“Get a Whiff of This” – Two Different Scents of Aromatisse for States

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    Wonderful article! I was always a fan of Dark Trance and Shift Gear, and with Fairy Transfer I now have another deck that I can use. I do, however, want to know one thing: do you recommend Slurpuff XY and/or Fairy Garden? Slurpuff can act as a Virizion EX, and since the first list only runs Fairy energy, it seems like it can be more useful. Fairy Garden, on the other hand, is useful for getting a free switch with anything that has Fairy energy attached, which means a free switch for anything. Let me know what you think of these two cards, and/or how I can incorporate them into my deck. Once again, great article!
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    Amazing article, it was very informative and gave us a look on not only what the decks are like, but what to expect when facing one as well. I would totally build the Plasma version if I could get the cards for it, maybe come week 3 of States or Regionals I'll be able to do something like that. Anyways once again it was a great article and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it!
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    Great and surprisingly relevant article for me. I won my last League Challenge with a Aromatisse list I tossed together the night before. It wasn't perfect but the surprise factor put it over the top. Anyway, your exhaustive list of techs was fantastic.

    Do you think it's worth playing the Palkia EX? At the start of BCR-on, Klinklang was a thing again. But it was easily shut-down by a giant Keldeo EX. It seems Aromatisse would share a similar fate. I don't think the deck can survive back-to-back Black Ballistas. Is it worth teching for this match-up? Or do you feel Palkia actually swings this back to your favor?

    Also, I used Entei EX as my fire pokemon of choice FWIW.
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    I like Lugia EX a ton in this deck, I almost feel its necessary to make the non-EX prize trades worth it. I wouldn't run DCE with it, but a lot of decks like to use Absol and Bouffalant as cheap, Non-EX attackers to play the 7 prize game. I like Lugia in that it can hit them with no muscle band or deoxys and take two prizes against something that would otherwise screw up your prize trade. With a beefy 180 HP, another Bouffalant or Absol can't OHKO you allowing you to take 2 prizes again next turn.

    I feel like all variants of Aromatisse lose to Virizion/Genesect. The ability for the VirGen player to catcher up the charged threat with signal then booster all the energy off the board is very overpowering. You can spread your energy out with aromatisse, but when you attack, they can gbooster the active and remove all the energy that way. What is everyone thoughts on this approach? Do you think an Entei EX tech and Spiritomb tech could be enough to swing the matchup?
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    Good article :)
    No love for Fairy Garden?
    Seems like it can even be hard to pull off a turn 2 Geomancy without
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    Great article as always but the kid with the water gun has a scary resemblance to one of our Time Warp Seniors! Where is that picture from?

    Hope the Fairies serve you well at States and Regionals and hope to see you there!

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    @jconti The picture is of Minkus from the old show "Boy Meets World."
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    Great article. I've played a few games online against this deck and glad I read this first.

    The deck is pretty resilient? I was playing darkrai/yvetal and this guy kept retreating, attacking, max potion.

    I got lucky flips on catcher to win. But it was real close.