming to states) to my machamp deck. got any ideas? i was thinking about absol prime or the umbreon with moonlight fang. :confused:
  2. Tokage

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    Ditto LA is good. You need 50 damage on Gengar, and than Shadow Room for KO and avoid Fainting Spell
  3. Papa_Mash

    Papa_Mash Underground Member

    Some use Mightyena...
  4. nxn03jwnoeui1

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    you could try umbreon
  5. Maybe Nidoking TM with e-belt= Poison ftw! (excludiing X) :biggrin:
  6. Versilaryan

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    Just gotta point out, if you're facing a VileGar, you're not going to be able to Belt that Nidoking. >.>

    A 2-2 Umbreon will certainly give any VileGar players you come across a hard time. Ditto will, too, to an extent (though it's really easy to Poltergeist and swap to a Spiritomb or something -- if you were facing me, I'd have a CurseGar built up by then and I'd just be Shadow Skipping to Spiritombs to KO Dittos left and right).
  7. the only real gengar counter is to run and master the gengar on gengar match up. there are other ways like , shupet, uxie, poison, burn but i think the easyest way to kill a gengar is with gengar.
  8. pikazap

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    well why dont you use a faster deck or how bout this absol prime cresselia darkrai legend and abamasnow and if you got space use ampy for gengar power lock it is spreading and can do well since your worried about gengar absol will ko i with lucario use pokemon like this

    4-3 abomasnow(spreads it wont hit vileplume but some other pokemon will do and only the dum ones use it to attack)
    2 absol prime(damage pokemon when put down stops powers with ampy)
    1-1 CDL(move damage counters helps like if they kll one of your pokemon after couple turns of small damage your opponent laughs but you use legend to kill no more than 3 pokemon)
    2-2-2 apharos(i dont remember how to spell this)
    2 uxie(draw)
    1 azelf(prizes check and geting important pokemon)
    1 unown q (less retreat)
    1 lucario gl(for gengar kill and its body stops uxies and azelfs and giratina and stuff like that)

    hope that help its not my idea it was shown to me by some1 in cities.