Getting Your Mind in the Gutter: The Thought Processes That Get a Deck from Plain to Perfection

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    Loved the article! I run jirachi, 1 energy search and 1 skyla in my build that I'm really enjoying. It makes it so I can search out any card in my deck if I have a ball in hand first turn, which happens quite often. It also means I won't miss the energy attachment, but I can burn my e search it if I need to get an explosive bicycle.
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    Really strong article Erik and thanks for sharing! I really enjoy looking at decks objectively and figuring out what works the best, rather than artificially limiting myself to known lists/cards/techs. Cards like Electrode and Town Map are so incredibly powerful. But no one uses them, because no one else uses them, which is a terrible limitation to have one put on themselves when deck-building.
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    "And lastly, if you liked this article, please make sure to “like like” it — you know, by clicking on the “like” button at the end. This really does aid me in knowing what to write about in the future."

    If only I could.
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    What do you mean?
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    ^i asked him the same thing Adam in a private conversation. he meant that he wished he could "like" it twice.
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    Great article Erik! I too came up with the Sableye idea, which unfortunately didn't work out. I was too discouraged at the idea of fitting Colress Machines into the deck to investigate it further, but you've done great here! Love the idea of Electrode (especially with my current love of Bicycle), and it makes sense.

    I might ask, how does the deck respond to scrapper + KO on Sigilyph? My motivation behind Sableye was to prevent a play like this from removing 5-6 tools in play, leaving you without the ability to OHKO and thus get stomped by... anything! Sableye didn't work primarily because Energy Switch is rotated, which means a turn attaching to Sableye was a turn you hadn't threatened an attack next turn. :\ Still not a bad idea, but admittedly one that replaces one problem with another. So given that... can this variant of Tool Time just fall flat as it trades 2HKO's for OHKO's, lacking sufficient tools for the (prize) trade?
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    This was an awesome article on my favorite deck of this format. I have been getting discouraged very quickly since the EXs came out when it comes to deck building, but this is a great article that might help me stick at it and not be afraid of bad match-ups. I'll try this list and do my best to build on top of it. Hopefully this will rekindle my passion a little bit
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    Great! I was worried that the buttons weren't working.

    I'm not sure if I was more impressed with your thought processes behind the development of the deck or the fact that there was not a single trash related pun in the article (besides maybe the title). +1 from me for sure!
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    Mr Nance is writing the best Pokemon articles on the internet.

    Not even close.
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    I really love the new deck idea. It goes just as fast as TDK (if your starting hand is decent). But I still like to have one tool scrapper atleast so I can get rid of Garbotoxin ability
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    All I can say is, "WOW! What a fantastic article!"

    Actually, I do have more. I can see that others are taking you up on your challenge to make your Tool Drop deck their own, but I am really looking forward to taking your entire article teachings and applying them to other decks.

    Like I told Adam when we met at Worlds this year, I LOVE reading articles that make me think!

    Thanks for another great teaching article!
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    Superior article detailing how to tweak a deck to perfection. Loved it.
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    Timeless classic of an article, walking through the thought process not just the specifics is immensely helpful to players who are practicing and trying to get better.
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    Awesome article, really liked =D
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    Hi Adam, the buttons are not working for me. Justin[DOUBLEPOST=1385448179][/DOUBLEPOST]How do you respond to Chatot/Tool Scraper - silver mirror/ that discards all the tools in play?
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    Chatot is to Tool Drop as Victini EX is to Verizion EX/Genesect EX. The thing is, it's a card that won't see play until the deck it completely obliterates starts to do really well at tournaments. Currently, even though Tool Drop is showing up here and there, I don't feel anyone will play Chatot for a few reasons (some good, some bad):
    1. Tool Drop is still seen as a tier 2-3 deck. Even if it places well at many tournaments, the idea that a 70 HP Common card can cause so much commotion is nearly unheard of. People tend to not give the deck the credit it deserves because of this. The rarity of a card truly changes the perception about how good that card is -- this has always been true. The best example I can think of this is in 2006 when Raichu d/Exeggutor d won US Nationals. Many players opted to play Marowak d over Exeggutor d, and I feel the rarity had a lot to do with it (Marowak d was a Holo Rare while Exeggutor d was an Uncommon).
    2. Many players still feel they can "outplay" Tool Drop. While this was certainly true last season with Darkra EX/Sableye DEX being such a force, this sentiment still lingers. With the new rule changes, Tool Drop actually gains a lot since it can often achieve the setup it needs. My only caveat to this is the fact that Crushing Hammer has been reprinted, which can hurt Tool Drop decks that don't utilize the Plasma Badge/Colress Machine combo.
    3. Many players don't find it in their interest to load their deck full of "techs" for various matchups. Within the card pool of techs that exist to deal with potential threats, Chatot is certainly a good card. But then again, so is Victini EX. And Ninetales DRX. And Spiritomb LTR. While many decks can accommodate a spot or two for some of these cards, no deck can find the space for everything. Between cards like Terrakion BCR, Victini EX, and Chatot, Chatot will almost certainly be the first thing to go. It's also worth noting that against all other decks, Chatot is pretty useless. The other techs I mentioned here all have purpose when pitched against any deck; Chatot doesn't.
    Now, obviously, 2 of the 3 above reasons are not good ones -- they are subjective and short-sighted. But I still feel that players won't even consider Chatot until it becomes a defining force in the current metagame. Does this mean you should show up time and time again with Tool Drop? If you're doing well with it, you might be wary of other players sticking Chatot in their deck. This is because within the localized metagame, your performance with Tool Drop is a defining factor. Depending on how well-known you are as a player, you might have to switch it up quickly. During CC's last year, I had a player toss a couple of Switch into his Darkrai EX/Sableye DEX deck the very next tournament after losing to my Empoleon/Accelgor deck. If I wasn't such a well-known player in my area, I have a feeling he wouldn't have done that at all.