“Getting a Pulse on the Format” – What We Learned from Virginia Regionals

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    Great article :)
    Still don't understand what lugia/snorlax has to do with this LoL character though :p
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    @Obro That's the funny part, nothing! But, people trolling on the internet got the name the yeti to stick and now that's what everyone calls it. People always ask why the decks name is the yeti, so I thought I could shed some light there.
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    Great article! I do have one question that seems most rarely cover on the Virizion/Genesect decks: what are your thoughts on Roserade in it? Whether it be a 1-1 or 2-2 line, I feel this really helps pick up some really important cards for key plays. Ultra Ball + Roserade for a Plasma Energy or G booster can be such a big play. Especially since you lack Computer Search in this deck and I believe Dustin Zimmerman did well with Computer Search in Vir/Gen, this is *almost* a replacement.

    Thanks again for the great read!
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    @tmenzz Results speak for themselves. It was the only Virgen variant to make top 8, so I believe it to be very strong. I would play 2-2. Roserade is very good at finding G booster, Shadow Triad, and the key cards that you would need on any given turn. I'v also seen it used as a pseudo Jirachi EX a lot to get out of no supporter hands. It's definitely a good addition to the deck if you want it. I can't see using CPU Search. G Booster is far too important in this metagame.
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    This was a great article. Definitely helped me in preparing for this past weekend!
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