Golden Oldies, New Chart Toppers, and the Professor Cup

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    Nice Article! I Liked the look of some of the lists and the PC looks fun( bar me being a Senior but ya know). The one thing I would be interested in is the amount of Deoxys EX you would usually bench down. I always find 3 to be the perfect amount since your hitting for the solid 60 damage, or if your using Kyurem PLF that's going to be hitting for 150 with Blizzard Burn. Adding Hypnotoxic Laser damage usually hits magic numbers against every deck and being able to facilitate for Darkrai EX's 10 extra HP.
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    IMO, in an ideal world the optimal number of Deoxys in play is dependent upon which attack you are swinging out with. With Kyurem, three is often nice because then you are dealing 150 damage and 180 with Lasers to take the OHKO on most EXs. With Thundurus, the difference between two and three is important but not back breaking. Yes, dealing 60 damage is nice, but the real purpose of Thundurus is to accelerate Energy. Also, since Thundurus tends to be an early game attacker, you normally want to utilize your Pokemon search on getting other attackers into play so that you may use Raiden Knuckle to full effect. However, these have simply been my general observations with the deck.

    I really believe Plasma Basics' success will lie in these little decisions. For example, against Eels you really don't want to bench a ton of extra things, and so on.
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    Cobalion EX is Yanmega Prime all over again. airhawk06 it doesn't apply weakness, so you'd have to two-shot it, or use the non-ex cobalion.

    Also, why electabuzz over the Secret Rare Pikachu from BLW?

    Also, a good tech in this format IMO is riolu PLS 76

    CC for OHKO tynamo
    FCC for 80 damage, OHKO pikachu and electabuzz both
    Can easily be run alongside any deck, really.
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    Gah, I feel dumb for missing that. Good catch cabd.
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    Great article! I was questioning the 2 Thundurus EX/4 Deoxys EX split as well and am happy to know that I am not the only one.

    I just had a good laugh at myself after reading the Yanmega Prime/Cobalion EX comparison. Last year I found out the hard way that Yanmega's attack didn't one hit a Terrakion. And this year I had recently found myself wondering why players weren't using Cobalion EX as a counter to Kyurem PLF. Well now I know! :(

    I do have a question about your thoughts on the Keldeo EX/Float Stone status condition counter? Do you think it is worth the space in Plasma Basics, Darkrai and others?
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    1) No offense to anyone who has chosen to put out lists with 4 Deoxys EX in them, but I would love to play that list in a mirror all day. Especially when they are only running 2 Thundurus EX>

    2) Yes, my mistake on Cobalion. However, Righteous Edge is still a pain in the neck for Plasma Basics and Klinkalng PLS (make sure to set up two) can OHKO Kyurem for MMC.

    3) Keldeo EX/Float Stone is certainly a great option for decks that need status removal. However, the decks I chose to cover simply do not have the space to run it, or the necessity to run it. If you go with Victini EX in Eels you don't have the bench space. In Darkrai, I really want to emphasis how important it is to get the early Night Spear, if anything I would add in two Switch over a Keldeo and Float Stone in Darkrai. I could see it in Plasma Basics, but I think there are an adequate number of Switch/SS in the deck.
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    I don't see why you wouldn't play 4 Deoxys EX.

    Running 3 Deoxys EX when you need 3 to hit the right numbers is like running 4-3 Eelektrik when you need 3 Dynamotor each turn. Running 4 Deoxys EX helps you run into them faster and reduces your vulnerability to bad prizes. In addition it also allows you to replace one after it gets KO'd.

    I could understand it if it was a space issue, but you found room for Snorlax so that's not an excuse.