Ghetsis - This will be trouble

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  1. eggrolls

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    i don't want something like gardevoir for this card. this is the something like the perfect catcher counter i've been wanting.if something comes out to counter this card, i'm gonna be pretty upset.
  2. baby_mario

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    Yes, a Pokemon-based draw engine would be good.

    Without that, Ghetsis is just not that easy to 'play around'.

    Ghetsis does not mean you will be able to play without fear of Catcher, sorry. Not much will change as far as that's concerned.
  3. coolestman22

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    Going first will be all of a sudden way more important.

    But First Ticket will be extra draw for Ghetsis.

    So many decisions. Hopefully this isn't for Worlds format, I was hoping on going this year.

    *Starts Palace Format Discussion Thread*.
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  4. baby_mario

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    Ghetsis should affect your decision to go to Worlds. It's not that powerful.
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  5. coolestman22

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    I'd rather have a good time at Worlds rather than getting knocked out of LCQ Round One by 2 early Ghetsis (Or if I do manage to get an invite, 7 stale rounds followed by either watching or doing the same in Top Cut.

    I'd still go, though.
  6. baby_mario

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    If you ever get a chance to go to Worlds (or even the LCQ), then take it, no matter how bad you think the format is.

    Even if you scrub out, you will still have an amazing time.
  7. KPiplup

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    I went 3/4 at Worlds. Still was more fun then x-1'ing every Regional I've ever attended combined.

    The atmosphere at Worlds is amazing.
  8. sibon

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    I went 4-3 at Worlds. Still was more fun than... Most things, actually. Anyone that has the opportunity needs to go. (Unless you're a senior, and I'm going. Then stay home.)
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  9. Monferno

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    I'm probably going to Vancouver this year and will lose round one of the Grinder, but I won't even care. Not going to worlds because of Ghetsis is just stupid.
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  10. darkraiguy

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    ^Same here. Last year, I went to my first nationals, and it was amazing, even though I did awful and went 4-5. Can't imagine what worlds will be like, even if I don't grind in.
  11. Ziggmiceter

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    I plan on at least trying to grind in at Worlds this year, especially since I have 0 CP right now and it would take a miracle (and a lot of Cities wins) to get an invite.
  12. tokyovampire

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    I have never really seen the point in complaining about formats. If a way OP broken card comes out and you are concerned about your opponents playing it, then play it yourself. If you are so afraid of Catcher, play a deck that abuses/isn't wrecked by Catcher. If you are so worried about losing to a Turn 1 Ghestis, then play 4 yourself and you should get as many "free/cheap" wins as losses. Tyrogue + PlusPower, Mewtwo + DCE, Turn 1 Hammerhead are all ways that games have/will end Turn 1 and Ghestis is just another way for this to happen. Games being decided by Turn 1 isn't anything new, but at least you can try and fight back and topdeck something unlike being donked. Just make a choice to build a deck to abuse the card or play around it best, and you should be fine. Everyone has the ability to play Ghestis and a lot of good players will. More importantly, we shouldn't be worrying about it. This is a card coming out 3 sets from now (BC hasn't officially been released), so who cares. Worry about the current format rather than complaining about how much you hate the format 3 formats from now. The card might even get cut from the set later down the road like Ether. There might even be a card printed that completely counters this thing. So let's just wait and see. We don't all want to wind up like the people hyping Gartaria last Nationals do we? ;)
  13. baby_mario

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    ^ I mostly agree with this, which is why I don't get too upset about Ether and Bicycle getting delayed. We are all given the same pool of cards to work with and it's our job to make the best of it.

    Ghetsis is a long way off and there is zero point in worrying about it now instead of focusing on perfecting a deck for Cities.

    The only thing that concerns me slightly is that Ghetsis will likely introduce more variance into the game. This is something that Pokemon seems to want, but a lot of players don't. Games decided by an opening flip win + Ghetsis do not favour a skilled player over a less skilled one. You could say that both the skilled and unskilled player have an equal chance of pulling that off but . . . should the outcome of the game really be equalised like that?

    Just to make it clear, I don't think the card is 'broken' or should be banned. I fully expect to use it myself and will happily take any cheap wins it gets me. I'm just raising the question of whether a card which (to some extent) narrows the gap between the 'skilled' and 'bad' players is a good thing.
  14. tokyovampire

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    Fair enough. While I don't like the idea of the gap being narrowed between skilled players and bad players based off of the opening flip, I don't think we are going to see drastic changes in who is sitting at the Top tables. The card may add a fluke loss to a player that normally goes undefeated but I doubt it will knock players completely out of cut or anything like that. I believe Landorus EX will cause more sour grapes than Ghestis, and both can be played around. The way to play around Landorus is to play more basics/ or a different deck. Against Ghestis, we will just have to play more supporters. And we will be getting more supporters to help with this such as Colress, Skyla, and ironically Ghestis.
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    my secret deck idea:

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    I actually like that.
  19. solo59486

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    Not so secret anymore...
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    Dang it solo and your ninjas.
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