“Gone in an Instant, Here in a Flash” – Moving on from States, and Approaching Nationals

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    Great read, nice job! I was thinking you could use M Charizard Y with Protect Cube and Emboar LTR. Do you think it'd work?
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    Have you played any games with your Mega decks that you proposed? If so how did they test against some of the current archetypes? I'm having a hard time understanding what makes these new Mega EX more playable than the last, which people seem to agree are not competitive. I get that 300 damage is nothing to sniff at, but the argument I have heard being made is that 300 damage is not a relevant amount of damage to be doing. Also, Rayquaza EX can already hit numbers above 180 if necessary, without being so susceptible to Evil Ball.
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    These are far more competitive simply because the regular and Megas are both much stronger cards with better support. As for the lists, there is honestly precious little testing behind them, but I'm pretty convinced they're at minimum a solid starting point to prepare. I might at a later point "de-turbo" the builds in exchange for more draw, but constantly reusing Blacksmith is formidable against almost everything.